Week 1 Thoughts : BB18

Well, it’s official. Big Brother season 18 is upon us.  Last Wednesday the season premiered and Thursday night the feeds started. I stayed up late, as per usual, to watch the beginning of the feeds. During the premiere episodes, I was definitely turned off by the newbies, and I had hope that Paul and Zakiyah would get off the newbie bandwagon of targeting all the veterans. This was mostly due to the fact, that these newbies have no idea how to play the game. An alliance of all newbies wouldn’t work in this season and I don’t think it would work in any season unless they were superfans or people who had at least seen one full season of Big Brother. (I’m looking at you Jozea, who admitted to only watching Frankie scenes in #BB16).

Thankfully, when feeds came on, Zakiyah had flipped to the vets. Paul, Victor, Jozea, Bronte, Bridgette, and Natalie were the only remaining newbies in their “Revolution” alliance.  Michelle, Paulie, Zakiyah, Corey, and Tiffany aligned with our returning players: James, Davonne, Nicole, and Frank.  I am here for The 8 Pack+Paulie  alliance. Out of everyone in the alliance, I like them all, except for Corey.

Speaking of Corey, on Saturday night in the house, he told a horrific story of trying to set a goat on fire along with his Frat bros. while he was in college at Texas A&M. The story was horrible. The worst part, he told it while laughing and grinning like it was the best thing he’d ever done and told them, “Do you want to hear a funny story?” Paul who was drunk off his ass, was the only to defend the goat and told Corey that it was wrong and mean to set a goat on fire. Twitter exploded, I was furious, and people were shocked and outraged that someone would admit on a national platform that they participated in cruel animal torture and abuse.  That being said, CBS doesn’t care about any of that stuff, so he will stay in the house, continuing to make sexually confusing comments about the other guys, all while flirting with Nicole and talking about his past girlfriends and sexual exploits with girls.

Listen, I have no idea what Corey’s deal is when it come to sexual orientation and frankly, it’s none of our business if he is gay, not gay, or confused. That being said, the amount of DRs already where he talks about how great all the guys’ bodies look is weird. Not to mention the times he’s called other guys like Victor and Paulie sexy. I think CBS is exploiting him in that regard and I think it’s wrong. This leads to me an event that happened on feeds in the first hour they were on. Jozea, Tiffany, and Corey were on the living room couches hanging out. Corey was telling them about a bar he worked at called “The Trophy Room” in Dallas, Texas. He talked about how he got hit on all the time by gay guys who offered him money to go home with them, or tipped him lots of money, or just hit on him. He seemed to be bonding with Jozea and having a good time. Jozea starts joking around that he and Corey are going to be in a showmance called “Cozea” (Tiffany’s name idead). Corey plays along for a bit, until he realizes live feeds are on. He immediately apologizes to family for his behavior. This is when Jozea goes into three other rooms to find the rest of the houseguests to loudly inform them of what happened and how Corey freaked out when he realized feeds were on.  This bothers me a great deal. Corey might be gay, he might just be questioning, or he might be interacting with someone who is gay for the first time in his life and needs some time to process. Instead of being given that, Jozea goes way over the line and continues to press and issue that Corey clearly doesn’t want to be pressed on. This has led to Corey severely disliking Jozea and to the point where Corey has said if Jozea doesn’t leave him alone,(i.e. rubbing on him, getting into bed with him, hitting on him) he’s going to “drop-kick” him. I don’t condone violence at all, but Jozea seems to lack an awareness of what’s going on around him.

Jozea is completely oblivious and delusional though to how comes across to most of the players on the other side of the house. He has dubbed himself the Messiah of the house because he saved the newbies. He believes he’s the glue that holds all the players together. He’s also said things like, “I love everyone, but Nicole, fuck that bitch,” all because Nicole was disrespectful in nominating the only person in the house everyone liked. He’s held at least three house meetings and wants to hold more.  He believes that everyone should run all strategic ideas by him before they do anything. He is ridiculous to a level that even Frankie never achieved.  He has his minions in Paul, Victor, Bronte, Natalie, and Bridgette. He is Devin on cocaine. Devin was terrible at the game and hold some ill advised meetings and started an alliance  of eight people. However, he almost immediately blew up his 8 person alliance, because people didn’t like that he was nominating for personal reasons instead of strategic. Jozea, however, thinks he’s formed an entire house alliance against Nicole, Tiffany, and Paulie. So basically, he thinks he has a 12 person alliance. Jozea’s game play is so delusional and so bad, that I wonder if he was told by production to act like this for more a larger stipend.  He got put on the block because he told Nicole to her face that he wanted her gone, since she already had her chance and blew it. Problem is, Nicole was HoH.

Which leads me to Paul. Paul is basically Jace from last year. Playing WAYYYY to hard, way too fast. The problem with these players is that they are recruits who don’t know quite how the game is played, but are so competitive they have to play the game. They normally end up sinking their own game in the irst week, because of it. Paul is also loud and obnoxious and has said some super rude and mean things about some of the girls in the house.  He ended up being put up by Frank, who won the ROadkill challenge. This sent him into a spiral of “Who hates me,” and “Fuck everyone”. He’s been leading the charge to against Tiffany and Michelle because who knows. He changes his mind daily on who he wants gone.

Then we have Victor. This guy claims to be a fan who has watched past seasons. I do believe him, since he knew some of the past twists and how some of the things worked, but overall, no idea how strategy works in the house. He’s also joined the “Vets out!” group. He’s also been extremely rude to some of the girls. He’s all about the bromances. He went in wanting a showmance, but apparently dumped Natalie before feeds even came on. According to Tiffany and Zakiyah, Nicole was changing into a bathing suit and said, “What kind should I wear?” Victor replied, “A one-piece to cover up your awful body.” They also said he hoards food, tells some of the girls they shouldn’t eat certain foods because it has too much fat, and when they got alcohol on Friday night, they only had 2 bottles of wine. Nicole got her bottle of win from her HoH basket and decided to join them. Victor took her bottle, gave her a tiny  glass and then took her bottle of wine to drink for himself. This really bothered Tiffany and Zakiyah who decided they’d take a bottle of wine the next time they got one to replace the one Victor stole from Nicole. The next night they got alcohol again and they took the bottle. Victor threw a fucking fit and told Nicole, “If the house gets wine, it’s not your right to take it. Don’t be greedy.” This has not settled well for the girls who despise him. He has a terrible social game so far. I don’t see him lasting long as he’s pissed off everyone on the other side of the house.

In the middle of the house, we have Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette. They call themselves the “Spy Girls”. This alliance is definitely not made up of Mensa members. Bronte is the worst offender of these girls. Bronte is 100% against the vets. She hates Nicole apparently for being dumb and going against “what the house wants”. She’s used the “We’re good people” defense as to why she wants to get rid of the others. She would have fit in perfectly in #bb6. She legit doesn’t know how to play  this game and her strategy at the beginning of the season has not been seen once. She’s pulled some really stupid shit in the house already as well.  With Paulie in the block, she’s gone around and made fun of him and told him to his face she can’t wait for him to watch from home and that he’s an embarrassment to his brother. She also hates Michelle, Tiffany for being shady. She constantly tells anyone who listens that if they vote against what the house wants they’re going home. Little does she know, she’s doing that exact same thing.

Bridgette came in looking like a fish out of water who didn’t belong. That being said since feeds came on she’s proven herself to be a rat floater. When Jozea held his first house meeting to basically call himself the Messiah again and tell everyone that he’s staying no matter what. She claims she has to go to the bathroom and goes upstairs (really she’s been spent to spy on the vets). She goes up and tells Frank, who is her team leader that she doesn’t want to vote with them against her own teammate. The vets pump her up and tell her to vote how she wants to and that it’s okay to break away from that group. After the meeting breaks up, she immediately goes downstairs to Jozea and throws Nicole under the bus and tells lies about what she said in the room. Unfortunately for Bridgette, Nicole went downstairs herself after the meeting and asked James (who barged his way into the meeting) if the meeting was over. Natalie was sitting there and asked her how she knew about the meeting. Nicole told her the truth that Bridgette told her. Natalie flipped out and told Jozea. Jozea, Paul, and Victor immediately went into panic mode, for Lord knows what reason. Paul and Victor go to Nicole and throw Bridgette under the bus and tell Nicole that it was Bridgette’s idea to go up to her to get more information to take back to them. They tell Nicole everything Bridgette said and did when she went downstairs. Bridgette is now disliked and distrusted by pretty much both sides. She will not last in this game. I honestly have no idea what she was thinking, but she blew up her own game.

Natalie, however, is a ray of cuteness and sunshine. She doesn’t speak ill of anyone. She is aligned with the Revolution alliance, but I think that’s because she liked Victor a lot and that’s who she’s spent most of her time with. She’s also close to Bronte and Bridgette who hate the vets and want them gone. She has a natural social game because she’s so likable. In the past few days, she’s gotten really close to James and Tiffany has made an effort to talk to her and hang out with her as well. I think Natalie is in the best position of all the newbies because she hasn’t pissed anyone off from the 8 pack +Paulie alliance. I think her downfall is that people hate Victor and will automatically put her up beside him. She has potential however.

Zakiyah is in the 8 Pack+ Paulie alliance. She’s a newbie who is a true superfan. That automatically makes her more tolerable than half the newbies. She is super close to Nicole and Davonne, which helps her as well. That being said, I have some major issues with her game. She is in LOVE with Paulie. It’s pretty obvious. She literally follows him around the house and sits in his lap, plays with his hair, inserts herself into conversations he’s having with other people, and in general looking thirsty as fuck. Now, I have nothing against showmances, but in this case, she’s reminding me of Jessie with Nick in season 15. It’s over the top. It would be different if Paulie was the one initiating even half of these interactions, but he’s not. In fact, I’ve seen him initiation one conversation with her and I’ve been watching feeds for pretty much 4 days nonstop. However, he actively initiates conversations with Nicole and Tiffany. None of these conversations are romantic, however. He simply hangs out with them and talks either game related, or just life related. He doesn’t even talk game to Zakiyah. She’s noticed this, which is why she HATES Tiffany. Davonne naturally distrusts Tiffany, because she looks so much like Vanessa, and Vanessa had a hand in her going home. Zakiyah took this opportunity to attack Tiffany and make her look like a pathetic freak for pursuing Paulie. She’s gone to multiple people on the other side and planted seeds about Tiffany being untrustworthy because of the Paulie thing. However, she’s not aware enough to realize that both Tiffany and Paule are distrusted now. The major problem is Tiffany is in multiple alliances with her and if she finds out what Zakiyah’s been doing  she’s toast. I had high hopes for Zakiyah. I liked her, but I do not like the petty, vindictive shit because someone you’re crushing on prefers to talk game to someone else. You’re not here for a showmance, you’re here to win 500k. I really hope she calms down when it comes to Paulie and plays the game logically.

Michelle is another newbie superfan. Nicole, Tiffany, and Frank really like her. She’s in the 8 Pack+Paulie alliance, for numbers reasons. However, she doesn’t like or trust Paulie and rarely interacts with James, Zakiyah, or Davonne. Out of everyone in the alliance, I think she’s at the bottom  because she only talks to 3 people in the alliance consistently. She’s also severely disliked on the other side of the house. I don’t think she’s going to be c omp beast and her social game is not great, so she might be an early eviction.


Paulie is as adorable as Cody was in season 16. Hes super nice and seems pretty chill. The girls flirt with him, some more than others, but he talks game to Tiffany, Nicole, and Frank. He wasn’t added into the 8 pack alliance, but that’s because he was on the block and not in the room. If he stays Thursday, which I think he will, I think Frank and Nicole’s teams will align and he’ll be in a pretty good spot moving forward. He gets along really well with Tiffany and Nicole for the females and Corey and Frank for the males, so that pairing would be perfect for him. I am definitely rooting for him moving forward.



I love Tiffany. She’s way more mellow than Vanessa, so far at least. She’s had a few things where she freaked out, but that’s because Zakiyah and Day are fucking with her and telling her things that will make her go crazy. If she remains calm and stays loyal to Nicole, Frank, Paulie, I thinks he’ll do okay. Day/Zakiyah may be the downfall of her game though.


I had high hopes for her coming back. She teamed up with the vets, siblings, and newbies who are smart. However, she’s starting to turn paranoid like she did in BB17 and not trusting her alliance members. She’s already started to speak out againt Tiffany and has purposely and deliberately tried to fuck with her to make her mad. I am about the Fatal Five, so if Day continues to target one of her own, I’m going to drop her to the bottom of my list.



James is literally doing nothing but flirting with Natalie, having a crush on Nicole, and playing pranks on Frank. He talks game only to his alliance, and has as much fun as possible. However, the other side seem to think HE’S the mastermind, which is weird, but hwatever. As lon as he can bust out some comps wins, he could make it far again. He has a great social game again already.


Nicole is my girl. I LOVE her. I loved her in BB16 and I love her now. I am for whatever alliance she is in and whatever alliance she wants to start. he is loyal to a fault, and is starting to play a bit more strategically this time around. I love her all girls alliance in Fatal Five, but Day and Zakiyah are going to be the destruction of that and I hope Nicole realizes that. She’d do better to team up with Paulie/Frank and Tiffany and have a solid 4 person alliance with Corey and Michelle added in. Davonne and Zakiyah are loose cannons and play with too much emotion.


Frank the Tank is a beast. I think he is in a great spot. Of the vets, he’s talked about the least as a problem. His social game is on point this year and has made friends with pretty much everyone. I think if he sticks with Nicole/James he’ll do great.


Here is my ranking of worst to best players based on social, strategic and competitve play

  1. Frank
  2. Nicole
  3. James
  4. Paulie
  5. Davonne
  6. Tiffany
  7. Michelle
  8. Zakiyah
  9. Natalie
  10. Bridgette
  11. Bronte
  12. Victor
  13. Paul
  14. Jozea
  15. Corey










Big Brother Winners Ranked

At the end of this month, Big Brother Canada 4 will begin, and I will lose about four months of my spare time as it will be devoted to live feeds and arguing who is better/more deserving of winning the game.  Then in June, another three months will be taken from June to September with Big Brother 18.

I am a huge Big Brother fan. It all started the summer of 2003, when the 3rd season of the U.S. version aired. I tuned in to the third week live and fell in love with the characters. I rooted for Danielle to win and was really pissed when she didn’t. Since then I have seen every season and since season 4 had the live feeds.

I spent every summer watching and analyzing games, people, and discussing things with people on the internet and looking forward to each Thursday night when someone was evicted. When Big Brother Canada started in the spring of 2012, I was instantly hooked and fell in love with Peter and Emmett and Jillian.

I admit to liking my players for a variety of reasons. Some has been as shallow as because they are hot, some are because of their intelligence, some are because they aren’t fake and just tell it like it is. Sometimes it’s simply for their ability to cause drama. So in that vein, I’m going to be ranking my personal favorite winners from worst to best. (This will include Big Brother Canada).


20. Maggie- While her game was technically very good and she was great at manipulating some really dumb players in the Nerd Herd, on a personal level I found her to be disgusting. The things she alluded to and made fun of on the live feeds have placed her here. I’m not sure any other winner will knock her out of this spot.

19. Adam- This guy was such a piece of crap. Like the worst personality ever. If there were a male equivalent of Maggie, it was Adam. Making fun of kids with autism, was this guy’s go to joke. He also served time after the show for starting a drug ring, and getting another true gem of a man, in Matty to participate. I highly doubt Adam was the brains behind this operation, as he was a bonafide dumbass in season 9, but he gets placed tied for 20th because he sucks so much on every level. It also has to say something for Ryan, that you must really suck if this guy was able to beat you.

18. Andy- Again, he had a technically decent game. He made it to the end by floating and strategically helping to cut people, but again his personality was so vile, I couldn’t root for him. After he took it very personal on Elissa and started making fun of her kid, for seemingly no reason, I was anti-Andy until the end. He seems okay now on social media, but I still can’t stomach watching the latter half of season 15, for the reason that he is unbearable. It always amazes me how much people try to defend Spencer, Amanda, and Andy’s actions towards her, because she was mean to Amanda a few times in the season. I’ll concede that, but Amanda’s outright targeting and relentless bullying of Elissa for almost a week was so over the top and cruel, that I am forever on #TeamElissa for season 15. Andy and Spencer just took it to an even worse level, that I still cringe at when I think of how horrible they were about another human being.

17. Jordan- I love her. The girl was sweet. She was 1/2 half of Jordeff. But she didn’t do anything in her season. She road Jeff’s coattails and he got her to the finals by giving her a HoH and by keeping the huge target off her. Now granted her social game was good, but with such  huge personalities like Jessie, Lydia, Chima, Natalie, Ronnie, Russell, Jeff, and Kevin that year, it was pretty easy for her to slide under the radar. Only Lydia and Natalie seemed to notice once they realized they no longer had their own meatshield in Jessie. I despised Natalie with everything I had, but in that season I thought she would win, based on her brilliant lie with Kevin to get Jeff to target Russell and because she had “friends” in jury. I’m not mad that Jordan won, but I don’t think her win is worthy of ranking on an elite scale.


16. Lisa- I could basically write the exact same thing as I did for Jordan. She only won because they allowed jurors to see diary room sessions. Danielle would’ve won hands down had that not happened. I never saw anything spectacular in her game play. I often even forget that she won the game. To this day I barely remember anything about her game, other than not voting Eric back in and Amy instead. So that was a good move, I guess? She was a coaster for most of the game. The reason I ranked her slightly higher than Jordan is because she knew how to keep out of the drama and let the other people go after each other. After the couples alliance went down the drain, she didn’t show much allegiance to Roddy and let Danielle do her worst. That was a smart move on her part. Outside of that, I don’t recall anything else she did. So with it being a win because production messed up, I can only place her win here.


15. Eddie- First winner of Big Brother. He was likable, he had a compassionate background story, and he knew what America wanted to hear. He was smart to play up to America. I’ve since watched this season and I can see why he won. He was intelligent and he honestly was the most likable person in the house that year. I am placing him here, since he didn’t have to play much of a strategic game outside of just not being a giant douche on tv.

14. Boogie- So this guy won All-Stars. I’m not even sure how he got on All-Stars, but that’s beside the point. This guy was gross. He was definitely misogynistic and outside of Dr. Will (who he knew was better at everything) treated everyone like shit. Like this guy went after GEORGE! Fucking Chicken George! He was an overgrown bully who was finally accepted by a cool person (Will) and used it to tear other people down. He was really insecure and didn’t know how to interact with people in a way that actually made them like him. Will orchestrated season 7 pretty well, however he ran into a buzzsaw by the name of Janelle, who with the help of Erika brought Will down. Boogie who was already at the end because he was dragged there, beat Janelle in a fluke, evicted her and then called Erika a bitch on tv. What a stellar guy. He was gross. He won and I’m rewarding him with this placement because of the game Will played in season 7. So this is for Will and not for Boogie. Because seriously that guy was the worst. (Thank god he was wayyyyyy more mellow in seaosn 14).

13. Rachel- Okay so this girl drove me insane on season 12. She was so needy, immature, and insecure. She truly didn’t know what it was like to be herself and just be a chill/calm person, because a hot guy was actually into her and paying attention to her. She took it so over the top and went as far as accusing RAGAN (the token gay guy of season 12) of trying to get between her and BRENNNNNNNNNNNNONNNNNNNNNN. (Imagine the whiny high pitched noise that came out of her mouth everytime she said his name in season 12). I despised her. Her hiding in the bushes and crying is still one of the most hilarious things to ever happen on the show. EVER.  Then she came back in season 13 and she teamed up with Jeff and Jordan. She actually listened to Jeff. I don’t know if it was because she wanted to work with them or because she had matured, but for a long time they were a fierce foursome. Of course Dani (who I liked to call Voldemort but with a nose) came along and torpedoed her alliance, for no other reason than she wanted to. She still to this day refuses to acknowledge that she fucked up her own game by targeting Jeff too early. (I also on a sidenote, had the pleasure of comparing her game to Ronnie’s from BB11 on Twitter and she got offended. So that was actually pretty funny). Rachel stuck with Jordan and that was to her benefit. When Porsche unleashed the duo power back into the house because she opened Pandora’s Box, she basically set herself up the for the win. Adam wasn’t going to win anything that season, Kalia was a sitting duck and she knew it because Porsche had been close to Rachel at the beginning, and Kalia took jabs at the vets every chance she got, even started that huge ass fight in the beginning of the season because she didn’t like that Jeff and Brendon ignored her. (I still can’t with her. She was one of the worst cast that year). So when Rachel got to the end it was no surprise that she and Porsche were sitting there. She won a ton of comps and finally shut her damn mouth, which allowed her to make it to the end, even with Daniele, Kalia, Shelli, and Porsche badmouthing her and saying things like they hoped she miscarried if she was pregnant in the house. Even during that time she stayed calm for the most part and ended up with a deserved win at the end. I really dislike some of the people from that season clearly.


12. Steve- Winner of BB17. I liked Steve for the most part. He stayed out of the drama, aligned himself with John and Vanessa and voted with the large voting blocks when he could. I’m placing him here, because outside of the end of the game, I don’t see his game on the level of a Derrick, Dan, Will, Hayden, or even Ian. I still don’t understand his reasoning in targeting Meg and Jackie. I mean, I certainly found Meg to be annoying as hell, but that’s not a reason to get rid of someone in the game. Jackie leaving didn’t do much of anything. I don’t know if he thought he was getting retribution for Clay/Shelli, because she was clearly with James/Meg, but I don’t get why he doesn’t put James up vs. Meg. He claims it’s because he heard Jackie was going to backdoor him, but since she’s kind of a package deal with Meg/James, maybe look into the source of that? I don’t know. It still makes no sense to me why he did that. Needless to say, I was glad that he won his season as Liz was trash.

11. Jon P- BBCAN2 winner. Jon was awesome. He was hilarious and he pulled off an amazing blindside on Neda that guaranteed he’d win. Not only did he win, he ended up dating the girl he backstabbed for a good bit of time after. I’m placing him here mainly for the Neda move, comp wins, and for the likability factor.

10. Drew- BB5 winner. I feel like Drew was a decent/pretty good winner. He had a good alliance with Scott, Jase, and Cowboy. He also had a super strong side alliance with Diane, which suited his needs until he had to cut her. I definitely appreciated that he was so likable and approachable. Other alliances felt like they could talk to him and he ended up gaining a lot of trust with multiple people. He also stayed out of most drama in the house and was able to easily deflect blame. In the end, I found him to be a bit bland but definitely a way more deserving winner than Cowboy.

9. Evel Dick- Season 8 winner. Dick was just that a huge dick. He was mean, loud, crass, and obnoxious. He went after Jen pretty much as soon as she entered the house and was able to get others to gang up on her. He was one of the biggest bullies the show has ever seen, and yet it worked for him. Whereas other bullies in past seasons have been loathed and bashed, Dick was able to do it with humor/sarcasm and by having enough gullible people to jump on board. He was able to get the people out before jury who he needed to and was able to trick others into drinking the koolaid to the point that he knew if he was at the end they were in jury they’d vote for him. He used psychological warfare and torture on some of them. In the end he won. It worked for him. His game is pretty hard to emulate simply for the fact that it’s pretty brazen game strategically and it’s not easy to hide/mask what you’re doing. I’m not sure this game type could be succesfully done again. (Amanda tried this in 15 and failed miserably. She made it quite far, but in the end she ended up universally hated by a lot of houseguests and fans alike).

8. Jillian- She almost didn’t win because Topaz voted for the wrong person. Topaz is an idiot. Jillian played a very strong competitive game. I’d place her up there on Janelle’s level of comp wins. Her social game wasn’t great, but she aligned herself with Emmett and it propelled her to the end. For being the first woman in BB North America history to beat a guy head to head, I’m placing her win here.


7. Ian- BB14 winner. The guy beat Dan head to head which puts him in the top 10. Granted, Dan got to the end playing a much shadier game than in BB10, but Ian played a pretty strong social game. Coming in as a huge socially awkward nerd, he played the hell out of people. He got Ashley, Dan, Britney, Frank, Shane, Boogie, Joe, and pretty much everyone outside of Danielle to fall for his weak act. He won strategic comps and in the end he was able to convince Dan that other people were bigger threats than him, plus he pulled off a huge blindside on Boogie. He’s in my top 10 winners for that alone.


6.  Hayden- BB12 winner. He was part of a final four alliance that took 3 to the end. One of the first truly successful alliances to make it to the end. He wasn’t the brains behind The Brigade, but knew a good thing when it fell in his lap. Plus it was his idea to have side alliances in Ragan, Britney, and Kristen. That gave them voting numbers. He was also 100% fine when Enzo wanted to cut Matt out of the Brigade, because he knew he’d have a better shot of winning if he got to F2 against anyone else. The way he played Kristen was brilliant too. He didn’t degrade her or make her feel like crap when she left. He wasn’t obnoxious or rude like Enzo and when they broke the news to Britney that she was being evicted, he was probably the most sensitive and genuine person about it. I really liked him as a person and his play was very good. He’s #9 for me all time.

5. Sarah H- BBCAN3 winner. Sarah is beyond a doubt one of my favorite people to ever play the game. She was one of the most conscientious, just plain outright awesome people in the history of the show. I don’t care if every twist went in her favor, I loved her and her win is one of my favorite ever. She read people brilliantly. She knew who was on her side and who wasn’t. She knew that she needed to keep Zach and Bruno close. Zach admitted on a podcast later that he really liked Sarah, she basically got him to trust her and he bought into. JP said the same thing. The turning point for Zach was when Bruno got a hold of him and showed him how much Sarah was manipulating everyone and that’s where she realized she had to get rid of Bruno. The middle part of the season was Sarah vs Zach and Bruno, and lo and behold, she managed to get both of them gone. She managed to convince Godfrey, another brilliant manipulator into taking her and she won over a guy. A very good player, even. Sarah winning BBCAN3 is my top 7 win of all time. Top 5 baby!


4. Jun- Jun mastered the floater game first. She was manipulative as hell and she did it so well that most people had no idea what she was doing. She was derided and hated across the internet for how she played and yet, now people are seeing her brilliance. The reason? She wasn’t a terrible person about it. Many people started comparing Jun and Andy’s game after season 15 and the majority of people seemed to agree that while both were floaters who ended up winning, Jun did it in a way that wasn’t cruel or degrading to anyone. She didn’t get along with some people, but who really gets along with every person in the house? She clearly had no love lost for Alison, but in the end her manipulations on top of floating to power, on top of getting everyone for the most part to trust her, is what puts her at the number 4 spot for me and the top played by a female. Jun is a delight now on Twitter and still follows Big Brother, so that makes her even more likable in my opinion.


3. Dan- I would place Dan higher, but I my personal preference has him 3rd. Dan went into season 10 and played the coaster game brilliantly until he needed to win. His blindside of April/Ollie and his loyalty/allegiance to Memphis and Keesha is what really made him stand out to me. His ability to manipulate people was stellar and his ability to knew when to keep his mouth shut and let other people fight it out, was honestly his best attribute in season 10. He didn’t do anything until he needed to do it. The fact that he won 7-0, shows how much people in his season liked him.


2. Derrick- Going in, I knew he’d have an advantage as a former undercover cop. People hated him for it and said he shouldn’t be allowed to play, but Derrick played this game almost flawlessly. On night one, he begins manipulating. He starts it by going to Christine/Nicole and plating seeds of paranoia  in them about how people aren’t who they say they are. He had a hand in starting the Donny’s not who he says he is train, and he somehow managed a week in to tell Christine, so that it would get out in the house. He buddied up to Frankie, Caleb, Cody, and Zach and had them broing out so hard that when Amber tried to put up Derrick, Caleb said she’d have to nominate him too. In fact, Derrick got Caleb to throw a BoTB, volunteer to go on the block, and to throw multiple competitions. Derrick knew how to get people to do what he wanted. Week after week when interviewed by Jeff, the outgoing houseguests would finally clue into Derrick’s game, until when they sat around at jury talking game, they were all pretty much already sold on his game. (Besides Jocasta, who frankly was a dud and was miscast). Donny admitted on a podcast that he almost voted for Derrick based on his final speech, but then remembered he promised Cody his vote in F2 (which he did). That’s how good he was. Donny hated Derrick pretty much from week 3 on. So for Donny to be willing to cast his vote for Derrick meant that he was a great player. He’s #2 to me and if he plays in an All Stars and manages to get far, he might just make it up to #1.


  1. Dr. Will- Was there every any doubt? For a guy who straight up is just a good looking dude, to not win comps and then basically tell people to their faces, “I’m gonna lie and I’m gonna betray you, and I hate you all,” and not only win, but make top 4? Yeah, he was a social genius. His competition game was weak. He barely won anything. But his social game, which to me is what sets BB players/winners apart, are the best the game has ever seen. He was a mastermind at manipulating people, getting them fall for his charm and good looks. He knew who to suck up to, who to befriend, and who to pander to. He had people eating out of the palm of his hand in 2 seasons and his only downfall in season 7 was not winning a vital comp at the end. Had he won and kept himself safe, I’m positive he would’ve beat anyone he sat next to, even Janelle. The reason I place him higher than Dan is because Dan’s social game in 14 was bad. He played a ruthless, cut throat game and made everyone hate him. He ended up in F2 and only got one vote and that vote from Danielle was a vote against Ian, who she hated far more than a vote for Dan. Dr. Will to me is that epitome of how Big Brother should be played.

My only wish is that we could see a season that has the elite winners and declare who really is the best Big Brother winner of all time. If I offended anyone by my analysis, well frankly, I don’t care, as it’s my opinion who is more deserving/less deserving.

I’ll see you back in here in a few weeks for the start of BBCAN4!


Well I went again and didn’t post for two months.

I wish I could say this is not a regular occurrence for me, but it in fact is. I think I went into this year thinking, I’m going to be able to maintain a full time teaching job and watch all my television shows and blog about it. Turns out I really, really can’t. Especially not when my illness, which is severe iron deficiency anemia, has begun to show itself again. So, I’ve been sick. I’ve been coming home every day after school and sleeping anywhere from 5-6 hours a night, getting up and doing grading or finishing lesson plans, only to turn around and sleep another 6-7 hours. Not normal. I finally went to the doctor and discovered my blood levels are super low again and I would need blood transfusions. And that’s not fun. It also has left me no time to watch my shows or blog or do anything but try to recover and still do my job.

But… things are looking up. I caught the ending of the Voice. I was not surprised or upset that Tessanne won. I was however surprised to see how many people hated her online. Twitter users and Youtube commenter were particularly vicious. Tessanne is spectacular and she deserved it.

New Girl is still fabulous. I finally caught up on that show today. I was able to watch Tuesday’s episode live. I still love Coach and Schmidt. They are my favorites.

I haven’t watched Agents of SHIELD since November. I will eventually catch up to it, but I pretty much lost interest after Ward and May slept together.

HIMYM is starting to drag again for me. They need to pick up the pacing. This is one show that I think I’m going to finish watching after the finale has aired. Although, I try to make it a point to watch my favorite show’s finales live, but this one has frustrated me.

Grey’s Anatomy. HOLY FLIPPING CRAP. That cliffhanger. I just want to know what April and Derek are going to do. And the whole story with Calzona is just up and down and all over the place. Grey’s is really good again. I am excited for it to come back in February.

Sherlock is back! I have yet to see the first few episodes, mainly because I have way too many other shows going on, but all the reviews I’ve heard are really good. So that is on my list of shows to catch up on.

I still haven’t caught up on the Dr. Who special. I feel awful about it too, because I LOVE Dr. Who. I REALLY LOVE it. I know that instead of doing this I could be doing that and I don’t know why I feel so guilty about it, I just do. Needless to say, I am excited to see the 12th Doctor and can’t wait for Capaldi.

Shows That I’ve Been Watching in Secret But Now Profess My Undying Love For:
Hart of Dixie
Parks and Rec
The Mindy Project

I’ve been a Community, Psych, and Supernatural fan from the beginning, but recently got into Hart of Dixie , Parks and Rec, and The Mindy Project. I am behind on all of these series though. I should catch up.

So to wrap up or TL;DR:
I am really behind on my television shows, because I am suffering from a flareup of a disease that I have and I feel guilty, but I’m going to try to do better in the future.

Not that I have any readers.

The Voice Week #4

Sorry, I missed a week. I was super sick, but I am back now!

The first battle round is from Team Adam which is Grey and Nic Hawk.  Adam chooses Dominoe by Jessie J. The battle round is pretty good and both sound great. In the end, Adam goes with Grey because he feels like she has potential and wants to work with her. Blake steals Nic, even though he complains about not getting hit on by Nic. Nic is grateful.

Timyra- Joi and Amber Nicole sing “Listen”.  I have to admit, neither is nearly as good as Trevin Hunte when he sang it. Like woah, they sound like karaoke singers compared to him. Either way, I listened to the song without watching the screen. I feel like Timyra- Joi has the stronger voice of the two. She’s really good for her age. Cee Lo looks unimpressed and Adam is stunned.   In the end, Christina chooses Amber and Christina says she had to go with the more established singer. She is really upset that no one stole her.  Blake wishes he would have stolen her.

Up next is Blake with Cher as adviser. He pairs up Shelby Z and Justin Chain. They are given “Don’t You Wanna” by Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson.  Cher and Blake give them so good advice about how to sing a duet together.  Justin talks about his accident defining him and how he wants to overcome. Shelbie Z doesn’t want to go back to cutting hair. They are told to give it their all by Blake. Personally, I feel like Shelbie Z sounded better tonight. She just sounded awesome. Nothing against Justin at all. They both sounded great. Blake goes with Shelbie Z in the end.  No one steals Justin.

Next is Cee Lo: Anthony Paul and Caroline. Miguel is his mentor. They tell Anthony to not over sing the song because he’s from show choir. They really like Caroline’s take on the song. In the final rehearsal Anthony outshines Caroline and Cee Lo is concerned with Caroline’s performance. Up next is “As Long as You Love Me” by Justin Bieber.  Caroline’s voice and rendition of the song is beautiful. Anthony sounds pretty generic to be honest. I’d choose Caroline, honestly, and Cee Lo agrees with me. He chooses her. Christina steals Anthony. She thinks he’s fantastic and has wonderful vocal control.

Next up is Adam’s team again with Tessanne vs Donna Allan. I don’t get why he continually puts his two best singers against each other, but whatever. They sing “Next to Me”.  They sound AMAZING. I’m still mad that they are up against each other. Totally unfair. I mean honestly not one thing wrong with eithers performance. Personally, I connected more with Tessanne, but Adam can’t lose. He ultimately chooses, Tessanne! No surprise here, really. Donna is good, but I feel like Tessanne has more potential.  No one stole Donna, which is a surprise. WOW.

Christina chooses “House of the Rising Sun” for Briana and Jacquie. Jacquie fangirls over Ed Sheerhan.  Christina thinks that they will push each other to be better based on this battle pairing. They sound AMAZING together. Jacquie for her age sounds phenomenal. Either way, she goes she can’t lose. They all love them, but Christina goes with Jacquie! Cee Lo and Blake both choose to steal Briana. She goes with Blake ultimately.

Here are the teams as of the end of tonight’s show:

Adam Levine
Ashley DuBose Barry Black Donna Allen Grey
James Irwin James Wolpert Justin Blake Matt Cermanski
Preston Pohl Tessanne Chin Will Champlin
Cee Lo Green
Caroline Pennell Cole Vosbury George Horga Jr.
Jonny Gray Juhi Kat Robichaud Keaira LaShae
Lupe Carroll R. Anthony Shawn Smith Tamara Chauniece
Christina Aguilera
Amber Nicole Destinee Quinn Jacob Poole
Jacquie Lee Josh Logan Lina Gaudenzi Matthew Schuler
Michael Lynch Olivia Henken Stephanie Anne Johnson Anthony Paul
Blake Shelton
Austin Jenckes Brandon Chase Brian Pounds Cilla Chan
E.G. Daily Emily Randolph Nic Hawk Holly Henry
Monika Leigh Ray Boudreaux Sam Cerniglia Shelbie Z

Briana Cuoco


The Voice Week #2

The Voice Week #2-

The Voice is still on blind auditions and the second week is full of talented and amazing singers. Once again we get two nights of auditions for the coaches as they try to fill out their teams.

Carson tells us that Blake, Christina, and Cee Lo all have 4 artists while Adam was gotten 5.

The night is full of soulful singers and a few R&B and Country singers interspersed throughout.  The coaches banter back and forth through the whole show as they try to fill out their teams. Some highlights were Tamyria Joi a 15 year old singer that ended up on Christina’s team and Preston Pohl a seriously AMAZING singer that ended up on Adam’s team. Kaley Cuoco’s siter (Penny on the Big Bang Theory), Briana also tried out and made it on Christina’s team as well. Overall, the night was a success with
Adam, Blake, and Cee Lo now at 7 artists and Christina at 8.

Night two opens and the competition starts out strong with Will who sings a Gavin DeGraw song (which automatically makes me LOVE him. Seriously, I LOVE Gavin DeGraw). He chooses Adam.  Night two just continues to amaze and impress with the level of talent. Highlights of the night are James Irwin coming back and the last artist of the night. Adam won both of those artists, both 4 chair artists.

At the end the teams look like (Taken straight from the Wikipedia page):

Blake Shelton
Austin Jenckes Cilla Chan E.G. Daily Emily Randolph Justin Chain
Holly Henry Monika Leigh Ray Boudreaux Sam Cerniglia Shelbie Z
Christina Aguilera
Amber Nicole Briana Cuoco Destinee Quinn Jacob Poole Jacquie Lee
Josh Logan Lina Gaudenzi Matthew Schuler Olivia Henken Stephanie Anne Johnson
Adam Levine
Ashley DuBose Barry Black Donna Allen James Irwin James Wolpert
Justin Blake Nic Hawk Preston Pohl Tessanne Chin Will Champlin
Cee Lo Green
Anthony Paul Caroline Pennell Cole Vosbury George Horga Jr. Jonny Gray
Juhi Kat Robichaud Keaira LaShae R. Anthony

The names in bold are my addition and who I think are the best singers so far and have the best shot of making it far.
After the first two weeks, I think Cee Lo and Adam have super strong teams compared to the other two, but really it just takes that ONE special singer to completely change the show.

P.S. I will probably be rooting against Blake this year, just because I would love to see a different coach win it this year.

The Voice Season 5- Episode 2

The Voice is back for night two of season 5.

The first singer is Jacquie Lee. She is 16 and from New Jersey. She sings “Back to Black” and Christina and Blake turn for her. Christina drops the gloves and tells her to not be blinded by Blake’s dimples and southern accent.  Blake says I specialize in helping 16 year olds winning this show. Cee Lo only cares about her shoes and wants to know where she bought them. Christina says she too was a 16 year old in the business and can help her. She chooses Christina.

Next is Barry Black from American Samoa. They moved to the states when he was five. He hopes when his parents see him on the show they will realize that he is good and it’s his passion not a hobby. He sings “What I won’t do for love”. Adam turns immediately as soon as he starts singing. Blake turns around about halfway through. In the end after Blake insults Adam and pushes hard for him to be Barry’s coach, Barry chooses Adam.

Mike Unser is up next at 19 years old. He acted out when he was younger and hated his stepfather, but now he has a great relationship with him, because his stepfather loved him and his father. He is now involved in a youth group band through his church playing Christian music. He just wants to learn how to be a better singer and hopes a coach will give him a chance. He starts singing “Dirty Little Secret” by All American Rejects. He sounds very good. No one turns around for him though.  He has a great attitude about it and he is really appreciative from their feedback. He says he’ll be back for sure.

Destinee Quinn is up next at 20 years old. She is a country artist. She is a working musician. She does everything herself from booking to setting up her own equipment. She can sing almost any kind of genre and feels ready for this competition. Cee Lo and Christina turns around. Christina thinks her voice is like an angel. Cee Lo says her voice spoke to him. In the end she chooses Christina.

Up next is Cole Vosbury from Louisiana. His grandmother toured with Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis. She did not like Elvis at first and her claim to fame was turning him down. He wants to get his family’s legacy to be put out there since they are all so talented. He sings “Movin’ On Up” from the Jefferson’s tv show. Cee Lo is the only one who picked him. He says that he is a perfect mix of soul and country.

Holly Henry is up next. She is 19 and from Minnesota. She couldn’t afford to go to college and instead had to go to work at a pancake restaurant. She plays the ukelele and banjo. She sings “The Scientist”. Blake turns immediately. By the end all have turned for her. Blake says because of her he’s now excited about season 5. The rest of the coaches fight for her, but she chooses Blake.

Sammy C is up next year. He’s 16 years old. Since he was two years old he has dealt with alopecia an immune disorder that makes him have no hair. He was made fun of and music is what helped him through.  No one ends up turning for him when he sings “Where is the Love” and they tell him to hone his craft. Adam tells him to dedicate himself to his singing over rapping to be successfulon the voice.

Austin Jenckes is up next from Washington. He wants to be like his father who was always singing when he was younger. He’s a scooter tour guide right now but wants his music dream to pan out. His father committed suicide when he was 16. He said music is what helped him through the loss and pain. He is singing “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd because his dad taught him the song on his guitar. Cee Lo and Blake turn for him. Blake tells him that he loves him and that he looks just like he pictured him. Cee Lo begs him to pick him, but ultimately Austin picks Blake.

E.G. Daily is a 51 year old voice over actor from Hollywood. She voiced characters on the Rugrats and Powerpuff Girls. She wants to show her kids that they have to follow their dreams. Her dream is to sing and have a career in music. She sings “Breathe” by Faith Hill. Blake and Cee Lo turn for her. She picks Blake!

Jonny Gray is up next from Texas. He wants to break through in music so that he can support his family. Adam and Cee Lo turn for him. Ultimately he chooses Cee Lo!

The last artist of the night is Tessanne Chin from Jamaica. She went on tour with Sir Jimmy Cliff, a famous singer from Jamaica. She’s excited to sing and hopes to make her husband proud. She blows the judges away with her rendition of Pink’s “Try”. All four coaches turn around a beg for her to join them. She chooses Adam!

Current Teams-

Christina- Jacquie Lee, Destinee Quinn, Josh, and James

Cee Lo- Cole Vosbury, Caroline, Kat, and Jonny

Blake- Holly Henry, Austin Jenckes, EG Daily, Shelbie

Adam- Barry Black, Donna, James, Nic, and Tessanne

See you all next Monday!

The Voice Season 5- Episode 1

Yay! The Voice is back! I am super pumped. I love this show. I  have loved it since I saw the first season.

Speaking of Season 5, Christina and Cee Lo are back. Christina seems to be different and in a much better attitude than her previous seasons. Time will tell if she starts acting like a jerk again, but so far so good.

The opening sequence tugged at my heartstrings. It was nice to see the original four back together.

The coaches all sound great together and I loved their opening number.

Kat Robichaud is up first. She is from North Carolina and loves rock. I instantly bond with her love of musicals. I too adore them. She led a band for years, but it wasn’t successful. She said that the only thing she gained from it was experience and her husband. Her father died in February of this year, and she just wants to make him proud.

Her song choice is “I’ve Got the Music in Me” by the Kiki Dee band.

Cee Lo, Christina, and Blake all turn their chairs around. Adam was wavering but ultimately chose not to turn.

Cee Lo says she set him “on fire”. Christina says she could tell she was having an amazing time up there just from listening to her. Christina says she’s in to her and she’s so good.

Blake says “I may seem like an unlikely choice for you” Adam breaks in and says no way is Blake her coach. Blake pouts. Blake says come to the unlikely choice and teach me about David Bowie and Queen.

Kat doesn’t know what to do and it’s so hard. She says she can’t lose no matter who she picks, Blake says “yes you can.” She decides to go with Cee Lo!

Adam and Blake tell Cee Lo and Christina how much they missed them when they were gone last season.

Up next is Caroline Pennell, a 17 year old. She says she discovered her talent at a summer camp in Maine. She’s a very shy and nervous person, but is willing to try. She opens her mouth and pure gold comes out. Holy crap like woah. She sings Ellie Goulding “Anything Could Happen.” No words are necessary, but she is amazing for real. Cee Lo and Blake turn around. Cee Lo pushes hard for her to go to his team. Blake tells her she’s a “badass” vocalist. She says she just wants to go far in the competition. Caroline chooses Cee Lo after thanking Blake for turning around for her. Cee Lo says she sounds like sunshine and she makes him happy.

Cee Lo now has 2 artists!

The next artist is 54 year old Donna Allen. She says she was the first African American homecoming queen at her school and the first African American Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s cheerleader. She’s exited to be back in music. She gave up music when her son was born. She’s back now to prove she can do it for her son. She sings, “You Are So Beautiful To Me.” Christina immediately turns, Adam is a few seconds behind her,. She has an AMAZING voice.  Christina tells her, “Your voice is like the heaven opening up.” Blake says he wasn’t going to turn because she’s perfect to work with Christina. Adam tells Blake to shut up. Christina basically begs her to pick her. Cee Lo, says “You’re not what I’m looking for, but you’re amazing. I love your voice.” Adam says, “Shame on you Blake and Cee Lo for not turning. I felt like we were in the end of the season. I will be super bummed if you don’t pick me. I want you on my team super badly.”  Adam falls out of his seat and rolls around on the floor, then does push ups and then ran up and picked her up. She wraps her legs around his back. Adam doesn’t give a crap how old she is, she is one of the best singers ever to be on the show and is Tina Turner, Whitney Houston caliber.

Next up is Jake Worthington a 17 year old country singer from Texas. He sings Georgia Satellite’s “Keep Your Hands to Yourself.” The entire crowd loves it as he rocks out, unfortunately no one turns their chairs around. Blake feels awful afterwards and says he should’ve turned but tells him to keep practicing on breathing techniques and to come back.

Matthew Schuler is up next. He is a 22 year old college sophomore from Pennsylvania. He has a job in a bagel shop and plays rugby in college.  His parents are pastors in their home church. He sings for church and he’s following his dream for his parents. He has so many songs in his heart and wants to share them with the world. He starts acapella with “Cough Syrup” and within three seconds all four chairs are turned. That’s a record on the voice. (This song breaks my heart and I have a hard time listening to it, as a fan of Glee and Dave Karofsky, but that’s another post). He’s really good.  He ends up going with Christina after a tough battle.

Nic Hawk is up next. He sings Hit Em’ Up Style by Beyonce. Cee Lo and Adam turn their chairs. Nic doesn’t know who to pick because he’s afraid he’ll be too unfocused with Adam as a coach because he’s too good looking. Adam tells Blake not to worry, he’ll never cheat on him. Nic chooses Adam anyway.

We have a few younger artists who don’t get a chair turn, but they were good and told to keep practicing.

Matthew Brea is up next at only 15 years old. His father used to be an A Capella singer for church. He lost his brother at a young age due to seizures the doctors could not figure out. He sang How Great THou Art at his brother’s funeral. (And now I’m in tears). Singing is who he is and his brother Jonathan helped make him who he is. He’s a little anxious but he’s excited to work with one of the superstar coaches. He feels this is his one shot and he won’t mess around. He sings “I Want You Back” by the Jackson 5.  No one turned around and they are shocked when he is 15. Cee Lo is especially mad when he finds out how young he is and that he’s from Atlanta. They can’t believe it. They thought he was 40. Adam tells him he has to come back next year and he says he will be back.

Shelbie Z is up next. She’s a stylist and a pageant coach. She participated in over 300 and won 45. She stopped when she was 10 because she was told that she was too fat and not pretty. Her passion for music never went away. Her fiancee said the first time he saw her she was singing and he fell in love with her then. Shelbie says she loves herself no matter her size and will let her voice and passion for music out. She signs Gretchen Wilson’s “Here for the Party.”  Cee Lo, Christina, and Blake all turn for her. Adam tells her to be the exception and go with someone else.  Cee Lo and Christina say they know she’s going with Blake but they had to turn their chairs because of her awesome voice. She says she choose Blake.

Josh Logan is 32 years old up and next. He has been singing since his mom got into a karaoke business. He had a son when he was sixteen and he is raising his son with his ex and he means everything to him. He has had to work other jobs to help him pay for being a musician. Now he’s a six nights a week singer and he needs longevity and the Voice can help him. He starts singing “Too Close”.  Christina, Blake, and Adam all turn for him. Blake tells him he has a man crush on him. Christina says she gets his voice. Adam and Blake argue about who hurts whose feelings. Christina says you’ll be different for me, Blake says just pick me I turned first. Josh says he’s unprepared for this but he goes with Christina.

Delvin Choice is up next. He’s a 24 year old from South Carolina. He works as a Starbucks barista. He loves it, because he’s the singing barista. He sings the completed orders out. He studied music for about five years and did musical theater too. He’s excited about the four megastar coaches to get advice and help as a singer. He’s ready to sing. He is off key as he sings “Closer.” No one chooses him, but they say he has a good voice, he just needs to come back and work more. Cee Lo loves his hair and they wish him luck.

James Wolpert is next, a singer from Pennsylvania. He did art his whole life but he loves singing too. He sings “Love Interruption”.  All four coaches turn for him and Adam gets him after a hard fought fight.

After the first night here are the coaches teams:

Cee Lo- Caroline and Kat

Adam- Donna, James, and Nic


Christina- Josh and James