Why Jordan Smith should win The Voice

I still watch the Voice, because I love music and because it’s still fresh to me. I love discovering new singers and I really like the idea of it about being about the voice and not someone’s appearance, which is why I was soooo glad that Zach left before the finale, because he was only in the Top 10 because of what he looked like. Thankfully the 12 year old fangirls of the show aren’t the top demographic. That being said, Jordan Smith, is probably the best singer I think the show has ever seen. I’m not talking performer, although is rendition of “Somebody to Love” was a theatrical spectacle unlike I can remember watching in previous years, but Jordan Smith’s voice surpasses most voices the Voice has ever seen, and is better than a lot of current popular singers in the industry right now. People hate him because he’s “too good” and want him to lose the show for various reasons, like “he’s fake, “he’s too good”, “he’s not the best singer”(which is laughable at best), “he’s fat”, “he’s ugly”, “he got too much help from Adam”. Whatever the naysayers are saying, it’s not enough to detract from the simple fact that a show called “The Voice” should ultimately be about the voice. Jordan’s voice is spectacular. It is one of a kind and it’s up there with the likes of Freddie Mercury, and divas like Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, and other freaks of nature whose voice is bigger than themselves, who sings and the world stops to listen because they are that good. Jordan Smith is the best contestant on any singing competition I have ever heard, and if he doesn’t win The Voice tomorrow night, something is wrong with the world.


Well I went again and didn’t post for two months.

I wish I could say this is not a regular occurrence for me, but it in fact is. I think I went into this year thinking, I’m going to be able to maintain a full time teaching job and watch all my television shows and blog about it. Turns out I really, really can’t. Especially not when my illness, which is severe iron deficiency anemia, has begun to show itself again. So, I’ve been sick. I’ve been coming home every day after school and sleeping anywhere from 5-6 hours a night, getting up and doing grading or finishing lesson plans, only to turn around and sleep another 6-7 hours. Not normal. I finally went to the doctor and discovered my blood levels are super low again and I would need blood transfusions. And that’s not fun. It also has left me no time to watch my shows or blog or do anything but try to recover and still do my job.

But… things are looking up. I caught the ending of the Voice. I was not surprised or upset that Tessanne won. I was however surprised to see how many people hated her online. Twitter users and Youtube commenter were particularly vicious. Tessanne is spectacular and she deserved it.

New Girl is still fabulous. I finally caught up on that show today. I was able to watch Tuesday’s episode live. I still love Coach and Schmidt. They are my favorites.

I haven’t watched Agents of SHIELD since November. I will eventually catch up to it, but I pretty much lost interest after Ward and May slept together.

HIMYM is starting to drag again for me. They need to pick up the pacing. This is one show that I think I’m going to finish watching after the finale has aired. Although, I try to make it a point to watch my favorite show’s finales live, but this one has frustrated me.

Grey’s Anatomy. HOLY FLIPPING CRAP. That cliffhanger. I just want to know what April and Derek are going to do. And the whole story with Calzona is just up and down and all over the place. Grey’s is really good again. I am excited for it to come back in February.

Sherlock is back! I have yet to see the first few episodes, mainly because I have way too many other shows going on, but all the reviews I’ve heard are really good. So that is on my list of shows to catch up on.

I still haven’t caught up on the Dr. Who special. I feel awful about it too, because I LOVE Dr. Who. I REALLY LOVE it. I know that instead of doing this I could be doing that and I don’t know why I feel so guilty about it, I just do. Needless to say, I am excited to see the 12th Doctor and can’t wait for Capaldi.

Shows That I’ve Been Watching in Secret But Now Profess My Undying Love For:
Hart of Dixie
Parks and Rec
The Mindy Project

I’ve been a Community, Psych, and Supernatural fan from the beginning, but recently got into Hart of Dixie , Parks and Rec, and The Mindy Project. I am behind on all of these series though. I should catch up.

So to wrap up or TL;DR:
I am really behind on my television shows, because I am suffering from a flareup of a disease that I have and I feel guilty, but I’m going to try to do better in the future.

Not that I have any readers.

I suck at blogging. I realize this. I have completely just stopped watching The Voice,  because NBC goes in and out while I’m watching the show and so while I catch up on it after it airs, sometimes I can’t do it until the weekend due to my incredibly stressful job.

Either way, I am loving the top 10 (now). I totally disagreed with Preston Pohl leaving over Will, not that I don’t like Will, I just think Preston has an amazing voice. Regardless I honestly think Tess has a really good chance of winning it all this year. She’s phenomenal.

I have caught up on all the episodes and frankly, my bolded predictions earlier hold true for the most part. I really like Ray and Austin too. This is a pretty good mix of finalists this season.


As for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.:

I am still loving the show to be honest. I understand that it’s being panned critically by a lot of people and fans who are Marvel fanboys hate the show and want anyone who watches it to go kill themselves. Regardless, I am actually enjoying it for what it is. I have no real issues. Sure, I find Skye annoying sometimes and think it’s really lame to have Ward save the day each episode (well Fitz may have actually saved the day last night, so maybe not), but in all I find it highly entertaining.


New Girl:

I am literally so excited about the season now that Coach is a permanent member. I hate “Newbies” who hate Coach and are bashing Damon Wayans Jr. Sorry, but no. He’s hilarious and brings a breath of fresh air into the show. The first few episodes were actually pretty lame until he came back and now he’s a permanent member. So… yeah, I’ll take Coach. P.S. I am so over Schmidt not with CeCe.



Still love Shane, don’t care about Christina and Owen or Owen at all really. Loving the new and improved Richard, concerned about Bailey, and hate April and Matthew together. In general, I just want more Jackson and April scenes even if just for friendship. The season is getting on my nerves.


Modern Family:  I need to catch up on the show.


HIMYM: LOVING this season apart from Marshall and Daphne. I literally hate that storyline. Everything else is just freaking fantastic!


I have recently also started watching The Mindy Project. SOOOO funny. I am loving the show.


I am going to try to post more consistently in the future, but probably not. lol.

The Voice Week #4

Sorry, I missed a week. I was super sick, but I am back now!

The first battle round is from Team Adam which is Grey and Nic Hawk.  Adam chooses Dominoe by Jessie J. The battle round is pretty good and both sound great. In the end, Adam goes with Grey because he feels like she has potential and wants to work with her. Blake steals Nic, even though he complains about not getting hit on by Nic. Nic is grateful.

Timyra- Joi and Amber Nicole sing “Listen”.  I have to admit, neither is nearly as good as Trevin Hunte when he sang it. Like woah, they sound like karaoke singers compared to him. Either way, I listened to the song without watching the screen. I feel like Timyra- Joi has the stronger voice of the two. She’s really good for her age. Cee Lo looks unimpressed and Adam is stunned.   In the end, Christina chooses Amber and Christina says she had to go with the more established singer. She is really upset that no one stole her.  Blake wishes he would have stolen her.

Up next is Blake with Cher as adviser. He pairs up Shelby Z and Justin Chain. They are given “Don’t You Wanna” by Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson.  Cher and Blake give them so good advice about how to sing a duet together.  Justin talks about his accident defining him and how he wants to overcome. Shelbie Z doesn’t want to go back to cutting hair. They are told to give it their all by Blake. Personally, I feel like Shelbie Z sounded better tonight. She just sounded awesome. Nothing against Justin at all. They both sounded great. Blake goes with Shelbie Z in the end.  No one steals Justin.

Next is Cee Lo: Anthony Paul and Caroline. Miguel is his mentor. They tell Anthony to not over sing the song because he’s from show choir. They really like Caroline’s take on the song. In the final rehearsal Anthony outshines Caroline and Cee Lo is concerned with Caroline’s performance. Up next is “As Long as You Love Me” by Justin Bieber.  Caroline’s voice and rendition of the song is beautiful. Anthony sounds pretty generic to be honest. I’d choose Caroline, honestly, and Cee Lo agrees with me. He chooses her. Christina steals Anthony. She thinks he’s fantastic and has wonderful vocal control.

Next up is Adam’s team again with Tessanne vs Donna Allan. I don’t get why he continually puts his two best singers against each other, but whatever. They sing “Next to Me”.  They sound AMAZING. I’m still mad that they are up against each other. Totally unfair. I mean honestly not one thing wrong with eithers performance. Personally, I connected more with Tessanne, but Adam can’t lose. He ultimately chooses, Tessanne! No surprise here, really. Donna is good, but I feel like Tessanne has more potential.  No one stole Donna, which is a surprise. WOW.

Christina chooses “House of the Rising Sun” for Briana and Jacquie. Jacquie fangirls over Ed Sheerhan.  Christina thinks that they will push each other to be better based on this battle pairing. They sound AMAZING together. Jacquie for her age sounds phenomenal. Either way, she goes she can’t lose. They all love them, but Christina goes with Jacquie! Cee Lo and Blake both choose to steal Briana. She goes with Blake ultimately.

Here are the teams as of the end of tonight’s show:

Adam Levine
Ashley DuBose Barry Black Donna Allen Grey
James Irwin James Wolpert Justin Blake Matt Cermanski
Preston Pohl Tessanne Chin Will Champlin
Cee Lo Green
Caroline Pennell Cole Vosbury George Horga Jr.
Jonny Gray Juhi Kat Robichaud Keaira LaShae
Lupe Carroll R. Anthony Shawn Smith Tamara Chauniece
Christina Aguilera
Amber Nicole Destinee Quinn Jacob Poole
Jacquie Lee Josh Logan Lina Gaudenzi Matthew Schuler
Michael Lynch Olivia Henken Stephanie Anne Johnson Anthony Paul
Blake Shelton
Austin Jenckes Brandon Chase Brian Pounds Cilla Chan
E.G. Daily Emily Randolph Nic Hawk Holly Henry
Monika Leigh Ray Boudreaux Sam Cerniglia Shelbie Z

Briana Cuoco


The Voice Week #2

The Voice Week #2-

The Voice is still on blind auditions and the second week is full of talented and amazing singers. Once again we get two nights of auditions for the coaches as they try to fill out their teams.

Carson tells us that Blake, Christina, and Cee Lo all have 4 artists while Adam was gotten 5.

The night is full of soulful singers and a few R&B and Country singers interspersed throughout.  The coaches banter back and forth through the whole show as they try to fill out their teams. Some highlights were Tamyria Joi a 15 year old singer that ended up on Christina’s team and Preston Pohl a seriously AMAZING singer that ended up on Adam’s team. Kaley Cuoco’s siter (Penny on the Big Bang Theory), Briana also tried out and made it on Christina’s team as well. Overall, the night was a success with
Adam, Blake, and Cee Lo now at 7 artists and Christina at 8.

Night two opens and the competition starts out strong with Will who sings a Gavin DeGraw song (which automatically makes me LOVE him. Seriously, I LOVE Gavin DeGraw). He chooses Adam.  Night two just continues to amaze and impress with the level of talent. Highlights of the night are James Irwin coming back and the last artist of the night. Adam won both of those artists, both 4 chair artists.

At the end the teams look like (Taken straight from the Wikipedia page):

Blake Shelton
Austin Jenckes Cilla Chan E.G. Daily Emily Randolph Justin Chain
Holly Henry Monika Leigh Ray Boudreaux Sam Cerniglia Shelbie Z
Christina Aguilera
Amber Nicole Briana Cuoco Destinee Quinn Jacob Poole Jacquie Lee
Josh Logan Lina Gaudenzi Matthew Schuler Olivia Henken Stephanie Anne Johnson
Adam Levine
Ashley DuBose Barry Black Donna Allen James Irwin James Wolpert
Justin Blake Nic Hawk Preston Pohl Tessanne Chin Will Champlin
Cee Lo Green
Anthony Paul Caroline Pennell Cole Vosbury George Horga Jr. Jonny Gray
Juhi Kat Robichaud Keaira LaShae R. Anthony

The names in bold are my addition and who I think are the best singers so far and have the best shot of making it far.
After the first two weeks, I think Cee Lo and Adam have super strong teams compared to the other two, but really it just takes that ONE special singer to completely change the show.

P.S. I will probably be rooting against Blake this year, just because I would love to see a different coach win it this year.

The Voice Season 5- Episode 2

The Voice is back for night two of season 5.

The first singer is Jacquie Lee. She is 16 and from New Jersey. She sings “Back to Black” and Christina and Blake turn for her. Christina drops the gloves and tells her to not be blinded by Blake’s dimples and southern accent.  Blake says I specialize in helping 16 year olds winning this show. Cee Lo only cares about her shoes and wants to know where she bought them. Christina says she too was a 16 year old in the business and can help her. She chooses Christina.

Next is Barry Black from American Samoa. They moved to the states when he was five. He hopes when his parents see him on the show they will realize that he is good and it’s his passion not a hobby. He sings “What I won’t do for love”. Adam turns immediately as soon as he starts singing. Blake turns around about halfway through. In the end after Blake insults Adam and pushes hard for him to be Barry’s coach, Barry chooses Adam.

Mike Unser is up next at 19 years old. He acted out when he was younger and hated his stepfather, but now he has a great relationship with him, because his stepfather loved him and his father. He is now involved in a youth group band through his church playing Christian music. He just wants to learn how to be a better singer and hopes a coach will give him a chance. He starts singing “Dirty Little Secret” by All American Rejects. He sounds very good. No one turns around for him though.  He has a great attitude about it and he is really appreciative from their feedback. He says he’ll be back for sure.

Destinee Quinn is up next at 20 years old. She is a country artist. She is a working musician. She does everything herself from booking to setting up her own equipment. She can sing almost any kind of genre and feels ready for this competition. Cee Lo and Christina turns around. Christina thinks her voice is like an angel. Cee Lo says her voice spoke to him. In the end she chooses Christina.

Up next is Cole Vosbury from Louisiana. His grandmother toured with Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis. She did not like Elvis at first and her claim to fame was turning him down. He wants to get his family’s legacy to be put out there since they are all so talented. He sings “Movin’ On Up” from the Jefferson’s tv show. Cee Lo is the only one who picked him. He says that he is a perfect mix of soul and country.

Holly Henry is up next. She is 19 and from Minnesota. She couldn’t afford to go to college and instead had to go to work at a pancake restaurant. She plays the ukelele and banjo. She sings “The Scientist”. Blake turns immediately. By the end all have turned for her. Blake says because of her he’s now excited about season 5. The rest of the coaches fight for her, but she chooses Blake.

Sammy C is up next year. He’s 16 years old. Since he was two years old he has dealt with alopecia an immune disorder that makes him have no hair. He was made fun of and music is what helped him through.  No one ends up turning for him when he sings “Where is the Love” and they tell him to hone his craft. Adam tells him to dedicate himself to his singing over rapping to be successfulon the voice.

Austin Jenckes is up next from Washington. He wants to be like his father who was always singing when he was younger. He’s a scooter tour guide right now but wants his music dream to pan out. His father committed suicide when he was 16. He said music is what helped him through the loss and pain. He is singing “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd because his dad taught him the song on his guitar. Cee Lo and Blake turn for him. Blake tells him that he loves him and that he looks just like he pictured him. Cee Lo begs him to pick him, but ultimately Austin picks Blake.

E.G. Daily is a 51 year old voice over actor from Hollywood. She voiced characters on the Rugrats and Powerpuff Girls. She wants to show her kids that they have to follow their dreams. Her dream is to sing and have a career in music. She sings “Breathe” by Faith Hill. Blake and Cee Lo turn for her. She picks Blake!

Jonny Gray is up next from Texas. He wants to break through in music so that he can support his family. Adam and Cee Lo turn for him. Ultimately he chooses Cee Lo!

The last artist of the night is Tessanne Chin from Jamaica. She went on tour with Sir Jimmy Cliff, a famous singer from Jamaica. She’s excited to sing and hopes to make her husband proud. She blows the judges away with her rendition of Pink’s “Try”. All four coaches turn around a beg for her to join them. She chooses Adam!

Current Teams-

Christina- Jacquie Lee, Destinee Quinn, Josh, and James

Cee Lo- Cole Vosbury, Caroline, Kat, and Jonny

Blake- Holly Henry, Austin Jenckes, EG Daily, Shelbie

Adam- Barry Black, Donna, James, Nic, and Tessanne

See you all next Monday!

The Voice Season 5- Episode 1

Yay! The Voice is back! I am super pumped. I love this show. I  have loved it since I saw the first season.

Speaking of Season 5, Christina and Cee Lo are back. Christina seems to be different and in a much better attitude than her previous seasons. Time will tell if she starts acting like a jerk again, but so far so good.

The opening sequence tugged at my heartstrings. It was nice to see the original four back together.

The coaches all sound great together and I loved their opening number.

Kat Robichaud is up first. She is from North Carolina and loves rock. I instantly bond with her love of musicals. I too adore them. She led a band for years, but it wasn’t successful. She said that the only thing she gained from it was experience and her husband. Her father died in February of this year, and she just wants to make him proud.

Her song choice is “I’ve Got the Music in Me” by the Kiki Dee band.

Cee Lo, Christina, and Blake all turn their chairs around. Adam was wavering but ultimately chose not to turn.

Cee Lo says she set him “on fire”. Christina says she could tell she was having an amazing time up there just from listening to her. Christina says she’s in to her and she’s so good.

Blake says “I may seem like an unlikely choice for you” Adam breaks in and says no way is Blake her coach. Blake pouts. Blake says come to the unlikely choice and teach me about David Bowie and Queen.

Kat doesn’t know what to do and it’s so hard. She says she can’t lose no matter who she picks, Blake says “yes you can.” She decides to go with Cee Lo!

Adam and Blake tell Cee Lo and Christina how much they missed them when they were gone last season.

Up next is Caroline Pennell, a 17 year old. She says she discovered her talent at a summer camp in Maine. She’s a very shy and nervous person, but is willing to try. She opens her mouth and pure gold comes out. Holy crap like woah. She sings Ellie Goulding “Anything Could Happen.” No words are necessary, but she is amazing for real. Cee Lo and Blake turn around. Cee Lo pushes hard for her to go to his team. Blake tells her she’s a “badass” vocalist. She says she just wants to go far in the competition. Caroline chooses Cee Lo after thanking Blake for turning around for her. Cee Lo says she sounds like sunshine and she makes him happy.

Cee Lo now has 2 artists!

The next artist is 54 year old Donna Allen. She says she was the first African American homecoming queen at her school and the first African American Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s cheerleader. She’s exited to be back in music. She gave up music when her son was born. She’s back now to prove she can do it for her son. She sings, “You Are So Beautiful To Me.” Christina immediately turns, Adam is a few seconds behind her,. She has an AMAZING voice.  Christina tells her, “Your voice is like the heaven opening up.” Blake says he wasn’t going to turn because she’s perfect to work with Christina. Adam tells Blake to shut up. Christina basically begs her to pick her. Cee Lo, says “You’re not what I’m looking for, but you’re amazing. I love your voice.” Adam says, “Shame on you Blake and Cee Lo for not turning. I felt like we were in the end of the season. I will be super bummed if you don’t pick me. I want you on my team super badly.”  Adam falls out of his seat and rolls around on the floor, then does push ups and then ran up and picked her up. She wraps her legs around his back. Adam doesn’t give a crap how old she is, she is one of the best singers ever to be on the show and is Tina Turner, Whitney Houston caliber.

Next up is Jake Worthington a 17 year old country singer from Texas. He sings Georgia Satellite’s “Keep Your Hands to Yourself.” The entire crowd loves it as he rocks out, unfortunately no one turns their chairs around. Blake feels awful afterwards and says he should’ve turned but tells him to keep practicing on breathing techniques and to come back.

Matthew Schuler is up next. He is a 22 year old college sophomore from Pennsylvania. He has a job in a bagel shop and plays rugby in college.  His parents are pastors in their home church. He sings for church and he’s following his dream for his parents. He has so many songs in his heart and wants to share them with the world. He starts acapella with “Cough Syrup” and within three seconds all four chairs are turned. That’s a record on the voice. (This song breaks my heart and I have a hard time listening to it, as a fan of Glee and Dave Karofsky, but that’s another post). He’s really good.  He ends up going with Christina after a tough battle.

Nic Hawk is up next. He sings Hit Em’ Up Style by Beyonce. Cee Lo and Adam turn their chairs. Nic doesn’t know who to pick because he’s afraid he’ll be too unfocused with Adam as a coach because he’s too good looking. Adam tells Blake not to worry, he’ll never cheat on him. Nic chooses Adam anyway.

We have a few younger artists who don’t get a chair turn, but they were good and told to keep practicing.

Matthew Brea is up next at only 15 years old. His father used to be an A Capella singer for church. He lost his brother at a young age due to seizures the doctors could not figure out. He sang How Great THou Art at his brother’s funeral. (And now I’m in tears). Singing is who he is and his brother Jonathan helped make him who he is. He’s a little anxious but he’s excited to work with one of the superstar coaches. He feels this is his one shot and he won’t mess around. He sings “I Want You Back” by the Jackson 5.  No one turned around and they are shocked when he is 15. Cee Lo is especially mad when he finds out how young he is and that he’s from Atlanta. They can’t believe it. They thought he was 40. Adam tells him he has to come back next year and he says he will be back.

Shelbie Z is up next. She’s a stylist and a pageant coach. She participated in over 300 and won 45. She stopped when she was 10 because she was told that she was too fat and not pretty. Her passion for music never went away. Her fiancee said the first time he saw her she was singing and he fell in love with her then. Shelbie says she loves herself no matter her size and will let her voice and passion for music out. She signs Gretchen Wilson’s “Here for the Party.”  Cee Lo, Christina, and Blake all turn for her. Adam tells her to be the exception and go with someone else.  Cee Lo and Christina say they know she’s going with Blake but they had to turn their chairs because of her awesome voice. She says she choose Blake.

Josh Logan is 32 years old up and next. He has been singing since his mom got into a karaoke business. He had a son when he was sixteen and he is raising his son with his ex and he means everything to him. He has had to work other jobs to help him pay for being a musician. Now he’s a six nights a week singer and he needs longevity and the Voice can help him. He starts singing “Too Close”.  Christina, Blake, and Adam all turn for him. Blake tells him he has a man crush on him. Christina says she gets his voice. Adam and Blake argue about who hurts whose feelings. Christina says you’ll be different for me, Blake says just pick me I turned first. Josh says he’s unprepared for this but he goes with Christina.

Delvin Choice is up next. He’s a 24 year old from South Carolina. He works as a Starbucks barista. He loves it, because he’s the singing barista. He sings the completed orders out. He studied music for about five years and did musical theater too. He’s excited about the four megastar coaches to get advice and help as a singer. He’s ready to sing. He is off key as he sings “Closer.” No one chooses him, but they say he has a good voice, he just needs to come back and work more. Cee Lo loves his hair and they wish him luck.

James Wolpert is next, a singer from Pennsylvania. He did art his whole life but he loves singing too. He sings “Love Interruption”.  All four coaches turn for him and Adam gets him after a hard fought fight.

After the first night here are the coaches teams:

Cee Lo- Caroline and Kat

Adam- Donna, James, and Nic


Christina- Josh and James