Brooke Davis

I love One Tree Hill. I watch the show on Netflix at least a few times a week.  I’m currently rewatching season 6.  I have many thoughts and feelings on the show. I am currently off of work for a few days and so I did some research. I wanted to know what the general consensus on the Internet was concerning Brooke Davis, or  Brooke Penelope Davis as Jamie calls her, is.

I scoured the internet for messages boards posts from the mid 200os. I read the Brucas threads, I read the Anti-Peyton threads (in which they called her Seyton), and I read the Brooke threads. Overwhelmingly, these threads tended to turn into a hate fest of Leyton and of Peyton, but didn’t actually talk about why they loved Brooke or even why they shipped Brucas. It always came down to preferring Brucas and Booke over Peyton because she kept Brooke/Lucas apart.

It honestly was a super frustrating two days of reading. I am a HUGE fan of One Tree Hill. I adore Peyton, probably more than I adore anyone else on the show. I didn’t care for Brooke in high school much, because she was super immature and shady and at times downright cruel and vindictive. But she grew on me. She matured, she stopped being insecure, and she was an overall great person. It took until season 5 for me to really LOVE her and root for her as a person.

I never once found myself wishing Brooke would die a painful, horrible death or hoping she’d be written off or wanted to leave the show. I’ve been there with characters from other television shows before, but not her. I’ll be honest. I hated Brucas. They did not work as a couple.

In season one when Brooke decides that Lucas is hot and she wants to get with him, she decides she’s going to try to get her best friend Peyton (who Lucas really likes by the way) back together with Nathan. A guy who was horrible to Peyton. He treated her like crap and basically verbally abused her. They were a terrible couple and he constantly cheated on Peyton with anything in a skirt. Peyton finally got up the courage to dump him and here comes Brooke deciding that it’s okay for her to be selfish and to go after the guy who really wants to be there for Peyton and to be with her.

And thus starts the triangle that lasts for five more seasons on the show. Peyton is intrigued by Lucas. He tells her her art matters and it’s what got him to play basketball. He tells her he wants to be with her and have a relationship with her. She gets freaked out, because the only relationship she’s known is with a huge douche. And now his older brother is wanting to be with her too. So she runs away. She makes a mistake.

Meanwhile, Brooke is pressuring Peyton into admitting her true feelings for Lucas. Peyton doesn’t want to be vulnerable like that, so she lies. But deep down, Nathan knows. It’s why he was so angry when he discovers his older brother is in the popular crowd now. Brooke knows it’s why she’s keeping Nathan away from finding true love with Haley, Lucas’s best friend, and why she’s urging Peyton and Nathan to get back together.

This is where Brooke lost me. She pulled an incredibly shady move that literally hurt Peyton, Lucas, Nathan, and Haley. She hurt four people with her selfishness. It left a sour taste in my mouth what she did to Haley and Nathan the most, honestly. I was super into Naley.

And then Peyton got date raped and Brooke ended up making that entire night about her and how upset/sad she was. Lucas fell for it. They ended up going on a date and pretty much sleeping together right away. This was the 2nd strike for Brooke to me, if I’m being honest. Not only do you know your best friend has a thing for Lucas and vice versa, you basically skip multiple levels of standard dating etiquette to bed him. You get him drunk and then you fuck him.

I lost a lot of respect for Brooke here and even more for Lucas. He literally only did that because he was hurt by Peyton rejecting him. She said no, she he went with the next girl who wanted him. She made it all to easy for him to.  I was pretty disgusted by both Lucas/Brooke after that.

When Lucas gets in a car accident not long after she basically makes Keith/Karen comfort her and forces her attention and company on them, even to the point of being a nuisance. When she realizes that Lucas and Peyton still have feelings for each other, despite her constant machinations, she goes off on them.

Listen, getting cheated on is no fun. I’ve been cheated on. But I also didn’t pull the shit Brooke did to get a guy. If I did that and I found out later he cheated on me with the person I knew he liked. I’d be like, “Okay. I probably shouldn’t have interfered and gone after a guy my best friend was into and I knew that.” Brooke brought that on herself. This is where Brucas fans lose me. They claim that Peyton alone is to blame for this whole situation because she didn’t just tell the truth. But refuse to blame Brooke for pulling a super shady, fucked up moved on her supposed best friend. If I found out that my best friend pulled what Brooke did, they wouldn’t even be an acquaintance anymore.

That move was fucked up and led to what happened at the end of season one. I’m not even sorry for saying it. Brooke was a shitty person and a friend to do that to Peyton, Nathan, Lucas, and Haley.

Should Lucas and Peyton have snuck around behind Brooke’s back? No. That wasn’t cool either. I guarantee though that if they had handled it the way Lucas wanted to by just telling Brooke, Brucas fans would still be livid. The fact remains that Brucas was over in season 1 because of a shitty, shady move pulled by their “queen”, Brooke.


Season two Brooke wasn’t nearly as annoying to me, but I really disliked her story with Felix. He was gross, chauvinistic, and clearly not a good person. I also didn’t like how mean she was to Anna in season 2 for no real reason when Peyton became friends with her. Not to mention when she decided to throw a fundraiser only to keep the money for herself so she could buy new clothes. And honestly she wasn’t there for Peyton during season 2 during the drug fiasco or when Felix spray painted her locker. She was busy having sex with a terrible guy and defending him. The thing that really bothered me the most was when she decided it would be appropriate to take naked pictures of Peyton in the shower and post them on the internet. As you recall, it wasn’t long after those pictures made their way to the internet that Peyton’s psycho stalker started contacting her. I honestly blame Brooke for a little of that. People always want to bash Peyton for being a bad friend, and Brooke was as bad.


In season 3, I fucking loathed Brooke. Her friends with benefits, non exculsive thing with Lucas was seriously the most fucking immature thing I’ve ever seen from anyone on the show, including the actual children on the show. She was horrendous and it was painful to sit through her scenes of acting like a 12 year old. I just couldn’t with her. The thing that pushed me firmly on the #teamPeyton boat forever, was when she attacked Lucas for going on a date with Rachel. Brooke had pushed him and pushed him for weeks to just hook up with someone else and when he did, she went full on crazy. Like, bitch, please. You don’t get to tell a highschool boy to go be with someone else, because you don’t want to commit and think he’s going to be, “No. I’m cool with not having sex with anyone until you realize that I’m the one for you.” Grown men wouldn’t do that. And for the record, no man is a mind reader. You’re expecting a high school boy to understand that you want him to run after you and profess his undying love for you? Don’t be a cloyingly annoying bitch to him then. And EVEN when she was being over the top ridiculous with her expectations, Lucas tried to give her what she wanted.

And even when Lucas finally got her to stop being dumb, and they started dating, she was always worried about Peyton, who wasn’t even thinking about that. And then the school shooting happened and she made that about herself to. Her best friend nearly died in the school, her boyfriend went in to rescue her, and her other two best friends were also in there with the shooter. And when Peyton gets to the hospital, guess who doesn’t visit her AT ALL? Brooke. Her supposed best friend, really needed to be there with her boyfriend and his mom 24/7 because Keith died. Really she didn’t, but whatever makes her feel less guilty about basically abandoning her best friend that ALMOST FUCKING DIED.

And then she has this brilliant plan to throw a party in the school where Lucas lost the only father figure he ever had. And SHE gets offended when he doesn’t want to participate. And also a little jealous that Lucas saved Peyton’s life. She was actually upset that the “boy she loves saved the girl he loves.” Like she chose that time to tell Peyton, hey by the way, don’t steal my boyfriend, k?’ Cause you know going through a traumatic school shooting for the person who was shot, takes back seat to your insecurities and whininess.

And then it all falls apart for Brucas, because she realizes she and Lucas have nothing in common, she doesn’t really miss him when they’re apart and their conversations aren’t deep and meaningful. Of course, she blames Peyton for them breaking up, because Peyton tells her she’s actually in love with Lucas and never stopped being in love with him.

And then it bleeds into season 4, where she’s over Lucas, but continues to punish Peyton by telling her she’s gonna steal Lucas back and she can do whatever she wants with Lucas whenever she wants. She makes fun of Peyton’s dead mothers. She calls her names and makes her feel like a shitty friend. The only thing Peyton had the audacity to do was tell her she was in love with Lucas, but wasn’t going to do anything about it. And she didn’t. She kept her word, but being honest with your best friend and vowing to move on and put it behind you makes you a devil, according to Brucas fans. Even in season 4, everything was blamed on Peyton. She was vilified more than Dan. She was bashed, called ugly, anorexic, and made out to be satan himself, all because she did what Brooke had asked to be honest with her.

And then we find out she not only slept with Nathan during the time that Peyton dated him, she slept with him when they were together. This bitch had the audacity to bitch Peyton out for stealing her boyfriend twice, neither time did Peyton sleep with Lucas, by the way, but actually did worse. Like did you just bitch about Peyton for stealing a guy in season 1 that was actually in to her first? Or for the 2nd time when you dumped him because you knew that you weren’t going to last? Because last time I checked Peyton didn’t steal Lucas the 2nd time. You gave him up and shoved him toward her. My favorite part of this is that Brucas fans were sooo upset that Brooke did something wrong with the sex tape that they made petitions to try and make Mark Schwann take it back, because Brooke would never do anything wrong.

Brooke did some really selfish, dumb things over the course of the next season, but by the end of season 4, she was on her way to growing up.

Then comes the adult years. In season 5-9, I ADORE Brooke. She was funny, sweet, caring, and she was a GREAT friend to Haley, Nathan, Peyton, Lucas, Millie, Rachel, Mouth. She grew up. She stopped doing things for selfish reasons. She stopped being so insecure. She knew that she was worthy of love and she wasn’t going to settle to be the footnote in someone else’s love story. Her words.

And so, Brooke Davis is a deeply flawed character. She did some really awful, cruel, and selfish things. Mostly for the wrong reasons. She grew up and did amazing things for the right reasons. I love Brooke Davis. I love her success, I love her journey, and I love her arc. I just didn’t like her for most of her high school years.

Despite how many Brucas fans bash Peyton unnecessarily and refuse to acknowledge any of Brooke’s flaws or shortcomings, I’m not going to take that out on the character of Brooke. She was a very well written character, and I believe I’m better off for having experienced her story.


Up next… Peyton Sawyer, why she’s the best character on the show.



Andy and Haley

I think most people know that I’m a huge Andy and Haley shipper. I love them. From season 5 when Andy is introduced to season 7 when Haley starts dating Dillon again and it being super awkward when they end up on a double date together. I never would have imagined Haley going for someone so much like her dad. He’s weird, goofy, funny, but most of all just a steady, dependable guy who is a good guy. After the tension of season 6 and the ups and downs of will they or won’t they, I really loved the episode where they both finally gave in to their obvious desires. They wanted each other, regardless of who they were seeing. I also believe Andy brings out the best in Haley. He helped her see her value and worth and that she wasn’t stupid or a failure. She helped him realize how badly Beth treated him and that he had a real shot with her. While they snuck around, in the end Andy and Haley showed how great they are together. It doesn’t hurt that Adam Devine can have chemistry with a doorpost, but Sarah Hyland and Adam Devin’s chemistry is amazing in the show.  In fact, I like the pairing of Andy and Haley so much I hope that they become the next generation Claire and Phil. Phil would have a son in law who gets him and likes him and someone who he can shower with love and affection and won’t reject him like Jay is prone to do. Plus it would bring Claire and Haley closer together as they can commiserate about the incredibly weird things their husbands do, probably together. I am a huge Handy fan and I can’t wait to see where they take this.

Random Thoughts on TV

So I have a few thoughts.

I freaking HATE Victoria and Charlotte on Revenge and I’m obsessed with that show.

Haley and Andy on Modern Family are the only thing keeping my interest this season. I LOVE THEM.

Jackson and April’s storyline is the only thing I like anymore on Grey’s Anatomy.

I love Huck and Quinn’s weird relationship in Scandal. That show is awesome.

And that’s about the extent of my tv watching lately.

Week of 10/4/2013

My job is insane, so I haven’t watched must television lately. RIght now, (as in literally), I’m watching The Big Bang Theory and NCIS.

The Big Bang Theory:

OMG. I cannot with Raj. I adore him. I love that Amy and Sheldon absolutely love Raj’s performance.  I seriously love Sheldon and Penny’s friendship, so this episode was just fantastic to showcase it.

“When you’re doing a puzzle, it’s like having a thousand friends!”- Amy’s mother.

LOL @ Bernadette’s competitive behavior. Totally not expecting that.

Amy and Howard was just super awkward. They have literally nothing in common but Neil Diamond, which is just freaking amazing. My college’s official rock song was “Sweet Caroline”, so that just makes me smile.  Not to mention them singing in the car.

Favorite Quotes-



Tony and Ziva destroyed me. I just can’t with this show for awhile. The whole Casablanca thing and the orange grove scene basically gutted me emotionally and left me aching and raw and bare. I understand why Coate left, but I don’t know how to watch a show that doesn’t have Tony and Ziva in it. She tells him she loves him and then they kiss and then he gets on the plane by himself and my world is in ruins. And then she gave him back the pendant! UGH. Just kill me now. Thanks.

New Girl-

WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL SCHMIDT!?!!?! UGH. CeCe’s face and those tears. I really want CeCe and Schmidt to be together, but I am actually glad he’s alone right now. What a dick move on his part.  It’s nice to see Nick and Jess being couply. Winston’s cat Furguson is hilarious as well. Winston is slowly losing it and is having conversations with his cat. Poor Winston.

How I Met Your Mother-

I am actually loving the continuity and Lily’s never ending drinks. Marshall and Daphne continues to bore me to death. I just want more Ted and the mother. I simply do not care about Ted’s longing for Robin.

Ted has a nickname for the Empire State Building, “Empy” and he knows what the proper term is for a person who gets sexually attracted to buildings.

Oh God. Ted wearing the old timey bathing suit is just hilarious. I love Lily’s revenge on Marshall too.  Of course Robin had to out their breaking the bottle of scotch to Ted.

Lily’s speech made me tear up. They are such good friends, all of them. I will miss this show for sure when it’s done.- P.S. I cannot wait to see how the drama goes down between Barney and Ted.

Grey’s Anatomy-

Christina and Alex is hilarious. I love their friendship.

Oh man. Callie is on a rampage.

Shane is by far my favorite intern. Seriously, I love Gaius Charles. Stephanie is the most annoying intern ever. I don’t give a crap about Alex/Jo or the other intern whose name I don’t even know.

Arizona dressing up to impress her wife and then bitching at Christina for not saying nice haircut makes me laugh.

Christina can’t keep her hands off Owen lol.

Jackson and April! April did her boards again. Jackson tells her she’ll pass and she makes a joke about them having sex before her boards last time.

My god, Callie is such a bitch. I don’t blame her, but damnnnnn.

Of course Meredith cannot stay off the case even when she’s on leave.  LOl at Meredith and Derek falling asleep because they are so tired taking care of their kids plus Callie and Sofia.

So Meredith is literally the person everyone calls.

I feel so bad for Richard and Shane. Why does he always get the crappy cases? Lol.

Again don’t care about Jo and Alex.

Okay, now Callie is pushing it by forcing her own relationship issues on Murphy and the wife’s husband and brother. Shake my head, Callie.

Shane is gonna lose his job, lol. I LOVE SHANE. JUST LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

I know a lot of people can’t stand Hunt, but I really enjoy him being the chief. Plus Jackson got his surgery back. YAY!

Jackson and April are so awkward lololol. I’m so glad that she passed though.

Callie came around thankfully. You can’t do that to a grieving husband. Some things are better in the grave.

I don’t know why I love Shane so much, but can we get him a love interest please? He’s quickly becoming a favorite.

Love Jackson and Owen teaming up on the rest of the board members.

Okay, maybe I do like Jo and Alex a little bit. It seems a lot like Alex/Izzie repeat though and that makes me sad, because I miss Izzie.

Crowen dating other people is the final nail in the coffin.

WOW. Callie and Arizona are breaking my heart.

Richard wanted to die!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!! WOW.  HOLY FLIPPING HELL. That was just harsh.

Modern Family

Phil is never not funny. Seriously. He is so funny.

I love that Gloria’s family stories are always so weird and hilarious and apparently involve large birds carrying family memebers away.

Cameron following Mitchell around calling him “My intended” and acting all creepy and “Murdery” makes me laugh. I love the wedding planning banter.

My gosh, Cameron’s reaction to the chat Larry dying makes my heart hurt. I also grew up on a farm and I always get teary when a kitten or cat dies. 😦

The evil baby storyline makes me lol.  And Manny continually making Sound of Music jokes makes me happy.

Okay, Larry’s storyline is definitely my favorite storyline. Cameron trying to explain death to Lily was just precious.

Cameron literally had a funeral for Larry’s wife, but Dylan, the moron, hit a water main and then BOOM water everywhere. What’s not to love about this hilarious storyline?

Jay made a Sound of Music joke! And then Manny beat up an obnoxious asshole on a phone during The Sound of Music.

The ending with Claire and Phil was just awesome.

I still haven’t caught up on Blue Bloods yet, but I will tomorrow after work.

Week of 9/27/2013

This is going to be a mix of shows.

First of all, Grey’s Anatomy. I love Grey’s, but I am really over Shonda Rhimes The writing on this show is sloppy and is bordering on lazy. I am really tired of her stringing couples along only to go nowhere with them or show character growth, only to have the character devolve back into being horrible. If there is one thing she is awesome at is ruining characters. She did it to Burke, Christina, Owen, George, Izzie, and now April. She’s been close at times to destroying Meredith too. I love the show, but I think I’m done watching for awhile. I just get too frustrated with how the characters are being written.

Secondly, let’s talk New Girl. What is going on with Jess and Nick? So they’re together but Schmidt is trying to break them up every episode? That’s going to get real old, real quick. Also, I love Schmidt with CeCe, but I seriously do not give a rat’s ass about this triangle with Elizabeth. Just a pick a team, Schmidt. And I for one am ecstatic that Coach is coming back. You can never have too many funny guys on a hilarious show.

Third, How I Met Your Mother. We FINALLY meet the mother. I was at the point last season that I didn’t care anymore. I was invested for Barney and Robin’s relationship, but Ted was just so damn annoying. I’m excited to see this final season play out.

Fourth, Modern Family. How freaking cute was that episode? I loved how they addressed it with the proposal. It was totally perfect. I love grown up Luke and Phil playing the foil for his daughters perfectly. I am excited for the rest of this season.

Lastly, now that I’ve found out that Kurt accepted Blaine’s proposal on Glee, I am forever done with the show. I will not get into full detail here, but I literally hate Blaine. He is my least favorite character on a show and I will not support a show that allows a fabulous character to accept the proposal of a borderline emotionally abusive asshole.

I still need to catch up on NCIS, NCIS: LA, The Big Bang Theory, Elementary, and Blue Bloods. But there is my general recap on some of my shows. I’ll be doing episode 1.2 of One Tree Hill probably tomorrow.