Why Ross Lost

Ross lost the first season of Celebrity Big Brother USA.  Marissa didn’t win because of her game, she won because Ross played a very flawed, very messy game. Ross will never admit this and he’ll continue to pretend that all of America loves him.

When the first episode of CBBUS came on we saw a conversation with the girl’s alliance plus Ross, in which Omarosa basically said to Ross’s face that when it came down to the alliance, Ross would be first the out, since he was a guy. Ross took great offense to this.

Cue to Ross/Shannon/Marissa having a conversation in which Shannon tells him she gets why he’s upset because it makes him look like he’s expendable within the alliance. Shannon goes to Omarosa and goes to bat for Ross. To the detriment of her own game might I add. Omarosa gets offended and basically tells Shannon that she’s being shady.  This is where the Shannon/Omarosa crumbling alliance begins.

Cue to the first night of feeds when Shannon is upset and telling Ross/Marissa she felt very attacked in that conversation. (A conversation in which neither Ross nor Marissa stood up for her either).  At this point, Ross/Marissa/Shannon reiterate that they’re together and solid.

Omarosa/Keshia have a conversation in the backyard where they solidify their F2 and Keshia tells Omarosa she has Chuck on their side because they’re saving him. Brandi notices this and tells Shannon Omarosa and Keshia are talking in the backyard.

Brandi also witnesses Keshia/Chuck having a long conversation and accurately figures out that they are making a deal. She tells the alliance this. Omarosa gets mad at Brandi for questioning Keshia and when Shannon brings it up. Shannon gets suspicious and decides to try and flip the house to save James because she no longer trusts Keshia or Omarosa.

This happens. Marissa/Ross are behind this 100% and are excited to do this. All hell breaks loose after the vote and blindside. Omarosa accuses Shannon of being a racist, skinny, mean girl bitch. Keshia gets super passive aggressive and bitter.

When Ross wins he decides that he’s putting Keshia and Omarosa up (which he does while Omarosa is in the hospital). He 100% wants Omarosa out. When Omarosa gets back she gets that Shannon was campaigning for Omarosa to go up and out. (Which isn’t true and Ross was going to do this anyway).  While this is happening Brandi/Ari/Metta talk about possibly backdooring Shannon because she’s such a comp beast (she’s won 2 at this point). They tell Marissa who goes and tells Ross. Ross and Marissa instantly take credit for this idea, which is hilarious, but whatever.

Ross instantly starts trying to rewrite history by telling lies in the diary room and starts badmouthing Shannon in the house to the others. He begins telling Omarosa things like it was Shannon’s fault he put her up and trying to further perpetuate the notion that Shannon is indeed racist and also a terrible person for wanting her up while she’s in the hospital. He says things like how untrustworthy Shannon is and blames lies he told on her.  Marissa starts blaming Shannon for stealing her stuff (we learn she hid it herself).

Ultimately, Marissa wins the veto and is literally begging Keshia on live television to let her use it. She ultimately doesn’t the veto and lets Keshia go home to her child. Meanwhile, in the DR while voting she’s actually bitching about not getting to backstab her supposed “friend” in the house (Shannon sets this record straight. She and Marissa were never friends outside the house).

Ross then instantly goes to Shannon after the next hoh and tells her that everyone wanted to backdoor and he said no. Which again is a STRAIGHT UP LIE. He says this multiple times.  Ari puts up Shannon and James because for her, getting Shannon out was a game move.  When Shannon realizes that her alliance was going to backdoor her and that neither Marissa/Ross have her back she understandably gets upset. Brandi/Ari the reason why Shannon’s nominated treated her dignity and compassion.  Ross and Marissa’s reaction are strikingly different and honestly very confusing and do not cast them in a positive light.  Especially Ross.

Ross’s reaction to Shannon’s sadness was inexplicably rude and this is where I felt like he went wrong. Ross took it to a place that it shouldn’t have gone. He made it personal by calling her rude, annoying, and making fun of her behind her back. Marissa made it worse by accusing her of stealing stuff that she hid on her own.  However, Ross went out of his way to try and blame her eviction on anyone but himself. He tried to tell her that he had NOTHING to do with her eviction and that he never was going to backdoor her. And not one single thing he told her in that last week was even close to being true.

How Ross, who is supposedly a super fan (although we find out he never watched a season past BB14), didn’t understand that his jury wasn’t sequestered is shocking to me. Did he not see BB3? Did he not see Dani Reyes’s response to preparing for an unsequestered jury? He was so unnecessarily rude to someone and for what reason? I truly do not understand why he thought treating Shannon like shit behind her back would work out for him in the end? And it wasn’t just Shannon.

He lied to Keshia and Omarosa’s faces too. He listened to Ari talk about how much loyalty meant to her and proved in the end he didn’t care about any of his supposed alliances and wasn’t even going to remain true to his F2 with Marissa. The fact that he thought Ari might vote for him after that is delusional.

Shannon didn’t even have to sway the jury, honestly. Chuck had feeds and had tweeted previously that he didn’t like Ross’s game.  On his own, Ross lost himself Shannon, Chuck, Keshia, Omarosa, and Ari. That’s 5 votes. He couldn’t have won against anyone, imo. The fact that Metta voted for him just makes Ross’s loss a little less severe.  Ross then proceeded to lose Jame’s vote because of how delusional he was. He sat there and truly, honestly bragged about his comp record as if those weren’t thrown to him. Because they were. The only comp not thrown to him was the F5 veto.

Ross’s problem is that he made unnecessary lies that didn’t actually help him in the game. He was playing a game meant for a sequestered jury. The lies he told to Keshia, Omarosa, and Shannon could be easily verified as false as soon as they left. It didn’t keep Ross in the game. It just made 3 jurors pissed at him that he wasn’t owning his game and instead he chose to be fake.

His second problem is that he treated Shanon like crap for literally zero reason. There was no reason for him to treat her the way he did. She did nothing to him. She said nothing bad about him or Marissa and even up until she was on the block, she had their backs. For him to turn around be so rude and the fact that it clearly didn’t have anything to do with the game, makes him look like a bad person.

His third problem is him believing his own lies. It was obvious by F2 that he believed his own lies. He believed he played a truly, honest and upright game. He believed that he did nothing wrong and that he played a game full of integrity. He took credit for wins that were thrown to him and he continue to lie to the jurors who saw the feeds (Keshia/Chuck/Shannon). Omarosa admitted after the show that she had already chosen to vote for Marissa but checked with Shannon anyway who reiterated it. Keshia/Chuck were voting for Marissa on their own too.

Ross went on to win AFP and believes it excuses his behavior and gameplay. At this point, I don’t even care what he believes because it’s obvious he’s delusional and will never own up to playing a shitty game or that he’s not as innocent and nice as he likes to pretend.

Marissa won the season. I disliked Marissa more than Ross, if I’m being honest, but that’s because she was annoying af on the feeds. But her winning over Ross doesn’t piss me off. Why? Because Ross lost due to his actions. Until he admits it, I’m going to continue to be happy about his loss. He deserved it.

Things to take away from this:

  1. Jury Management is indeed a very real thing and it’s part of the game and has been since BB2.  Survivor has proved this multiple times and Big Brother has as well. It’s the butthurt bitter fans who won’t admit it when their fave loses because of their shitty jury management.
  2. Jury management is important in every season, but even more so in seasons with unsequestered juries.
  3. Bitter juries do exist. If a jury is bitter and votes against you, you have to look at your game and admit where you went wrong instead of continuing to try and rewrite history in interviews afterwards
  4. Just because  casuals vote for you for AFP doesn’t mean you’re actually liked or that your game is respected.




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