The cruelty of 2016

God. This year. UGH. It’s been awful to us. I’m not even going to talk about politics, but man the death. Prince, George Michael, David Bowie, John Glenn, Janet Reno, Florence Henderson, Ali, Gordie Howe, Arnold Palmer and now Carrie Fisher. I’m just gutted.

Star Wars was my foray into popular culture. It’s the series that changed how I viewed film and how I interacted with others. I was super passionate about it. I was a teenager in the late 90s. I lived through the “prequel” coming out. And the flop that it was. But I will always have a soft spot in my heart for that period in middle school when my world was forever changed when I met Leia. I was hooked on a female heroine that was strong, independent, fierce, and didn’t need anyone, especially no man to do anything for her. She found someone who complemented her in Han Solo and didn’t hold her back. In fact SHE ended up rescuing him. I still hold out hope that one day I’ll find someone quick witted, strong, and secure enough to do the same for me.

Thank you Carrie. Thank you for showing me what a strong female heroine in popular culture should look like. You were a giant part of my formative years. Rest in peace, princess. Rest among the stars in a galaxy far, far away. You indeed were a symbol of hope to many future generations of women who longed for better representation in film. You will be missed.

And please 2016. Please don’t take anymore beloved cultural icons.



The Rest of the World


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