Why BB18 Sucked. BBOTT Thoughts.

I am actually kind of totally glad I didn’t recap BB18 on here this year. The reason being, it sucked. I liked maybe one person when the season was over, which was Tiffany. I hated how everyone treated her in the house, but at some point every other person in the house turned out to be disgusting on a human being level. I’m looking at you Michelle, Paulie, Paul, Nicole, Corey, Bronte, and Zakiyah. Or plain annoying as fuck: James, Natalie, Bridgette, Jozea. Or over dramatic and petty: Frank, Da’Vonne, Victor, Glenn.  That leaves literally, Tifanny. ONE PERSON who wasn’t either atrocious as a person, annoying as fuck, or have a super inflated ego and opinion of themselves. I seriously had a really hard time stomaching most of this season. I hadn’t been watching the shows (other than Thursday live shows)since before season 15 started airing. I tried this year. I really did, but with the scripted DRs and people with the personality of cardboard (Zakiyah), I couldn’t be bothered with it.

I don’t know if I’m getting more mature, but this last season was too much for me with the petty mean girl shit that was being pulled left and right.


Case in point:

Michelle wanting to target Tiffany to the point of her having a mental breakdown (That was Paulie’s plan first, but no one wanted to do it.) James told her he wasn’t interested in doing that and she got in a fight with him for not wanting to be a bad person. From that moment on, I was done with her. If you get pleasure out of trying to mentally break someone especially over a fucking game, you need to be locked up and see a mental health provider. Not to mention how atrocious and downright mean she was to Bridgette over NOTHING. She got mad Frank hung out with Bridgette, but seemed to not get that it was her actions along wit her alliance’s actions that pushed him to her. NOT TO ALSO MENTION THAT FRANK HAD A GIRLFRIEND.  She cried about everything, was horrible to Nicole, because no one wanted to have a showmance with her. I’m sorry, but why are you surprised? You told all the guys how desperate and pathetic you were in college that you invented a fake Facebook boyfriend. NOW you’re surprised no guy wants to start a relationship with a delusional heartless freak like you? SORRY BUT NO. You are as vile and gross as Maggie was in season 6. At least that bitch won.


Paulie is a piece of shit. I loved and still love Cody. I wanted him back in the house with Nicole if I’m being honest, because I think they needed a shot at their own shomance. I’m an unapologetic Nicody supporter. That dream is now dead since Nicole hooked up with Borey. I mean Corey. Paulie however clearly didn’t learn how to treat women in the Big Brother house. Cody did. Cody was great to all the women and made them all feel special. Paulie on the other hand alienated all the women, except for Nicole. Zakiyah went back to him, because she clearly has severe emotional/mental problems, but this dude was gross on a level I really haven’t seen in the house before.


At various points other people were also horrible

Bronte with the racial comments against James

Paul with the racial comments against James as well and calling Michelle who I fucking hate the C word. No girl deserves that, even if they’re horrible.

Davonne/Zakiyah for laughing in Tiffany’s face when she was upset she got nominated. Davonne for whipping Tiffany in the face with her hair (how immature could you be? For an adult woman she sure didn’t act like it much in the house).

Zakiyah for purposely taking Bridgett’es bday cake mix and throwing away her cookies and other baked goods every day and getting mad whenever Paulie ate any of them.

Zakiyah is a whole other issue, but that girl needs severe therapy and help.


Over all, all of that petty shit was so draining and annoying. I’m sick of these people being cast. They are all there to get famous or get recruited and don’t know how to play and spend most of the time being whiny assholes. I can’t stand it.


Leading to BBOTT. The new format is great. I love how America gets a vote. I also hate again how bitchy the plastics are. I particularly hate Whitney, Alex, and Shelby. Morgan seems to be okay and a by product of her horrible sister. I hope Alex goes so that Morgan can shine.


I hated Cornfed and Klan master Monte, the blatant racist. Regardless of what Monte claims he is a racist and a bigot.


I also despise Kryssie. She’s not funny. She’s obnoxious. There’s a huge difference.

Scott is worthless and literally looks like a  rat.


Justin and Jason are the only two I even care about.


So if they both go, so will my interest in this season. I’m not even sorry about it. I long for the days of Arnold Shapiro and seasons like BB3 and BB6 when life was good and Alison Grodner and Robyn Kass weren’t tainting everything with their poisonous touch.


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