BBCAN4 Final Rankings

I had extremely high hopes for #BBCAN4 going into the season. I loved #BBCAN1 #BBCAN2 and #BBCAN3. I loved the guests, the winners, and it overall they were phenomenal seasons. And then #BBCAN4 happened and it has a left a sour taste in my mouth. I will not speak for Paige because we didn’t see her on feeds at all, but for the rest of them? They seriously disappointed me over the course of the spring.

Of the final four left Tim is the only hope of redeeming an otherwise horrible season of Big Brother. If he doesn’t win, I’m placing this season in the ranking of a #BigBrother9 and #BigBrothe15 in the US version. Many of the people in the house this season have just been straight up horrible human beings incapable of playing the game with any sort of class.

Kelsey turned me off pretty much instantly in the first week when she said some incredibly racist things towards Chinese people and since then I’ve had no use or time for her. I’m not even bothering with her fakeness or the mean girl shit she’s pulled since day one either. She’s my least favorite player to play the game since the racist assholes from #bb15.

The Bros. are disgusting as well. Phil is a grade A misogynistic asshole. If not calling Cass a fatass when they literally yelled in her face or him calling Maddy a cunt when she was hanging out with Nick early in the season, he was spending the entire season up Tim’s ass. He’s such a fucking child. I literally despise him. I have yet to see any redeeming qualities as a player let alone a decent human being from him. Nick on the other hand outside of winning some comps, is worthless as a player. He had no social game and is about a smart as a bag of hair. I basically view him as Victoria from #bb16. Dragged along because of the twist. Nick wouldn’t be in F4 if not for his brother.

I’ve had a love/hate thing going with Cassandra since the beginning. I like that she has a F2 with Tim, I like that she’s loyal to him and Joel. I hated her jealousy of the other girls and the fact that she decided keeping Kelsey was the right thing and campaigned for her repeatedly! That drove me crazy. Thank God, Jared turned on her, because I wouldn’t be able to handle in him the F4 as well. Cass tried to play a smart game, but in the end she burned too many bridges with the Bros. and that will be her game demise.

Tim was my favorite as soon as he walked in the door. I’ll admit to not watching #bbaustralia until I saw him on the feeds. I binged that season and loved him and then watched him orchestrate a pretty great social game. He won some comps, but man alive is he good at manipulating people into doing what he wants. I love players like him. He hasn’t really been overtly mean to anyone, he hasn’t said anything racist as far as I’ve seen, and he’s well liked by F4. (Disregard the Bros. saying Tim was their #1 target, since they’ve failed repeatedly to get him out and Kelsey isn’t voting him out this week). He needs to win this game to ensure that #BBCAN4 wasn’t a total waste of my time. I don’t care if he is Australian, the other Canadians are horrible people and played shitty games compared to Tim.

And I’ll end by ranking players from Top to Bottom based on how much they entertained me and how good I thought their game was.

  1. Tim
  2. Cass
  3. Joel
  4. Mitch
  5. Maddy
  6. Jared
  7. Kelsey
  8. Nikki
  9. Raul
  10. Phil
  11. Loveita
  12. Ramsey
  13. Dallas
  14. Christine
  15. Sharry
  16. Nick

I’m not ranking Paige since I didn’t get to see her play.

Rankings based on who I liked:

  1. Tim
  2. Nikki
  3. Maddy
  4. Mitch
  5. Cass
  6. Joel
  7. Ramsey
  8. Nick
  9. Sharry
  10. Loveita
  11. Raul
  12. Dallas
  13. Christine
  14. Jared
  15. Phil
  16. Kelsey

Again not raking Paige since I didn’t get to see her play.













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