BBCAN4 Week 8

I am not a fan of this season. I had high hopes because I loved seasons 1-3. This season is full of duds with no game skills and most with limited social games. There is actually no one left that I even want to win 100%.  While Tim and Nikki are great for entertainment, neither has a great game. Unless Tim convinces me later on he’s actually been playing the long con, I don’t see him as a brilliant game player. I see him as a lunatic who gets bored and fucks with people and their games and is well liked enough that he doesn’t get put up. He’s still the only person that if he won, I wouldn’t immediately be disgusted with and stew about for 12 months until BBCAN5 started.

I don’t even have the energy to do gif reactions to these players anymore, because they frankly suck and I’m tired of watching them on feeds. That being said, my last actual hope was Maddy would somehow win veto, because she’s the only one with any kahunas to go after big players like Jared. Since Ramsey won the veto and apparently gets to leave the house and come back (which is fucked up and totally unfair), she’s gone.

Here’s my rundown on the remaining guests:

Nick/Phil: They are both giant pieces of shit as human beings as well as being totally worthless at the game. They should’ve gone after big targets instead of targetting Maddy because she’s annoying. They are dead to me. Both them of them can fuck off forever.

Cassandra: Annoying as fuck, starting to border on pathetic and delusional with her infatuation with Tim. Also worthless as she’s won nothing and is playing the mean girls game with Kelsey. She too can fuck off forever.


Kelsey: A racist piece of shit. I have nothing nice to say about her.

Jared: I think he might be tolerable if he’s not around Kelsey. I’m hoping Kelsey gets sent packing soon and we can see his game alone with no bullshit twist to send her worthless ass back in the game.

Joel: Whiny, annoying wannabe cool kid who thinks he has more power/influence in the house than he does. He’s still one of the very few who I would be fine with winning if it came down to it.

Maddy: Rude, obnoxious, delusional. But had the balls to put up Jared twice. She’s the most tolerable of the mean girls squad.

Nikki: Funny, emotional, immature. She has problems, but I’m willing to give her more leeway due to her being entertaining. Most tolerable girl by a lot and she’s annoying as hell.

Tim: The only player worth even semi rooting for in the game. Which is sad, because I’m finding him more and more annoying as the show goes on.


Ramsey: Nice, sweet, fine. But he’s dead to me too now that he’s getting an unfair advantage of leaving the house for the real world and coming back. It’s not right and downright unfair to the others.


And so I leave this for everyone in the house outside of: Nikki, Tim, and Joel



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