BBCAN4 Week 6 Houseguest Standings

Updated thoughts for Week 6


I’m not sure how someone who was so likable and easy going turned into a such a paranoid, annoying mess, but he’s gotten to the point this week that I’m fine with him going home. I’m disappointed that he turned into a hot mess when he faced adversity.


2. Mitch

I never bought into his mastermind edit, as his gameplay is as a rat floater. And he couldn’t even do that justice. The fact that people on Twitter are still gushing about his stellar gameplay, makes me worried for humanity. I have nothing against him as a person, but I hate his game.

giphy (30)


Going into this season, I was hoping I would like him or at least not hate him. Unfortunately, his personality is a bad as his gameplay. There’s a reason Kelsey is his best friend, they both suck. I hate his hair, his voice, his whininess and the fact that he thinks people should only do things to benefit his game, when he’s not even willing to do for himself. He’s lazy, arrogant, and fucking annoying as hell. Please leave.

Annoyed-1 2


Normally, I would find Maddy’s honesty refreshing. However, she’s delusional as FUCK. I’ve legit never seen anyone so rude and confident in themselves with no reason to be. She truly believes she’s the prettiest in the house, which is laughable, but she’s gone as far as saying her game is like Sarah Hanlon aka the WINNER of BBCAN3. Honey you ain’t winning. You’ll get dragged final 2 and get lucky to get a vote from Ramsey. Sit down and shut the fuck up.



He’s still the nicest person in the house, but he’s a waste of space in the game. He has no idea what’s going on and he’s still letting Maddy get to him. That alone puts him near the bottom of the barrel as a player.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-2912-1378875841-5 2


Again, he’s totally irrelevant and a waste of space. I don’t even like listening him to talk about regular life stuff on feeds, because he’s so boring. He is a dud. Plus he lets his brother walk all over him, which is pathetic.

giphy (14)asdfads


I get that she is playing the game now that Loveita taught her how to use her brain, but I still don’t like her on a personal level. We’ll leave it at that.

tumblr_me1d7c7xWU1qi9v0p (2).gif


The fact that he thinks he’s a mastermind is pretty funny. The fact that he thinks people believes the lies he’s been spreading is hilarious. He’s a horrible liar. I don’t even hate him as much as some people do, but I don’t get his confidence in his ability to lie to people. He’s awful at it.

tumblr_inline_npq3rpY3EZ1t7oi6g_500 2


I’ve tried repeatedly to like him, but he makes it impossible with how mean he is about most of the girls in the house. I get that Maddy is annoying and that she made out with his brother and screwed him over, however, the amount of terrible things he’s said about her behind her back is disgusting. I also don’t like his attitude regarding Nikki, first he’s in love with her, then he’s saying horrible stuff about her too. I just don’t like assholes like him.

tumblr_meb7kguir71r9rdu5o1_500 (2).gif


UGH. This girl drives me crazy. She has moments of sanity and hints of being a good person when she’s not around Tim. As soon as she’s in a room with him she starts thinking with her vagina again and becomes a horrible version of herself. The sad fact is that Tim has made it abundantly clear he’s fine with her being cut and she’s oblivious.


ab9ffd6b87a8900eee24c1d80906d805 2


I am thoroughly convinced that Tim is a lunatic. Some think he’s a mastermind, but I’m starting to think he’s actually crazy and people don’t know how to respond to him, so they don’t. I do think he’s pretty convincing though, considering everyone seems to think he and Nikki are there for entertainment only and can’t win the game. He’s still my favorite player, if only by default, since almost everyone else sucks this year. That being said, I hate him when he’s around Cassandra, I love him with Nikki, and his stories are crazy.

giphy (31)


Nikki has her moments of being rational and sane, but unfortunately they don’t last long enough. I have a lot of respect though for her, considering her life story and her background. Plus her tantrums in the DR can be funny, especially when she’s making fun of herself and knows she’s being ridiculous. However, there are times she becomes totally irrational completely flies off the handle and burns bridges, which is why it’s hard to root for her as a game player. Plus the over the top hatred of Cassandra is hurting her more than helping her game.

Well that was dramatic.gif

My overall rating for this week has been:



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