Big Brother Winners Ranked

At the end of this month, Big Brother Canada 4 will begin, and I will lose about four months of my spare time as it will be devoted to live feeds and arguing who is better/more deserving of winning the game.  Then in June, another three months will be taken from June to September with Big Brother 18.

I am a huge Big Brother fan. It all started the summer of 2003, when the 3rd season of the U.S. version aired. I tuned in to the third week live and fell in love with the characters. I rooted for Danielle to win and was really pissed when she didn’t. Since then I have seen every season and since season 4 had the live feeds.

I spent every summer watching and analyzing games, people, and discussing things with people on the internet and looking forward to each Thursday night when someone was evicted. When Big Brother Canada started in the spring of 2012, I was instantly hooked and fell in love with Peter and Emmett and Jillian.

I admit to liking my players for a variety of reasons. Some has been as shallow as because they are hot, some are because of their intelligence, some are because they aren’t fake and just tell it like it is. Sometimes it’s simply for their ability to cause drama. So in that vein, I’m going to be ranking my personal favorite winners from worst to best. (This will include Big Brother Canada).


20. Maggie- While her game was technically very good and she was great at manipulating some really dumb players in the Nerd Herd, on a personal level I found her to be disgusting. The things she alluded to and made fun of on the live feeds have placed her here. I’m not sure any other winner will knock her out of this spot.

19. Adam- This guy was such a piece of crap. Like the worst personality ever. If there were a male equivalent of Maggie, it was Adam. Making fun of kids with autism, was this guy’s go to joke. He also served time after the show for starting a drug ring, and getting another true gem of a man, in Matty to participate. I highly doubt Adam was the brains behind this operation, as he was a bonafide dumbass in season 9, but he gets placed tied for 20th because he sucks so much on every level. It also has to say something for Ryan, that you must really suck if this guy was able to beat you.

18. Andy- Again, he had a technically decent game. He made it to the end by floating and strategically helping to cut people, but again his personality was so vile, I couldn’t root for him. After he took it very personal on Elissa and started making fun of her kid, for seemingly no reason, I was anti-Andy until the end. He seems okay now on social media, but I still can’t stomach watching the latter half of season 15, for the reason that he is unbearable. It always amazes me how much people try to defend Spencer, Amanda, and Andy’s actions towards her, because she was mean to Amanda a few times in the season. I’ll concede that, but Amanda’s outright targeting and relentless bullying of Elissa for almost a week was so over the top and cruel, that I am forever on #TeamElissa for season 15. Andy and Spencer just took it to an even worse level, that I still cringe at when I think of how horrible they were about another human being.

17. Jordan- I love her. The girl was sweet. She was 1/2 half of Jordeff. But she didn’t do anything in her season. She road Jeff’s coattails and he got her to the finals by giving her a HoH and by keeping the huge target off her. Now granted her social game was good, but with such  huge personalities like Jessie, Lydia, Chima, Natalie, Ronnie, Russell, Jeff, and Kevin that year, it was pretty easy for her to slide under the radar. Only Lydia and Natalie seemed to notice once they realized they no longer had their own meatshield in Jessie. I despised Natalie with everything I had, but in that season I thought she would win, based on her brilliant lie with Kevin to get Jeff to target Russell and because she had “friends” in jury. I’m not mad that Jordan won, but I don’t think her win is worthy of ranking on an elite scale.


16. Lisa- I could basically write the exact same thing as I did for Jordan. She only won because they allowed jurors to see diary room sessions. Danielle would’ve won hands down had that not happened. I never saw anything spectacular in her game play. I often even forget that she won the game. To this day I barely remember anything about her game, other than not voting Eric back in and Amy instead. So that was a good move, I guess? She was a coaster for most of the game. The reason I ranked her slightly higher than Jordan is because she knew how to keep out of the drama and let the other people go after each other. After the couples alliance went down the drain, she didn’t show much allegiance to Roddy and let Danielle do her worst. That was a smart move on her part. Outside of that, I don’t recall anything else she did. So with it being a win because production messed up, I can only place her win here.


15. Eddie- First winner of Big Brother. He was likable, he had a compassionate background story, and he knew what America wanted to hear. He was smart to play up to America. I’ve since watched this season and I can see why he won. He was intelligent and he honestly was the most likable person in the house that year. I am placing him here, since he didn’t have to play much of a strategic game outside of just not being a giant douche on tv.

14. Boogie- So this guy won All-Stars. I’m not even sure how he got on All-Stars, but that’s beside the point. This guy was gross. He was definitely misogynistic and outside of Dr. Will (who he knew was better at everything) treated everyone like shit. Like this guy went after GEORGE! Fucking Chicken George! He was an overgrown bully who was finally accepted by a cool person (Will) and used it to tear other people down. He was really insecure and didn’t know how to interact with people in a way that actually made them like him. Will orchestrated season 7 pretty well, however he ran into a buzzsaw by the name of Janelle, who with the help of Erika brought Will down. Boogie who was already at the end because he was dragged there, beat Janelle in a fluke, evicted her and then called Erika a bitch on tv. What a stellar guy. He was gross. He won and I’m rewarding him with this placement because of the game Will played in season 7. So this is for Will and not for Boogie. Because seriously that guy was the worst. (Thank god he was wayyyyyy more mellow in seaosn 14).

13. Rachel- Okay so this girl drove me insane on season 12. She was so needy, immature, and insecure. She truly didn’t know what it was like to be herself and just be a chill/calm person, because a hot guy was actually into her and paying attention to her. She took it so over the top and went as far as accusing RAGAN (the token gay guy of season 12) of trying to get between her and BRENNNNNNNNNNNNONNNNNNNNNN. (Imagine the whiny high pitched noise that came out of her mouth everytime she said his name in season 12). I despised her. Her hiding in the bushes and crying is still one of the most hilarious things to ever happen on the show. EVER.  Then she came back in season 13 and she teamed up with Jeff and Jordan. She actually listened to Jeff. I don’t know if it was because she wanted to work with them or because she had matured, but for a long time they were a fierce foursome. Of course Dani (who I liked to call Voldemort but with a nose) came along and torpedoed her alliance, for no other reason than she wanted to. She still to this day refuses to acknowledge that she fucked up her own game by targeting Jeff too early. (I also on a sidenote, had the pleasure of comparing her game to Ronnie’s from BB11 on Twitter and she got offended. So that was actually pretty funny). Rachel stuck with Jordan and that was to her benefit. When Porsche unleashed the duo power back into the house because she opened Pandora’s Box, she basically set herself up the for the win. Adam wasn’t going to win anything that season, Kalia was a sitting duck and she knew it because Porsche had been close to Rachel at the beginning, and Kalia took jabs at the vets every chance she got, even started that huge ass fight in the beginning of the season because she didn’t like that Jeff and Brendon ignored her. (I still can’t with her. She was one of the worst cast that year). So when Rachel got to the end it was no surprise that she and Porsche were sitting there. She won a ton of comps and finally shut her damn mouth, which allowed her to make it to the end, even with Daniele, Kalia, Shelli, and Porsche badmouthing her and saying things like they hoped she miscarried if she was pregnant in the house. Even during that time she stayed calm for the most part and ended up with a deserved win at the end. I really dislike some of the people from that season clearly.


12. Steve- Winner of BB17. I liked Steve for the most part. He stayed out of the drama, aligned himself with John and Vanessa and voted with the large voting blocks when he could. I’m placing him here, because outside of the end of the game, I don’t see his game on the level of a Derrick, Dan, Will, Hayden, or even Ian. I still don’t understand his reasoning in targeting Meg and Jackie. I mean, I certainly found Meg to be annoying as hell, but that’s not a reason to get rid of someone in the game. Jackie leaving didn’t do much of anything. I don’t know if he thought he was getting retribution for Clay/Shelli, because she was clearly with James/Meg, but I don’t get why he doesn’t put James up vs. Meg. He claims it’s because he heard Jackie was going to backdoor him, but since she’s kind of a package deal with Meg/James, maybe look into the source of that? I don’t know. It still makes no sense to me why he did that. Needless to say, I was glad that he won his season as Liz was trash.

11. Jon P- BBCAN2 winner. Jon was awesome. He was hilarious and he pulled off an amazing blindside on Neda that guaranteed he’d win. Not only did he win, he ended up dating the girl he backstabbed for a good bit of time after. I’m placing him here mainly for the Neda move, comp wins, and for the likability factor.

10. Drew- BB5 winner. I feel like Drew was a decent/pretty good winner. He had a good alliance with Scott, Jase, and Cowboy. He also had a super strong side alliance with Diane, which suited his needs until he had to cut her. I definitely appreciated that he was so likable and approachable. Other alliances felt like they could talk to him and he ended up gaining a lot of trust with multiple people. He also stayed out of most drama in the house and was able to easily deflect blame. In the end, I found him to be a bit bland but definitely a way more deserving winner than Cowboy.

9. Evel Dick- Season 8 winner. Dick was just that a huge dick. He was mean, loud, crass, and obnoxious. He went after Jen pretty much as soon as she entered the house and was able to get others to gang up on her. He was one of the biggest bullies the show has ever seen, and yet it worked for him. Whereas other bullies in past seasons have been loathed and bashed, Dick was able to do it with humor/sarcasm and by having enough gullible people to jump on board. He was able to get the people out before jury who he needed to and was able to trick others into drinking the koolaid to the point that he knew if he was at the end they were in jury they’d vote for him. He used psychological warfare and torture on some of them. In the end he won. It worked for him. His game is pretty hard to emulate simply for the fact that it’s pretty brazen game strategically and it’s not easy to hide/mask what you’re doing. I’m not sure this game type could be succesfully done again. (Amanda tried this in 15 and failed miserably. She made it quite far, but in the end she ended up universally hated by a lot of houseguests and fans alike).

8. Jillian- She almost didn’t win because Topaz voted for the wrong person. Topaz is an idiot. Jillian played a very strong competitive game. I’d place her up there on Janelle’s level of comp wins. Her social game wasn’t great, but she aligned herself with Emmett and it propelled her to the end. For being the first woman in BB North America history to beat a guy head to head, I’m placing her win here.


7. Ian- BB14 winner. The guy beat Dan head to head which puts him in the top 10. Granted, Dan got to the end playing a much shadier game than in BB10, but Ian played a pretty strong social game. Coming in as a huge socially awkward nerd, he played the hell out of people. He got Ashley, Dan, Britney, Frank, Shane, Boogie, Joe, and pretty much everyone outside of Danielle to fall for his weak act. He won strategic comps and in the end he was able to convince Dan that other people were bigger threats than him, plus he pulled off a huge blindside on Boogie. He’s in my top 10 winners for that alone.


6.  Hayden- BB12 winner. He was part of a final four alliance that took 3 to the end. One of the first truly successful alliances to make it to the end. He wasn’t the brains behind The Brigade, but knew a good thing when it fell in his lap. Plus it was his idea to have side alliances in Ragan, Britney, and Kristen. That gave them voting numbers. He was also 100% fine when Enzo wanted to cut Matt out of the Brigade, because he knew he’d have a better shot of winning if he got to F2 against anyone else. The way he played Kristen was brilliant too. He didn’t degrade her or make her feel like crap when she left. He wasn’t obnoxious or rude like Enzo and when they broke the news to Britney that she was being evicted, he was probably the most sensitive and genuine person about it. I really liked him as a person and his play was very good. He’s #9 for me all time.

5. Sarah H- BBCAN3 winner. Sarah is beyond a doubt one of my favorite people to ever play the game. She was one of the most conscientious, just plain outright awesome people in the history of the show. I don’t care if every twist went in her favor, I loved her and her win is one of my favorite ever. She read people brilliantly. She knew who was on her side and who wasn’t. She knew that she needed to keep Zach and Bruno close. Zach admitted on a podcast later that he really liked Sarah, she basically got him to trust her and he bought into. JP said the same thing. The turning point for Zach was when Bruno got a hold of him and showed him how much Sarah was manipulating everyone and that’s where she realized she had to get rid of Bruno. The middle part of the season was Sarah vs Zach and Bruno, and lo and behold, she managed to get both of them gone. She managed to convince Godfrey, another brilliant manipulator into taking her and she won over a guy. A very good player, even. Sarah winning BBCAN3 is my top 7 win of all time. Top 5 baby!


4. Jun- Jun mastered the floater game first. She was manipulative as hell and she did it so well that most people had no idea what she was doing. She was derided and hated across the internet for how she played and yet, now people are seeing her brilliance. The reason? She wasn’t a terrible person about it. Many people started comparing Jun and Andy’s game after season 15 and the majority of people seemed to agree that while both were floaters who ended up winning, Jun did it in a way that wasn’t cruel or degrading to anyone. She didn’t get along with some people, but who really gets along with every person in the house? She clearly had no love lost for Alison, but in the end her manipulations on top of floating to power, on top of getting everyone for the most part to trust her, is what puts her at the number 4 spot for me and the top played by a female. Jun is a delight now on Twitter and still follows Big Brother, so that makes her even more likable in my opinion.


3. Dan- I would place Dan higher, but I my personal preference has him 3rd. Dan went into season 10 and played the coaster game brilliantly until he needed to win. His blindside of April/Ollie and his loyalty/allegiance to Memphis and Keesha is what really made him stand out to me. His ability to manipulate people was stellar and his ability to knew when to keep his mouth shut and let other people fight it out, was honestly his best attribute in season 10. He didn’t do anything until he needed to do it. The fact that he won 7-0, shows how much people in his season liked him.


2. Derrick- Going in, I knew he’d have an advantage as a former undercover cop. People hated him for it and said he shouldn’t be allowed to play, but Derrick played this game almost flawlessly. On night one, he begins manipulating. He starts it by going to Christine/Nicole and plating seeds of paranoia  in them about how people aren’t who they say they are. He had a hand in starting the Donny’s not who he says he is train, and he somehow managed a week in to tell Christine, so that it would get out in the house. He buddied up to Frankie, Caleb, Cody, and Zach and had them broing out so hard that when Amber tried to put up Derrick, Caleb said she’d have to nominate him too. In fact, Derrick got Caleb to throw a BoTB, volunteer to go on the block, and to throw multiple competitions. Derrick knew how to get people to do what he wanted. Week after week when interviewed by Jeff, the outgoing houseguests would finally clue into Derrick’s game, until when they sat around at jury talking game, they were all pretty much already sold on his game. (Besides Jocasta, who frankly was a dud and was miscast). Donny admitted on a podcast that he almost voted for Derrick based on his final speech, but then remembered he promised Cody his vote in F2 (which he did). That’s how good he was. Donny hated Derrick pretty much from week 3 on. So for Donny to be willing to cast his vote for Derrick meant that he was a great player. He’s #2 to me and if he plays in an All Stars and manages to get far, he might just make it up to #1.


  1. Dr. Will- Was there every any doubt? For a guy who straight up is just a good looking dude, to not win comps and then basically tell people to their faces, “I’m gonna lie and I’m gonna betray you, and I hate you all,” and not only win, but make top 4? Yeah, he was a social genius. His competition game was weak. He barely won anything. But his social game, which to me is what sets BB players/winners apart, are the best the game has ever seen. He was a mastermind at manipulating people, getting them fall for his charm and good looks. He knew who to suck up to, who to befriend, and who to pander to. He had people eating out of the palm of his hand in 2 seasons and his only downfall in season 7 was not winning a vital comp at the end. Had he won and kept himself safe, I’m positive he would’ve beat anyone he sat next to, even Janelle. The reason I place him higher than Dan is because Dan’s social game in 14 was bad. He played a ruthless, cut throat game and made everyone hate him. He ended up in F2 and only got one vote and that vote from Danielle was a vote against Ian, who she hated far more than a vote for Dan. Dr. Will to me is that epitome of how Big Brother should be played.

My only wish is that we could see a season that has the elite winners and declare who really is the best Big Brother winner of all time. If I offended anyone by my analysis, well frankly, I don’t care, as it’s my opinion who is more deserving/less deserving.

I’ll see you back in here in a few weeks for the start of BBCAN4!



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