In Defense of Grant Ward

I haven’t watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D since last season. I don’t even know why I bothered last season to be honest. Since they turned Grant Ward evil because they needed an exciting plotline and needed it to tie into Captain America: Winter Soldier, I haven’t cared at all about the show. I was really invested in Grant Ward as a character and I still am, but I honestly find what they did to his character as unforgivable. Now he’s just the whipping boy for everyone on the show, since he’s caught in between being evil and wanting redemption and not getting it. They have ruined any chance of Skyeward, which is fine, honestly, but I am tired of seeing Ward constantly being treated like shit by Skye. Stop making Ward pine after her. It’s so unrealistic to begin with anyway. The build up of Skeyward in season 1 was rushed and an actual good storyline with May and Ward was scrapped for something ridiculous.  And then they jerk his character around to routinely treat him like shit. And Skye, Simmons, and Coulson all have the audacity to believe they aren’t even a little to blame with his reaction to them. Skye is the worst offender of all. The final straw for me is when Coulson murders him and the monster takes over Ward and turns him into  the monster Skye, Coulson, and the others have always painted him out to be, instead of the complex human he was.

I really hate the writers honestly for all of this, but most of all for how they chose to treat Brett Dalton. It was a disservice to him as an actor and to his character of Ward.  It’s no surprise that most “Fans” of AoS want Brett Dalton to be fired anyway, because most “fans” are idiots who cannot separate acting from real life, and I truly believe some are delusional enough to believe Brett Dalton IS Ward. I won’t be watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D anymore, but I wasn’t watching it anyways.

One less TV show for me to care about and watch, which I’m fine with.


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