Andy and Haley

I think most people know that I’m a huge Andy and Haley shipper. I love them. From season 5 when Andy is introduced to season 7 when Haley starts dating Dillon again and it being super awkward when they end up on a double date together. I never would have imagined Haley going for someone so much like her dad. He’s weird, goofy, funny, but most of all just a steady, dependable guy who is a good guy. After the tension of season 6 and the ups and downs of will they or won’t they, I really loved the episode where they both finally gave in to their obvious desires. They wanted each other, regardless of who they were seeing. I also believe Andy brings out the best in Haley. He helped her see her value and worth and that she wasn’t stupid or a failure. She helped him realize how badly Beth treated him and that he had a real shot with her. While they snuck around, in the end Andy and Haley showed how great they are together. It doesn’t hurt that Adam Devine can have chemistry with a doorpost, but Sarah Hyland and Adam Devin’s chemistry is amazing in the show.  In fact, I like the pairing of Andy and Haley so much I hope that they become the next generation Claire and Phil. Phil would have a son in law who gets him and likes him and someone who he can shower with love and affection and won’t reject him like Jay is prone to do. Plus it would bring Claire and Haley closer together as they can commiserate about the incredibly weird things their husbands do, probably together. I am a huge Handy fan and I can’t wait to see where they take this.


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