Lucas and Peyton

I find it hard to really explain why I prefer Leyton over Brucas. I think it stems from me beginning the show in season 5. I started watching One Tree Hill my sophomore year in college. I vividly remember having the television on in my dorm room and I saw a preview for the new season of One Tree Hill. They kept saying how it was all new and I read some internet articles where they said it would be a flash forward into their futures. I decided to check it out. I literally had no clue who anyone in the show was. I had randomly seen the scene on tv when Peyton ran into the room to turn off the sex tape. I saw Nathan and Brooke looking shocked and I had mistakenly thought Peyton and Nathan were together. I switched the channel literally right after that scene and had never seen another scene let alone episode again. So my first foray  into the One Tree Hill universe was episode one. As soon as I saw Lucas and Peyton on the rivercourt and it was SUPER awkward, I was hooked. I knew there was history there and I saw chemistry in spades. I mean the angst and pain radiated off the screen from both of them. I have never understood how anyone, especially in season 5, could ever claim Hilarie and Chad do not have chemistry. They have it for sure. I got the flu a few weeks later and I ended up borrowing my friends dvds from down the hall in my dorm and as the rest they was history. I was HOOKED on the show and I was in love with Lucas and Peyton. I wanted them to work out so bad. I remember seeing the first episode and seeing their first interaction. I remember being stunned in season one when they almost had sex when she as looking or her day. I remember feeling my heart rip out a little when she told Lucas they couldn’t be together and he went off and slept with someone else. I remember watching season two and seeing her fall in love with Jake and he with Anna and wondering why they spent so little time together, even as friends. I felt Peyton’s pain in season 3 as she realized she was still in love with Lucas and he loved her best friend. I remember going into season 4 thinking they’d pair them up at the end of season 4 and the majority of their love story would happen off screen in order for the fast forward to happen (trust me, it’s been my experience as a tv watcher to have my otp pair up in the literal last episode of a show). Imagine my shock and delight when it happened in 4×09. I truly fell in love with them and saw how he chose her time after time since season one. He chose her over every relationship he ever had. He chose her over Brooke, repeatedly and over Lindsay. No one stood a chance because he was in love with her and she turned to him when she needed help. Season 5 when it was clear they were in so much pain and still loved each other, just solidified it for me. I fell in love with them in one episode and stuck around for what came after. I wasn’t disappointed. Leyton was also the first relationship that I straight up ADORED that ended up together in the end. Leyton was my good luck charm with other shows that ended later with my OTP together. Leyton is my OTP for pretty much every OTP and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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