Why Lindsay from One Tree Hill was an Idiot

I didn’t dislike Lindsay immediately in Season 5. When I first saw the season, it was my first season of One Tree Hill. I literally had no idea about Lucas and Peyton’s backstory. I saw that they had this weird sexual tension and I quickly figured out they had a backstory, but it wasn’t enough for me to dislike Lindsey or even care that much. I liked the show. I thought it was interesting and I was at the age they were in their lives. However, Lindsay set me on edge with how she acted around Peyton first. She was super nice to Haley and Brooke when they arrived, but was a total bitch to Peyton, first, I might add. She might have given Lucas and Brooke a plant, but the phrase, “Just so you know, I’m here” was a blatant territory stake of claim, if I’ve ever seen one. It just was. No matter who wants to defend her and bash Peyton, Lindsay was threatened and unfriendly, first. Lindsay just made it worse by dissing Peyton to some of her best friends, making threats like kicking her ass, telling Lucas he wasn’t allowed to be in her life, and then making fun of Peyton being shot and nearly dying in the school shooting. That pushed her over the edge from being being annoying and whiny to a straight up bitch. Of course they couldn’t let Peyton be the one we were rooting for, they made Peyton say something about Lindsay’s dead father. I still didn’t feel that bad for her, Peyton was a much more developed character and after seeing all the seasons and episodes, she was just more likeable. But back to Lindsay being an idiot, she was also an idiot for not trusting her gut instinct in episodes 6 and 7. She called it before Lucas would admit it. Like how does she KNOW that Lucas was still in love with Peyton and then agree to marry him? Like she admitted she dyed her hair fake blonde to be like Peyton’s! That’s an idiot right there. Also another huge reason why I didn’t feel that bad for her. She is the one who put herself through the drama by not following her instincts. She was a very weak character in this regard and honestly I had very little respect for her. Brooke made mistakes with Lucas, but she was never a pushover like Lindsay. I don’t know, this is probably rambling, but I really don’t like Lindsay and most of it has to do with her being a very static and flat character.


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