Well… yeah.

I clearly suck. It’s been three months since my last post. Oh well. Being a first year teacher is stressful. Blogging while doing that is almost impossible.


Yet, here I am.


Grey’s: JACKSON AND APRIL ARE MARRIED. I don’t care about anything else. Shane and Lea are leaving, which doesn’t bother me. Overall, I’m still loving the show.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: The show has gotten so very, very good. I am back on board. Ward is clearly all kinds of in love with Skye. May is intriguing now. I love Coulson. I don’t get the hate. It’s a very interesting show. WHAT THE HECK. (Sorry, I literally just saw the ending of the last show. WHAT THE HECK WARD.)

HIMYM: I for one wasn’t completely upset about the ending. I do get why a lot of people are, but I for one never cared about Ted’s journey. After about the fifth season, I got bored with that storyline and I’ve always hated Robin, so them ending up together was pretty much whatever. I watched primarily for Marshall and Lily and for Barney. I enjoyed their story in the finale. I am sad that it’s over.

Modern Family:

I need to catch up on the show.


The Voice: I love Jake B. (Team Adam) and Josh the most. The teams are so good this season. I am also extremely excited about Pharrell joining the coaches.

I will be posting more OTH recaps as I rewatch them.


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