The Voice Week #2

The Voice Week #2-

The Voice is still on blind auditions and the second week is full of talented and amazing singers. Once again we get two nights of auditions for the coaches as they try to fill out their teams.

Carson tells us that Blake, Christina, and Cee Lo all have 4 artists while Adam was gotten 5.

The night is full of soulful singers and a few R&B and Country singers interspersed throughout.  The coaches banter back and forth through the whole show as they try to fill out their teams. Some highlights were Tamyria Joi a 15 year old singer that ended up on Christina’s team and Preston Pohl a seriously AMAZING singer that ended up on Adam’s team. Kaley Cuoco’s siter (Penny on the Big Bang Theory), Briana also tried out and made it on Christina’s team as well. Overall, the night was a success with
Adam, Blake, and Cee Lo now at 7 artists and Christina at 8.

Night two opens and the competition starts out strong with Will who sings a Gavin DeGraw song (which automatically makes me LOVE him. Seriously, I LOVE Gavin DeGraw). He chooses Adam.  Night two just continues to amaze and impress with the level of talent. Highlights of the night are James Irwin coming back and the last artist of the night. Adam won both of those artists, both 4 chair artists.

At the end the teams look like (Taken straight from the Wikipedia page):

Blake Shelton
Austin Jenckes Cilla Chan E.G. Daily Emily Randolph Justin Chain
Holly Henry Monika Leigh Ray Boudreaux Sam Cerniglia Shelbie Z
Christina Aguilera
Amber Nicole Briana Cuoco Destinee Quinn Jacob Poole Jacquie Lee
Josh Logan Lina Gaudenzi Matthew Schuler Olivia Henken Stephanie Anne Johnson
Adam Levine
Ashley DuBose Barry Black Donna Allen James Irwin James Wolpert
Justin Blake Nic Hawk Preston Pohl Tessanne Chin Will Champlin
Cee Lo Green
Anthony Paul Caroline Pennell Cole Vosbury George Horga Jr. Jonny Gray
Juhi Kat Robichaud Keaira LaShae R. Anthony

The names in bold are my addition and who I think are the best singers so far and have the best shot of making it far.
After the first two weeks, I think Cee Lo and Adam have super strong teams compared to the other two, but really it just takes that ONE special singer to completely change the show.

P.S. I will probably be rooting against Blake this year, just because I would love to see a different coach win it this year.


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