Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D 1×02 Recap/Review

So Sky is ready to join the team, except literally no one, but Coulson wants her there.  The two geeks run around trying to appease her and make her feel less like an outsider while Agent Ward and May are like, “Umm, why is she here, she isn’t even a member of S.H.I.E.L.D (Very “But she doesn’t even go here” from Mean Girls).  Honestly, Ward is acting like a mean girl actually and gives Sky the emergency exit guide of the plane like a little brat.

Coulson tells Sky that he got the plane as a little “good will” from Nick Fury, after he got “hit” during battle. (Referring to the major battle in the Avengers film). He tells her all about getting stabbed by Loki with his scepter. They of course casually talk about “Tahiti”, which we all know he didn’t actually go to.

They are off to Peru to investigate an 084, which means “Object of unknown origin.” Coulson says the last time they investigated it was for Thor’s hammer.  (Anyone else hoping that at least one of the superheroes makes a cameo on the show?) The team arrives and immediately the geeks do geek things. (I know I call them geeks, but I actually love them. I am a geek myself.) They get excited about the hundreds of species of snakes and monkeys in the jungle there. Sky is told by Coulson that she is only there to create a diversion in case word gets out to the public of what they find or are doing and she’s not happy about it.

They meet an archaeologist who found a temple that was dated 500 years before. The geeks tell Coulson that the alien object predates the temple by a millenium and is at least 1500 years old. Ward who is still acting like a pissy baby tells May she’s basically worthless because she doesn’t carry a gun. Then she basically saves his life and takes out two soldiers who attack them. It turns out to be a huge misunderstanding though and Coulson knows the leader of the National Peruvian Police, Camilla Reyes. She tells him that since the 084 was found on Peruvian soil she needs to have say on what happens to it, but he reminds her that 084s supersede all national laws. She tells him she knows there’s no way they’ll get to keep the device. Just as she does rebels attack them and blow up the archaeologists work shed and truck.

Meanwhile in the temple, Ward is still being an ass to Sky and basically saying that they all have worthwhile jobs and he can’t figure out why she would be necessary at all.  Once the rebels attack outside they realize they have to leave. Sky tries to help the geeks gather their equipment but they yell at her to back off, so she’s stuck on the side. Ward tells the geeks there is no time left to determine the device safety, so he goes over to the wall and yanks it out.

Ward leads the team out of the temple just as the rebels are shooting again. Ward uses a weapon that emits a huge electromagentic charge that knocks down the rebels. Just then, Agent May shows up with the bulletproof truck and helps the team escape back to the plane. Of course they are all bickering and yelling at each other while they drive back, as the geeks are worried about the device, Ward is yelling at Sky to stop talking and May is just trying to get them back there safe. Meanwhile Coulson and Reyes and her police are in another truck.

The team gets on the plane before Coulson and Ward decides to shut the ramp. Sky tells him that Coulson is still out there but he ignores her. Coulson, Reyes, and the soldiers arrive back just in time and they are able to shut the plane.

The geeks finally tell Coulson that the 084 is Tessera technology from “World War II/Captain America” era. It’s full of lethal amounts of gamma radiation.  Coulson radios to the FAA and they allow them to fly in restricted airspace. Coulson tells May that he’s sorry she had to see combat and she refuses to speak to him. He tells her he needs to check on the “device fueled by evil in the cargohold.”

He goes down to the cargo hold and finds the team fighting and yelling again. Sky tells Coulson that it’s terrifying that this is only their second mission and that Ward doesn’t even know any of their names. She says maybe she should be team captain. Coulson tells Ward, Fitz, and Simmons they all have talents the team needs and ignores Sky. Sky tells him that she’s good at stuff too as he walks away.

Fitz and Simmons realize their device is a weapon, meanwhile Sky tries to make amends with Ward and shares a drink with him. She explains her life philosophy to him and why she said she actually thought the revolution in Peru was a good thing. He tells her they just don’t see life the same way and can’t speak each other’s language. She realizes he got shot protecting them.

Just as Coulson and Camilla Reyes are getting reacquainted both Ward and Coulson realize she is playing them and that her team are trying to get the weapon for themselves. Reyes’s team makes May pass out, and take Fitz, Simmons, and Sky hostage. Coulson gives up the plane and Ward to Reyes for their lives.

She tells them the weapon was put in her country years ago when Nazi’s who moved from Germany after World War II lost it in the jungle. She wants it to end the rebel forces.  Coulson tells her that will destroy her country and the people in it if she does that. Meanwhile, down in the hangar, the tied up team bicker about whose fault it is. Sky tells them if May had been in the plane, rather than as the pilot. Fitz and Simmons tell her she’s crazy because May was only from the office. Ward verifies what Sky says and tells them she was known as “The Calvary” and is in fact a highly skilled and trained combatant. May gets out of her ropes and beats up the first soldier to enter, and Ward, using Sky’s philosophy of each person being part of the solution to solve a puzzle, tells Fitz and Simmons to come up with a group plan of attack.

Camilla Reyes tells Coulson that his crew of young agents, huge “mancave” plane, and a red convertible is just a midlife crisis and that he’s past his prime. She tells him his crew hates each other anyway, so they aren’t going to be that much good to him. He tells her that his crew is actually as good as 100 men and she just gave them something to unite over. Their hatred of her.

May drives the truck through the glass doors to let them out of their hold. Ward opens up the hatch to the air vent in the ceiling so that Fitz can send his “dwarves” cameras to spy.

Meanwhile upstairs, the FAA try to confirm the change in air plans and Coulson stays silent. He recognizes Fitz’s device and knows they are working together. Fitz tells Simmons, “This is the moment we’re going to regret.” He uses the weapon and blasts a hole in the side of the plane. One of the soldiers is sucked out the side. Coulson uses the rope that he was tied up in to hold on.

Ward leads the team up into the plane. He takes on the soldiers and tells the geeks to get the weapon. May rushes the cockpit and beats up the soldier in there. May gets attacked again but manages to stabilize the plane.

Sky with her quick thinking realizes that if she unflates the safety raft it will plug the hole. She saves Ward’s life when he’s about to be sucked out. She laughs and tells Ward that she read the safety pamplet he gave her to read. He said you’re the first.

Back at “The Slingshot”, they unwind with beers. Coulson checks his car for scratches while Sky makes fun of him. Ward tells May that Sky could actually be a positive asset but would need a lot of training. May smirks and tells Ward that she’d need a supervising officer, someone who is good. Ward smiles and says he’ll do it, then clarifies that May was talking about him. May just smirks again.

Coulson finds the team waiting for the rocket that will take the tessera object to the sun to be destroyed and asked whose brilliant idea it was to blow his plane up. They all take responsibility and say they are a team and Coulson smiles and says excellent work.

Just as the rocket lifts off, Sky recieves a text message saying that the Rising Tide is about to go black and asks what her status is. She looks at the team and then replies, “I’m In.”

And then of course Coulson has to go in front of none other than NICK FURY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Samuel L.  Jackson has a cameo!  He really is “furious” at Coulson for blowing up a plane that he had for six days. He tells Coulson he better fix it exactly the way he found it and Fitz is not allowed to make modifications like adding a fish tank. He then asks if Lola made it and Coulson tells him thanks for asking about her. Coulson calls Fitz and tells him no on the fish tank and the screen goes black.


Ward and Sky will end up hooking up. It’s basically obvious.

May will have a lot more backstory to unfold with her combat and hesitance to go back to it.

What does the “I’m in?” mean. Is she in as in with the site going dark or is it more sinister, especially considering the conversation she had with Ward about different vernacular in the hacking world.

WHERE WAS AGENT COULSON REALLY DURING TAHITI!???!?!?? That is still driving me crazy.

I love that they basically had a Thor, Loki, and Captain America reference in this episode.


This show is so good.


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