Week of 10/4/2013

My job is insane, so I haven’t watched must television lately. RIght now, (as in literally), I’m watching The Big Bang Theory and NCIS.

The Big Bang Theory:

OMG. I cannot with Raj. I adore him. I love that Amy and Sheldon absolutely love Raj’s performance.  I seriously love Sheldon and Penny’s friendship, so this episode was just fantastic to showcase it.

“When you’re doing a puzzle, it’s like having a thousand friends!”- Amy’s mother.

LOL @ Bernadette’s competitive behavior. Totally not expecting that.

Amy and Howard was just super awkward. They have literally nothing in common but Neil Diamond, which is just freaking amazing. My college’s official rock song was “Sweet Caroline”, so that just makes me smile.  Not to mention them singing in the car.

Favorite Quotes-



Tony and Ziva destroyed me. I just can’t with this show for awhile. The whole Casablanca thing and the orange grove scene basically gutted me emotionally and left me aching and raw and bare. I understand why Coate left, but I don’t know how to watch a show that doesn’t have Tony and Ziva in it. She tells him she loves him and then they kiss and then he gets on the plane by himself and my world is in ruins. And then she gave him back the pendant! UGH. Just kill me now. Thanks.

New Girl-

WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL SCHMIDT!?!!?! UGH. CeCe’s face and those tears. I really want CeCe and Schmidt to be together, but I am actually glad he’s alone right now. What a dick move on his part.  It’s nice to see Nick and Jess being couply. Winston’s cat Furguson is hilarious as well. Winston is slowly losing it and is having conversations with his cat. Poor Winston.

How I Met Your Mother-

I am actually loving the continuity and Lily’s never ending drinks. Marshall and Daphne continues to bore me to death. I just want more Ted and the mother. I simply do not care about Ted’s longing for Robin.

Ted has a nickname for the Empire State Building, “Empy” and he knows what the proper term is for a person who gets sexually attracted to buildings.

Oh God. Ted wearing the old timey bathing suit is just hilarious. I love Lily’s revenge on Marshall too.  Of course Robin had to out their breaking the bottle of scotch to Ted.

Lily’s speech made me tear up. They are such good friends, all of them. I will miss this show for sure when it’s done.- P.S. I cannot wait to see how the drama goes down between Barney and Ted.

Grey’s Anatomy-

Christina and Alex is hilarious. I love their friendship.

Oh man. Callie is on a rampage.

Shane is by far my favorite intern. Seriously, I love Gaius Charles. Stephanie is the most annoying intern ever. I don’t give a crap about Alex/Jo or the other intern whose name I don’t even know.

Arizona dressing up to impress her wife and then bitching at Christina for not saying nice haircut makes me laugh.

Christina can’t keep her hands off Owen lol.

Jackson and April! April did her boards again. Jackson tells her she’ll pass and she makes a joke about them having sex before her boards last time.

My god, Callie is such a bitch. I don’t blame her, but damnnnnn.

Of course Meredith cannot stay off the case even when she’s on leave.  LOl at Meredith and Derek falling asleep because they are so tired taking care of their kids plus Callie and Sofia.

So Meredith is literally the person everyone calls.

I feel so bad for Richard and Shane. Why does he always get the crappy cases? Lol.

Again don’t care about Jo and Alex.

Okay, now Callie is pushing it by forcing her own relationship issues on Murphy and the wife’s husband and brother. Shake my head, Callie.

Shane is gonna lose his job, lol. I LOVE SHANE. JUST LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

I know a lot of people can’t stand Hunt, but I really enjoy him being the chief. Plus Jackson got his surgery back. YAY!

Jackson and April are so awkward lololol. I’m so glad that she passed though.

Callie came around thankfully. You can’t do that to a grieving husband. Some things are better in the grave.

I don’t know why I love Shane so much, but can we get him a love interest please? He’s quickly becoming a favorite.

Love Jackson and Owen teaming up on the rest of the board members.

Okay, maybe I do like Jo and Alex a little bit. It seems a lot like Alex/Izzie repeat though and that makes me sad, because I miss Izzie.

Crowen dating other people is the final nail in the coffin.

WOW. Callie and Arizona are breaking my heart.

Richard wanted to die!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!! WOW.  HOLY FLIPPING HELL. That was just harsh.

Modern Family

Phil is never not funny. Seriously. He is so funny.

I love that Gloria’s family stories are always so weird and hilarious and apparently involve large birds carrying family memebers away.

Cameron following Mitchell around calling him “My intended” and acting all creepy and “Murdery” makes me laugh. I love the wedding planning banter.

My gosh, Cameron’s reaction to the chat Larry dying makes my heart hurt. I also grew up on a farm and I always get teary when a kitten or cat dies. 😦

The evil baby storyline makes me lol.  And Manny continually making Sound of Music jokes makes me happy.

Okay, Larry’s storyline is definitely my favorite storyline. Cameron trying to explain death to Lily was just precious.

Cameron literally had a funeral for Larry’s wife, but Dylan, the moron, hit a water main and then BOOM water everywhere. What’s not to love about this hilarious storyline?

Jay made a Sound of Music joke! And then Manny beat up an obnoxious asshole on a phone during The Sound of Music.

The ending with Claire and Phil was just awesome.

I still haven’t caught up on Blue Bloods yet, but I will tomorrow after work.


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