Week of 9/27/2013

This is going to be a mix of shows.

First of all, Grey’s Anatomy. I love Grey’s, but I am really over Shonda Rhimes The writing on this show is sloppy and is bordering on lazy. I am really tired of her stringing couples along only to go nowhere with them or show character growth, only to have the character devolve back into being horrible. If there is one thing she is awesome at is ruining characters. She did it to Burke, Christina, Owen, George, Izzie, and now April. She’s been close at times to destroying Meredith too. I love the show, but I think I’m done watching for awhile. I just get too frustrated with how the characters are being written.

Secondly, let’s talk New Girl. What is going on with Jess and Nick? So they’re together but Schmidt is trying to break them up every episode? That’s going to get real old, real quick. Also, I love Schmidt with CeCe, but I seriously do not give a rat’s ass about this triangle with Elizabeth. Just a pick a team, Schmidt. And I for one am ecstatic that Coach is coming back. You can never have too many funny guys on a hilarious show.

Third, How I Met Your Mother. We FINALLY meet the mother. I was at the point last season that I didn’t care anymore. I was invested for Barney and Robin’s relationship, but Ted was just so damn annoying. I’m excited to see this final season play out.

Fourth, Modern Family. How freaking cute was that episode? I loved how they addressed it with the proposal. It was totally perfect. I love grown up Luke and Phil playing the foil for his daughters perfectly. I am excited for the rest of this season.

Lastly, now that I’ve found out that Kurt accepted Blaine’s proposal on Glee, I am forever done with the show. I will not get into full detail here, but I literally hate Blaine. He is my least favorite character on a show and I will not support a show that allows a fabulous character to accept the proposal of a borderline emotionally abusive asshole.

I still need to catch up on NCIS, NCIS: LA, The Big Bang Theory, Elementary, and Blue Bloods. But there is my general recap on some of my shows. I’ll be doing episode 1.2 of One Tree Hill probably tomorrow.


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