Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap/Review Episode 1

While I wait for Grey’s Anatomy to come back, I will be watching the encore of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

It opens up to Agent  Hill (Colbie Smulder)   “interrogating” the new guy Agent Ward. He doesn’t want to join the team but Agent Coulson wants him. Apparently, Coulson doesn’t know how he survived and thinks he went to Tahiti, but Agent Coulson and the  doctor guy have a weird and cryptic conversation and so there is a huge twist or secret coming up for Coulson. And with that one statement, I am invested.

We cut to a diner and we see a girl talk to a guy and they have a weird conversation about their lives and powers. We find out the guy’s name is Mike. We see Agent May working. Coulson goes to talk to her and she refuses to go back in the field. He assures her it’s not a combat mission and he needs her to drive and set up things for the team. He tells her he’s not asking her to do it, but it’s an awesome bus.

We cut to a hangar and see a gigantic airplane.

We finally meet the geeks of the team. They argue about everything. Fitzsimmons is the guy geek and Ward is ambushed by them. Fitzsimmons destroys Ward’s brand new phone. Coulson drives his red convertible on the “bus”. Coulson tried to tell a joke, but Ward doesn’t get it. Ward recognizes Agent May is stunned to see her.

Wemeet  the mysterious girl broadcasting from the van. She is part of a group called, “The Rising Tide.”  During her speech Coulson and Ward break into her van and kidnap her. (- At this point, I am interested to see who she is, but honestly the only thing I want to know is how Coulson survived. )

They ask her name and she says it’s “Sky”. She baits them with undecryptable equipment. They say they have proof of her having inside information. She is mad at them for kidnapping her, but shuts up when the agents tell her that they are not the only ones looking for people with powers. They ask about “Centipede” and she clams up. It cuts to Mike who has a centipede looking thing on his arm. The team find a burned down lab where a self improvement center was supposed to be.

Sky said she only saw Centipede on the internet and her trail went dead. Ward asks what she was after and she asks what he was after and he says, “World Peace.” She thinks he’s an evil government toolbag.She calls him a robot and he calls her a sweaty cosplay wannabe with a “boner for Tony Stark.”

Agent May is with the Geeks as they go to work with their toys. They find alien matter.

Coulson tells Sky that he has a truth serum and he uses it on Ward. Sky asks him all kinds of questions because he has to tell the truth. Ward breaks into crying when she asks about “Gramzy” (This part is hilarious).

Mike snaps when his old factory foreman refuses to give him his job back and he goes crazy. He decides his boss is the bad guy and he’s the hero and then assaults him.

Sky is stunned when she sees this on the news and gives Coulson the driver’s license she lifted off him in the diner. They figure out that someone offered to make him “strong” again. Mike goes to the doctor that made him that way. She is pissed that he showed up and tells him to disappear. He jumps out of the window and says that it’s not the end but an “origin story”.

Ward is back up and still mad at Coulson, but the geek guy has the audio and video up of the doctor and another test subject. They figure out that the centipede is an intravenous blood drip and they are making super soldiers.

Agent May and Sky are back in the van looking for her stuff when Mike attacks Agent May and tells Sky to save “us”  which is him and his son. He tells her to drive.

Back in the headquarters they realize that the treatment these men are getting are extremely unstable and are actually “bombs”. (So basically they are ripping off Iron Man 3).

Back in the headquarters the geeks tell Coulson that Mike will blow up in the next few hours. Coulson tells the geeks they have to come up with an option that doesn’t involve Mike dying.

May tells Coulson that Sky was taken.  She deletes all of his files from every database in the world but she manages to hack S.H.I.E.L.D to tell them where he took her. Ward and Coulson go to the van and tell Mike he needs to be taken into custody. He doesn’t agree with that and he blows the door off the van and takes Sky and his son into Union Station.

They manage to get Mike’s son away and out of the station but when Ward tries to subdue Mike he beats him. Coulson realizes that Mike is being followed by the people who made him that way. Ward follows him, but Mike is taken down by a gunman. Agent May beats him up but Mike who falls to the bottom of the train station meets with Agent Coulson. Coulson tells him that he will blow up if they don’t get the poison out.  Mike says it doesn’t matter because he has nothing anymore. His son, his wife, and his job is now gone and the government took it all. He wants to know why he was lied to and he has been stepped on. Coulson says he knows about the giants who step on people and it almost took everything he had too. Mike thinks he could be a hero and Coulson says he’s counting on it.

Mike is taken down by Agent Ward with an antiserum and stabilizes him. Mike is in stable condition. Coulson tells Sky that even though he didn’t get The Centipede he knows where they are now. He asks SKy if she wants to join their team. She says I could hack S.H.I.E.L.D from my van and asks if he can show her something new. Sky is literally blown away in Coulson’s air car. to investigate an 084… which nobody knows what that is?

I’m excited to see this show again. Very interesting premise and good cast!


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