The Voice Season 5- Episode 1

Yay! The Voice is back! I am super pumped. I love this show. I  have loved it since I saw the first season.

Speaking of Season 5, Christina and Cee Lo are back. Christina seems to be different and in a much better attitude than her previous seasons. Time will tell if she starts acting like a jerk again, but so far so good.

The opening sequence tugged at my heartstrings. It was nice to see the original four back together.

The coaches all sound great together and I loved their opening number.

Kat Robichaud is up first. She is from North Carolina and loves rock. I instantly bond with her love of musicals. I too adore them. She led a band for years, but it wasn’t successful. She said that the only thing she gained from it was experience and her husband. Her father died in February of this year, and she just wants to make him proud.

Her song choice is “I’ve Got the Music in Me” by the Kiki Dee band.

Cee Lo, Christina, and Blake all turn their chairs around. Adam was wavering but ultimately chose not to turn.

Cee Lo says she set him “on fire”. Christina says she could tell she was having an amazing time up there just from listening to her. Christina says she’s in to her and she’s so good.

Blake says “I may seem like an unlikely choice for you” Adam breaks in and says no way is Blake her coach. Blake pouts. Blake says come to the unlikely choice and teach me about David Bowie and Queen.

Kat doesn’t know what to do and it’s so hard. She says she can’t lose no matter who she picks, Blake says “yes you can.” She decides to go with Cee Lo!

Adam and Blake tell Cee Lo and Christina how much they missed them when they were gone last season.

Up next is Caroline Pennell, a 17 year old. She says she discovered her talent at a summer camp in Maine. She’s a very shy and nervous person, but is willing to try. She opens her mouth and pure gold comes out. Holy crap like woah. She sings Ellie Goulding “Anything Could Happen.” No words are necessary, but she is amazing for real. Cee Lo and Blake turn around. Cee Lo pushes hard for her to go to his team. Blake tells her she’s a “badass” vocalist. She says she just wants to go far in the competition. Caroline chooses Cee Lo after thanking Blake for turning around for her. Cee Lo says she sounds like sunshine and she makes him happy.

Cee Lo now has 2 artists!

The next artist is 54 year old Donna Allen. She says she was the first African American homecoming queen at her school and the first African American Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s cheerleader. She’s exited to be back in music. She gave up music when her son was born. She’s back now to prove she can do it for her son. She sings, “You Are So Beautiful To Me.” Christina immediately turns, Adam is a few seconds behind her,. She has an AMAZING voice.  Christina tells her, “Your voice is like the heaven opening up.” Blake says he wasn’t going to turn because she’s perfect to work with Christina. Adam tells Blake to shut up. Christina basically begs her to pick her. Cee Lo, says “You’re not what I’m looking for, but you’re amazing. I love your voice.” Adam says, “Shame on you Blake and Cee Lo for not turning. I felt like we were in the end of the season. I will be super bummed if you don’t pick me. I want you on my team super badly.”  Adam falls out of his seat and rolls around on the floor, then does push ups and then ran up and picked her up. She wraps her legs around his back. Adam doesn’t give a crap how old she is, she is one of the best singers ever to be on the show and is Tina Turner, Whitney Houston caliber.

Next up is Jake Worthington a 17 year old country singer from Texas. He sings Georgia Satellite’s “Keep Your Hands to Yourself.” The entire crowd loves it as he rocks out, unfortunately no one turns their chairs around. Blake feels awful afterwards and says he should’ve turned but tells him to keep practicing on breathing techniques and to come back.

Matthew Schuler is up next. He is a 22 year old college sophomore from Pennsylvania. He has a job in a bagel shop and plays rugby in college.  His parents are pastors in their home church. He sings for church and he’s following his dream for his parents. He has so many songs in his heart and wants to share them with the world. He starts acapella with “Cough Syrup” and within three seconds all four chairs are turned. That’s a record on the voice. (This song breaks my heart and I have a hard time listening to it, as a fan of Glee and Dave Karofsky, but that’s another post). He’s really good.  He ends up going with Christina after a tough battle.

Nic Hawk is up next. He sings Hit Em’ Up Style by Beyonce. Cee Lo and Adam turn their chairs. Nic doesn’t know who to pick because he’s afraid he’ll be too unfocused with Adam as a coach because he’s too good looking. Adam tells Blake not to worry, he’ll never cheat on him. Nic chooses Adam anyway.

We have a few younger artists who don’t get a chair turn, but they were good and told to keep practicing.

Matthew Brea is up next at only 15 years old. His father used to be an A Capella singer for church. He lost his brother at a young age due to seizures the doctors could not figure out. He sang How Great THou Art at his brother’s funeral. (And now I’m in tears). Singing is who he is and his brother Jonathan helped make him who he is. He’s a little anxious but he’s excited to work with one of the superstar coaches. He feels this is his one shot and he won’t mess around. He sings “I Want You Back” by the Jackson 5.  No one turned around and they are shocked when he is 15. Cee Lo is especially mad when he finds out how young he is and that he’s from Atlanta. They can’t believe it. They thought he was 40. Adam tells him he has to come back next year and he says he will be back.

Shelbie Z is up next. She’s a stylist and a pageant coach. She participated in over 300 and won 45. She stopped when she was 10 because she was told that she was too fat and not pretty. Her passion for music never went away. Her fiancee said the first time he saw her she was singing and he fell in love with her then. Shelbie says she loves herself no matter her size and will let her voice and passion for music out. She signs Gretchen Wilson’s “Here for the Party.”  Cee Lo, Christina, and Blake all turn for her. Adam tells her to be the exception and go with someone else.  Cee Lo and Christina say they know she’s going with Blake but they had to turn their chairs because of her awesome voice. She says she choose Blake.

Josh Logan is 32 years old up and next. He has been singing since his mom got into a karaoke business. He had a son when he was sixteen and he is raising his son with his ex and he means everything to him. He has had to work other jobs to help him pay for being a musician. Now he’s a six nights a week singer and he needs longevity and the Voice can help him. He starts singing “Too Close”.  Christina, Blake, and Adam all turn for him. Blake tells him he has a man crush on him. Christina says she gets his voice. Adam and Blake argue about who hurts whose feelings. Christina says you’ll be different for me, Blake says just pick me I turned first. Josh says he’s unprepared for this but he goes with Christina.

Delvin Choice is up next. He’s a 24 year old from South Carolina. He works as a Starbucks barista. He loves it, because he’s the singing barista. He sings the completed orders out. He studied music for about five years and did musical theater too. He’s excited about the four megastar coaches to get advice and help as a singer. He’s ready to sing. He is off key as he sings “Closer.” No one chooses him, but they say he has a good voice, he just needs to come back and work more. Cee Lo loves his hair and they wish him luck.

James Wolpert is next, a singer from Pennsylvania. He did art his whole life but he loves singing too. He sings “Love Interruption”.  All four coaches turn for him and Adam gets him after a hard fought fight.

After the first night here are the coaches teams:

Cee Lo- Caroline and Kat

Adam- Donna, James, and Nic


Christina- Josh and James


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