The Voice Season 5- Episode 2

The Voice is back for night two of season 5.

The first singer is Jacquie Lee. She is 16 and from New Jersey. She sings “Back to Black” and Christina and Blake turn for her. Christina drops the gloves and tells her to not be blinded by Blake’s dimples and southern accent.  Blake says I specialize in helping 16 year olds winning this show. Cee Lo only cares about her shoes and wants to know where she bought them. Christina says she too was a 16 year old in the business and can help her. She chooses Christina.

Next is Barry Black from American Samoa. They moved to the states when he was five. He hopes when his parents see him on the show they will realize that he is good and it’s his passion not a hobby. He sings “What I won’t do for love”. Adam turns immediately as soon as he starts singing. Blake turns around about halfway through. In the end after Blake insults Adam and pushes hard for him to be Barry’s coach, Barry chooses Adam.

Mike Unser is up next at 19 years old. He acted out when he was younger and hated his stepfather, but now he has a great relationship with him, because his stepfather loved him and his father. He is now involved in a youth group band through his church playing Christian music. He just wants to learn how to be a better singer and hopes a coach will give him a chance. He starts singing “Dirty Little Secret” by All American Rejects. He sounds very good. No one turns around for him though.  He has a great attitude about it and he is really appreciative from their feedback. He says he’ll be back for sure.

Destinee Quinn is up next at 20 years old. She is a country artist. She is a working musician. She does everything herself from booking to setting up her own equipment. She can sing almost any kind of genre and feels ready for this competition. Cee Lo and Christina turns around. Christina thinks her voice is like an angel. Cee Lo says her voice spoke to him. In the end she chooses Christina.

Up next is Cole Vosbury from Louisiana. His grandmother toured with Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis. She did not like Elvis at first and her claim to fame was turning him down. He wants to get his family’s legacy to be put out there since they are all so talented. He sings “Movin’ On Up” from the Jefferson’s tv show. Cee Lo is the only one who picked him. He says that he is a perfect mix of soul and country.

Holly Henry is up next. She is 19 and from Minnesota. She couldn’t afford to go to college and instead had to go to work at a pancake restaurant. She plays the ukelele and banjo. She sings “The Scientist”. Blake turns immediately. By the end all have turned for her. Blake says because of her he’s now excited about season 5. The rest of the coaches fight for her, but she chooses Blake.

Sammy C is up next year. He’s 16 years old. Since he was two years old he has dealt with alopecia an immune disorder that makes him have no hair. He was made fun of and music is what helped him through.  No one ends up turning for him when he sings “Where is the Love” and they tell him to hone his craft. Adam tells him to dedicate himself to his singing over rapping to be successfulon the voice.

Austin Jenckes is up next from Washington. He wants to be like his father who was always singing when he was younger. He’s a scooter tour guide right now but wants his music dream to pan out. His father committed suicide when he was 16. He said music is what helped him through the loss and pain. He is singing “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd because his dad taught him the song on his guitar. Cee Lo and Blake turn for him. Blake tells him that he loves him and that he looks just like he pictured him. Cee Lo begs him to pick him, but ultimately Austin picks Blake.

E.G. Daily is a 51 year old voice over actor from Hollywood. She voiced characters on the Rugrats and Powerpuff Girls. She wants to show her kids that they have to follow their dreams. Her dream is to sing and have a career in music. She sings “Breathe” by Faith Hill. Blake and Cee Lo turn for her. She picks Blake!

Jonny Gray is up next from Texas. He wants to break through in music so that he can support his family. Adam and Cee Lo turn for him. Ultimately he chooses Cee Lo!

The last artist of the night is Tessanne Chin from Jamaica. She went on tour with Sir Jimmy Cliff, a famous singer from Jamaica. She’s excited to sing and hopes to make her husband proud. She blows the judges away with her rendition of Pink’s “Try”. All four coaches turn around a beg for her to join them. She chooses Adam!

Current Teams-

Christina- Jacquie Lee, Destinee Quinn, Josh, and James

Cee Lo- Cole Vosbury, Caroline, Kat, and Jonny

Blake- Holly Henry, Austin Jenckes, EG Daily, Shelbie

Adam- Barry Black, Donna, James, Nic, and Tessanne

See you all next Monday!


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