One Tree Hill- 10 Years Later

One Tree Hill. What can I say about this show? I didn’t discover this show until 2007. I started watching in season 5. I saw one episode and the sheer look of despair and sadness in Peyton’s eyes when Lucas shrugged off her hug and her I miss you gutted me. I mean destroyed me. I didn’t know who either of them were. I didn’t care. I knew they had been in love. I could just see it by the way she reacted and by his “I’m with someone” line. I literally teared up for two characters I didn’t know anything about. I think it didn’t help that I had the flu and was insanely sick, but I borrowed the dvds from my college roommate at the time. She let me watch all four prior seasons. I watched all four seasons in six days. I slept, drank chicken broth, blew my nose, and watched One Tree Hill. I fell in love with Peyton and Lucas. I waved my fist at Brooke, then laughed at her, then rooted for her, and then fell in love with her throughout the rest of season 5. I found myself always angry at Lucas for being a gigantic dickwad and hating Nathan, then feeling sorry for him, then being so on board with Nathan and Haley I skipped a class to watch them get back together in the rain. Over the years, my love has gotten stronger. I felt they could’ve ended at season 6, but I loved seasons 7-9 too. I loved Julian and Quinn and Clay and all the weirdass storylines and bizarre psychos that came on through the rest of the seasons. I didn’t always agree with the characters or like them (believe me they ALL infuriated me at one point or another), but I loved them all anyway. They all grew and became wonderful adults and the music and the quotes and everything about it touched my soul. I am a nerd by nature. I have always loved books, I am also a musical learner, meaning I adored Peyton’s music and was so jealous of her collection. I felt like I was a mix between Lucas and Peyton and that’s why their story, more than any other stuck with me and touched me. I cannot believe the show started ten years ago, but I am SOOO SOOOOOO glad it did. Thank you, Mark Schwahn.


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