One Tree Hill 1×01 (Pilot) Recap

As I wait for my parents to Skype with me today, I have decided to take a trip back to 2003 and watch the first episode of One Tree Hill and make a recap.

In this first episode we are introduced to the world of Tree Hill, North Carolina. The protagonist is Lucas Scott a high school junior. He has a brother named Nathan who is a few months younger than him. His father, Dan Scott, is the town’s jerk, who only acknowledges Nathan as his own as he abandoned Karen Roe, Lucas’s mother when they were in high school. He never acknowledged Lucas or helped them out in any way. Keith, Dan’s brother, was the surrogate father that Lucas grew up with and Karen and Keith are very close. Keith realizes how much Lucas loves playing basketball and how good he is, but won’t play in a gym with Nathan, due to the history. Whitey, the high school basketball coach is convinced to give Lucas a chance because half the team got suspended when Nathan and Tim, Nathan’s dimwitted teammate, stole a school bus. The rest of the team were made the scapegoats and Whitey didn’t have enough players. Nathan and Dan are furious and try all sorts of dirty tricks to get Lucas to stay away, but after a bet made by Nathan that he could beat him one on one at the River Court goes wrong and Lucas wins, he joins the team.  Nathan also dislikes Lucas for other reasons because Nathan’s cheerleader girlfriend and Lucas meet and form a connection when he fixes her car on the side of the road and Nathan foolishly bets Peyton as the prize if he loses.  As Nathan and Peyton hang on by a thread to their relationship, Lucas  presented himself as a viable option as well for Peyton’s affections.

Funniest Quote:

Dan- “You’re full of crap!”

Whitey- “It comes with old age, Danny. Constipation.”

Most cringe worthy moment:

Dan telling Keith that if he could erase Lucas’s life he would as Lucas hears.

Most shocking moment:

Lucas beating Nathan and forcing him to stay on the team.

Favorite moment:

Pretty much anybody giving Dan a verbal smackdown.

Character Observations:

Lucas- Lucas really does squint in every episode. It always made me wonder if Chad needed glasses or he thought the eye squinting think made him look more broody and pensive.  I do like that he basically told Whitey that it didn’t matter if only played at the River Court, he still played basketball.

Peyton- I actually didn’t like her very much in this first episode. First she almost runs Lucas over, then gives him attitude for being shocked and not getting out of her way quick enough. Then she stands up for herself only to take Nathan back 30 seconds after they broke up.  Not to mention her insulting Lucas and making fun of him.  Al though we do find out later all of her issues which makes me like her more and understand her.

Nathan- A gigantic douche. Dan had already made him into a miniature clone of himself. He refuses to even acknowledge Lucas a human being, let alone as his brother.  Offering to give up Peyton and insulting Lucas repeatedly just makes him that much more of a gigantic asshole.

Keith- What is not to love about him? He does everything in his power for Karen and Lucas. He helps get Lucas on the team to help his future and is a great friend to Whitey.

Karen- Already showing that she’s a great mother and that Lucas is lucky that she was his mother.

Haley- Hilarious and quirky, clumsy and nerdy. Pretty much adorable. I love her.

Junk- Hilarious. I wish he had been used more through the rest of the series. He’s hysterical.

Skillz- A seriously good friend to Lucas. In fact, I feel that he stole the scene at the River Court and Lucas was lucky to have someone believe in him so much.

Mouth- Honestly he annoyed me in this episode. But I loved his friendship with Jimmy.

Jimmy- Speaking of Jimmy, one of the funniest moments in the episode for me was when Mouth was unnecessarily telling their fake audience about Lucas’s clothing and Jimmy sarcastically tells him that Lucas is playing without a shoe contract. I laughed out loud at that.

Dan- A big fat jerk.

Deb- N/A

Whitey- I loved that he refused to take anyone’s crap, benched Nathan, and can hold his own against Dan.

Brooke: N/A

Relationship Observations:

Lucas/Peyton- So basically the whole first episode is nothing but foreshadowing for them.  They are the first two characters shown on the show, she almost runs him over, he beats Nathan and technically wins her, he fixes her car, they are by the river (which is basically their spot), she asks him about her dad and they have a bonding moment, she says that Lucas doesn’t know her (even though he really does), Anyone who watches that episode and doesn’t see that Mark was foreshadowing them is blind or just refuses to acknowledge it.

Naley- N/A

Neyton- Most dysfucntional pairing ever.  First tv show where I was rooting for a breakup in the first episode.

Overall, this episode was a great way to peel back the veil into the world of Tree Hill, North Carolina. The quotes were good, music was awesome, and everyone in the core five except for Brooke is introduced.



Happy 10th anniversary, One Tree Hill!


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