Big Brother 20

Yes, I watched it. I enjoyed it until Kaycee won the Hacker twist and ruined the rest of the season. No, I didn’t stan Level 6 and no I don’t think Tyler Crispen is the best thing ever. In fact, he’s probably one of my least favorite players EVER.  This past season started out great and had so much promise. The Hive/Foutte were hilarious and inept and they kept me watching. They were genuinely good people and funny and not very good at the game and I didn’t care. I still rooted for them over the clearly horrible people in Level 6 from Angela’s racist comments about her skin to JC’s horrific comments about immigrants, gay people, and using the N word against Bayleigh and only fake apologizing when the producers made him.  There was literally nothing rootable about their alliance. Tyler tried to play Derrick’s game, but he has the personality of cardboard, and an extreme lack of charisma.

Tyler was Grodner’s golden boy from day one. He got cast on that dumb ass show that I don’t even remember the name of from this Summer and then ham-fisted the game until he lost in Final 2. He notoriously told JC he didn’t give a fuck about Bayleigh’s feelings or about her jury vote and he spectacularly lost 4-3 on her vote. Karma’s a bitch, huh.

I genuinely don’t ever remember hating an alliance as much as I hated Level 6 as the Friendshit/Nerd Herd from BB6. They were just gross, condescending, boring ass people who routinely tried to suck the life and fun out of the feeds and the game that I’ve watched for almost 20 years.  At the end of it all I blame, Tyler, Kaycee, and Kaitlyn for the trainwreck of a season. What was such a promising season ended up being one of the most forgettable in terms of actual gameplay and winners, even though The Hive is one of the best alliances to ever come out of Big Brother.

They say you can’t capture lightning in a bottle twice, but I sincerely hope that whatever cast algorithm or formula they used to cast the Hive members is utilized again and maybe this time, we’ll actually get a winner who doesn’t ride coattails and act like furniture for the majority of the season.

Either way, Big Brother Canada 7 is quickly approaching, and I cannot wait.  Look for my breakdown of Tamar’s game from #Cbbus2 soon.


A Defense of Peyton Sawyer

I actually had an entire article ready to post about this and I deleted it. Peyton gets far too much hate as a character, especially when Brooke was atrocious for all 4 years of high school, but Peyton is treated like Satan and actually called Seyton by her 12-year-old haters. I honestly don’t need to defend Peyton. She and Lucas were end game, she got the guy in the end, she got her happy ending, and Hilarie got to leave on her own terms and leave a clearly horrific and toxic situation for her. I don’t care if people don’t like Peyton. The fact that people are still bitching about Peyton and Lucas being together almost 10 years later, just shows how immature so many Brucas fans were and apparently still are. Brooke got her happy ending too, so the next time some idiot tries to write a novel about how Peyton and Lucas were wrong for each other or the “worst”, I’ll just laugh at them and their sad existence for a life.

Why Paras Won (And rightfully so)

I watched #bbcan6, because I can’t help but watch Big Brother, especially the USA/Canadian version. I’ve tried multiple times to get into the UK and Australian version, but I just don’t like the popularity concept of it. I like the social and strategic aspect of Big Brother US and Canada. I like watching how people get themselves out of scrapes, off the block when they should be going home that week (either by winning a veto or having a veto used on them), or not being voted against when it’s clear they should be the one going home. I LOVE rooting for underdogs, for masterminds, and for the hated. My preference depends on the season, the dynamic of the house guests, and often the people on social media acting like butthurt fools.


This season I didn’t do any drafts, but I actually watched pre-jury videos, read interviews and going in, I was pretty confident in my picks of Paras and Kaela as making it far in the game. When they aligned in the Real Deal, I was pretty impressed and happy that my 2 pre-season faves were working together. When Kaela and Derek tried in that first week to cut Paras out of the real deal because she was pushing Jesse and Olivia into a showmance, I realized the Real Deal was in fact not real at all.  At this point, I was kind of confused as to why Olivia/Kaela were convinced Jesse and Olivia would be a showmance, when it was obvious on feeds Jesse wasn’t into Olivia at all like that.  (It’s now been cleared up post season by interviews with Olivia and Paras).  At this point, I was glad that Paras had made a clear and solid alliance with Will and Maddy, the Secret Three (but became affectionately known as the Tragic Trio).

The Tragic Trio, were probably the most dysfunctional alliance we’ve ever seen in the history of Big Brother (outside of maybe Jessie/Lydia/Natalie from bb11). Will and Paras threw Maddy under the bus all the time. Will and Paras threw each other under the bus and even when they were told this by Ali, Johnny, Kaela, Derek, they still worked together. This worked to their advantage. Because none of the three could win any competitions, they needed to rely on each other for votes in the event they were ever nominated against someone else. What really helped, was Will and Paras’s social game. Will was well liked up until F5 and even then, he wasn’t disliked. Paras’s social game on the other hand was much more subtle and required her to put on an act.

In “Feel the Burn”, the first competition, we see that she nearly won that endurance competition, but instead threw it to Johnny to ensure her safety. This showed that Paras was not a weak competitor. In fact, many people early on on Reddit, Twitter, and Jokers thought she would be a comp beast. However, I don’t believe Paras’s game really started until “Right in the Kisser” when they had to guess who said what about which house guests. Paras learned that most of her cast mates thought she was the dumbest and easiest to manipulate. At this point, she goes into the red room and starts doing a wild and crazy dance, knowing she can snow these people into thinking she’s those things and will underestimate her all the way until F2. At this point she tells us, the viewing audience, this will be her strategy.

She proceeds to figure out how to talk to each person in the house. In Kaela/Derek she props them up as being her meat shields and massaging their egos. With Jesse, she starts a flirtmance. She acts like the little sister to Ali, she acts like Liv’s bff, she gets Erica to treat her like a therapist/client, she acts like Ryan’s daughter. She convinces Johnny she needs him to protect her. She lets Will act like the big, bad, in charge big brother who is protecting her and Maddy.  Hamza also treated her like the little sister who needed to be protected. She even makes Veronica feel like she’s her bff when she clearly found her annoying. From what we saw in episode 1, even Rozina was in love with her and was almost like a mother/daughter relationship. Only Merron and Andrew didn’t have a great personal connection with her. However, Andrew left week 2, so I’m sure Paras would’ve been able to forge something with him. Only Merron saw through her and constantly tried to get her to be talked about or on the block, but only Hamza and Veronica were on his side, and even Veronica ditched him for Will.

Paras knew how to talk to people (i.e. telling Johnny she had no one and she needed him, or understanding how to talk to Veronica to get her to take her under her wing and treat her like she needed a mentor/therapist in the house). She knew how to portray herself (i.e. always hugging a stuffed animal and listening to the hoh’s music).  She also knew how to throw both sides of the house under the bus and even when it got back to the sides, she was viewed as a waste of a nomination/vote, so she remained off the block. However, the seeds she planted with both sides, stuck (mainly because she figured out what people were selling to the hoh and would also sell it).  This right here is evidence of a killer floater game.  She literally played the game Jun and Andy did. (Although I think she played a much cleaner game than both of them, as in she was able to 3 votes flipped to her in the end, when they were bitter at her when leaving).

She did remain loyal to Will/Maddy, as in never voted against them, never put them up (because she never won), and barely threw Will under the bus. Unfortunately for Maddy, she was the scapegoat of the season, much like Zach Rance was in BB16. Maddy got blamed for nearly everything Paras did. Paras caused some of that herself, but I would argue that Maddy’s game and lack of social connection and awkwardness caused a lot of her by herself. Having an insulator like Maddy really helped Paras seem more genuine and authentic than she was at times. Case in point, Paras caused the rift in Ali/Liv/Erica’s relationship to Kaela. She got in their heads and convinced both sides, they were lying to each other. Paras didn’t even know that they had formed an alliance, but she did recognize that she was losing her grip on Kaela and on her connection with Ali. This caused distrust that was mended when Kaela went to the other girls and decided that it was Maddy who caused this and not Paras.  Kaela knew that Paras was the one who told her these things, but she allowed the other girls to pin it on Maddy. This shows that despite how Kaela might want to rewrite history, she did consider Paras a number for her.

With these solid social connections around her, her seeming incompetence at strategy and competitions, she proceeded to throw nearly every competition she competed in up until the triple eviction. She didn’t have to win competitions to be safe and in fact winning them would’ve made her facade of weakness crumble. She let her meat shields win and take out the other competition beasts.  When it came down to F4 when she would’ve assuredly gone home had she not won that hoh. Derek and Kaela wanted Will with them in the F3. She also won the pt. 1 of the hoh ( a physical and strategic comp btw) against the supposed comp beasts of the season in Kaela and Derek and won the mental comp versus Kaela in the final part. She won the most important competitions of the season.

Now that being said, Paras talked to the cameras ALL. THE. TIME. Like incessantly so.  She often said things that made even me, a supporter go, “uhhh not so much, Paras.” I had a look of Related imagea lot during the season. However, I came to realize that she was thinking out loud. A lot of what she was a stream of thought that she was verbalizing. So while people like to absolutely drag her through the mud, call her delusional, dumb, or a bad player, they fail to recognize that her stream of thinking doesn’t really mean anything other than the fact that Paras is a human being who questions herself. We all do it. She just verbalized it. A LOT. She’s even confessed this and would probably not do that if she were to ever play again.

Kaela played a good game. She was great at competitions, she got in a showmance with another comp beast with a good social game. They saved each other and Derek was able to smooth things over with people Kaela would piss off with her brashness and abrasiveness. She stayed off the block because she intimidated her other house guests and they wanted to work with her to get Daela’s protection. However, she individually wasn’t well liked even Ali and Olivia constantly talked about going back on their deal with Daela because they didn’t like her. Johnny certainly didn’t and even Paras was over her by the triple. Kaela got to F4 because she was a comp beast and a fairly strategic player. However her social game, on her own, was almost non existent and her jury game definitely didn’t exist. She actually went out of her to way to burn a jury vote in Maddy and Ryan, both, even if she was trying to get Maddy’s jury vote . OOPS. In fact, it was her conversation with Maddy about her game that got back to the jury house and cost her the game.  This coupled with her refusing to accept the help of the former winners and deciding she could win on her own, really solidified her loss. Paras on the other hand, took the advice to heart and switched up her final speech tactic.

What everyone thought Paras would lost a F2 vote on, was actually Kaela’s downfall. Kaela owned her game, it’s true. She tried to the exact opposite of what Paul and Ross did, but she ended up also trying to own other people’s moves and games in the process.  She also lost her cool and yelled at the jury and called them names, which while it may not have cost her extra votes, didn’t exactly make the jury want to give her a vote. (Although I do believe Ali/Liv when they said they switched their votes to Paras because of Kaela’s F2 speech performance).

Paras’s final 2 included the jury in her win (i.e. Ali), talked about how she got herself to the final and wasn’t dragged there, and how she tricked them into believing she was dumber and more easy to manipulate than she actually was. She also had three guaranteed votes going in to finale. Will and Maddy were always voting for her, and Kaela sealed her fate with her goodbye message to Ryan. Paras only needed one vote. She got it when Maddy went to jury and sunk Kaela’s game by revealing her speech to them. Maddy can try and downplay this all she wants, but Paras sat her down and told Maddy to do this when they knew for a fact Maddy was going to jury. She told Maddy to downplay Kaela’s game, to let the jury know Kaela was saying and how she was being manipulated by Derek and how she would never cut her showmance. (Which in the end turns out to be true, because she admitted in an interview she was never cutting Derek).

That being said, Paras played a masterful floater game. No, she wasn’t a mastermind, no she didn’t have much say in other people’s moves (but then that would’ve blown her cover of being dumb and easy to manipulate), but she did have the right moves at the right moments. Her social game wasn’t dumb luck though and her competition wins both strategic/physical and mental weren’t dumb luck either. She studied her ass for the F4 hoh and won easily. She was absolutely the right winner for this season. As I’ve always said and will continue to say, winnings comps can get you to the end, but a solid social and strategic game will get you the votes. Paras had the better and more well rounded game. The jury got it right.  Kaela fans are going to remain bitter about this and it’s fine, people are still mad that Jun won over Alison in bb4 and that Andy even made the F2 in bb15.

In the end, Paras played a phenomenal game that was subtle and sneaky and had her laying low until the end when she pulled out the comp wins she needed. It’s time to stop punishing her for winning a game that would’ve easily won another season of Big Brother, just because she up against another strong player.



Why Ross Lost

Ross lost the first season of Celebrity Big Brother USA.  Marissa didn’t win because of her game, she won because Ross played a very flawed, very messy game. Ross will never admit this and he’ll continue to pretend that all of America loves him.

When the first episode of CBBUS came on we saw a conversation with the girl’s alliance plus Ross, in which Omarosa basically said to Ross’s face that when it came down to the alliance, Ross would be first the out, since he was a guy. Ross took great offense to this.

Cue to Ross/Shannon/Marissa having a conversation in which Shannon tells him she gets why he’s upset because it makes him look like he’s expendable within the alliance. Shannon goes to Omarosa and goes to bat for Ross. To the detriment of her own game might I add. Omarosa gets offended and basically tells Shannon that she’s being shady.  This is where the Shannon/Omarosa crumbling alliance begins.

Cue to the first night of feeds when Shannon is upset and telling Ross/Marissa she felt very attacked in that conversation. (A conversation in which neither Ross nor Marissa stood up for her either).  At this point, Ross/Marissa/Shannon reiterate that they’re together and solid.

Omarosa/Keshia have a conversation in the backyard where they solidify their F2 and Keshia tells Omarosa she has Chuck on their side because they’re saving him. Brandi notices this and tells Shannon Omarosa and Keshia are talking in the backyard.

Brandi also witnesses Keshia/Chuck having a long conversation and accurately figures out that they are making a deal. She tells the alliance this. Omarosa gets mad at Brandi for questioning Keshia and when Shannon brings it up. Shannon gets suspicious and decides to try and flip the house to save James because she no longer trusts Keshia or Omarosa.

This happens. Marissa/Ross are behind this 100% and are excited to do this. All hell breaks loose after the vote and blindside. Omarosa accuses Shannon of being a racist, skinny, mean girl bitch. Keshia gets super passive aggressive and bitter.

When Ross wins he decides that he’s putting Keshia and Omarosa up (which he does while Omarosa is in the hospital). He 100% wants Omarosa out. When Omarosa gets back she gets that Shannon was campaigning for Omarosa to go up and out. (Which isn’t true and Ross was going to do this anyway).  While this is happening Brandi/Ari/Metta talk about possibly backdooring Shannon because she’s such a comp beast (she’s won 2 at this point). They tell Marissa who goes and tells Ross. Ross and Marissa instantly take credit for this idea, which is hilarious, but whatever.

Ross instantly starts trying to rewrite history by telling lies in the diary room and starts badmouthing Shannon in the house to the others. He begins telling Omarosa things like it was Shannon’s fault he put her up and trying to further perpetuate the notion that Shannon is indeed racist and also a terrible person for wanting her up while she’s in the hospital. He says things like how untrustworthy Shannon is and blames lies he told on her.  Marissa starts blaming Shannon for stealing her stuff (we learn she hid it herself).

Ultimately, Marissa wins the veto and is literally begging Keshia on live television to let her use it. She ultimately doesn’t the veto and lets Keshia go home to her child. Meanwhile, in the DR while voting she’s actually bitching about not getting to backstab her supposed “friend” in the house (Shannon sets this record straight. She and Marissa were never friends outside the house).

Ross then instantly goes to Shannon after the next hoh and tells her that everyone wanted to backdoor and he said no. Which again is a STRAIGHT UP LIE. He says this multiple times.  Ari puts up Shannon and James because for her, getting Shannon out was a game move.  When Shannon realizes that her alliance was going to backdoor her and that neither Marissa/Ross have her back she understandably gets upset. Brandi/Ari the reason why Shannon’s nominated treated her dignity and compassion.  Ross and Marissa’s reaction are strikingly different and honestly very confusing and do not cast them in a positive light.  Especially Ross.

Ross’s reaction to Shannon’s sadness was inexplicably rude and this is where I felt like he went wrong. Ross took it to a place that it shouldn’t have gone. He made it personal by calling her rude, annoying, and making fun of her behind her back. Marissa made it worse by accusing her of stealing stuff that she hid on her own.  However, Ross went out of his way to try and blame her eviction on anyone but himself. He tried to tell her that he had NOTHING to do with her eviction and that he never was going to backdoor her. And not one single thing he told her in that last week was even close to being true.

How Ross, who is supposedly a super fan (although we find out he never watched a season past BB14), didn’t understand that his jury wasn’t sequestered is shocking to me. Did he not see BB3? Did he not see Dani Reyes’s response to preparing for an unsequestered jury? He was so unnecessarily rude to someone and for what reason? I truly do not understand why he thought treating Shannon like shit behind her back would work out for him in the end? And it wasn’t just Shannon.

He lied to Keshia and Omarosa’s faces too. He listened to Ari talk about how much loyalty meant to her and proved in the end he didn’t care about any of his supposed alliances and wasn’t even going to remain true to his F2 with Marissa. The fact that he thought Ari might vote for him after that is delusional.

Shannon didn’t even have to sway the jury, honestly. Chuck had feeds and had tweeted previously that he didn’t like Ross’s game.  On his own, Ross lost himself Shannon, Chuck, Keshia, Omarosa, and Ari. That’s 5 votes. He couldn’t have won against anyone, imo. The fact that Metta voted for him just makes Ross’s loss a little less severe.  Ross then proceeded to lose Jame’s vote because of how delusional he was. He sat there and truly, honestly bragged about his comp record as if those weren’t thrown to him. Because they were. The only comp not thrown to him was the F5 veto.

Ross’s problem is that he made unnecessary lies that didn’t actually help him in the game. He was playing a game meant for a sequestered jury. The lies he told to Keshia, Omarosa, and Shannon could be easily verified as false as soon as they left. It didn’t keep Ross in the game. It just made 3 jurors pissed at him that he wasn’t owning his game and instead he chose to be fake.

His second problem is that he treated Shanon like crap for literally zero reason. There was no reason for him to treat her the way he did. She did nothing to him. She said nothing bad about him or Marissa and even up until she was on the block, she had their backs. For him to turn around be so rude and the fact that it clearly didn’t have anything to do with the game, makes him look like a bad person.

His third problem is him believing his own lies. It was obvious by F2 that he believed his own lies. He believed he played a truly, honest and upright game. He believed that he did nothing wrong and that he played a game full of integrity. He took credit for wins that were thrown to him and he continue to lie to the jurors who saw the feeds (Keshia/Chuck/Shannon). Omarosa admitted after the show that she had already chosen to vote for Marissa but checked with Shannon anyway who reiterated it. Keshia/Chuck were voting for Marissa on their own too.

Ross went on to win AFP and believes it excuses his behavior and gameplay. At this point, I don’t even care what he believes because it’s obvious he’s delusional and will never own up to playing a shitty game or that he’s not as innocent and nice as he likes to pretend.

Marissa won the season. I disliked Marissa more than Ross, if I’m being honest, but that’s because she was annoying af on the feeds. But her winning over Ross doesn’t piss me off. Why? Because Ross lost due to his actions. Until he admits it, I’m going to continue to be happy about his loss. He deserved it.

Things to take away from this:

  1. Jury Management is indeed a very real thing and it’s part of the game and has been since BB2.  Survivor has proved this multiple times and Big Brother has as well. It’s the butthurt bitter fans who won’t admit it when their fave loses because of their shitty jury management.
  2. Jury management is important in every season, but even more so in seasons with unsequestered juries.
  3. Bitter juries do exist. If a jury is bitter and votes against you, you have to look at your game and admit where you went wrong instead of continuing to try and rewrite history in interviews afterwards
  4. Just because  casuals vote for you for AFP doesn’t mean you’re actually liked or that your game is respected.



#BBCAN5 Reflection


#Reflecting on #BBCAN5

I really had super high hopes going into it. I liked all the returning guests outside of Dallas, who I simply didn’t give a crap about.  I liked Demetres. He’s pretty much the only newb outside of Karen that I even paid attention to. (Although Dre and William were interesting after they removed their heads from Ika’s ass halfway through the season).

I really liked Neda going in. (I still do. I think the outrageous hatred leveled at her is ridiculous and childish). That being said, I really threw my support behind the BBCAN3 players. Kevin and Sindy were two of my faves during their original season. I did not like Bruno because of his overt sexism and just blatant bitter betty routine during that season. But as he was an underdog in #BBCAN5 after the vet alliance blew up, I tolerated him.  Going in, I had deep love and respect for Ika. I really liked her in BBCAN2. I thought her shredding the letters was hilarious and that most of the hgs deserved it for the way they treated her as she was leaving. I adored her friendship with Adel.  I had a love/hate relationship with Cass stemming from BBCAN4, but I mostly was okay with her.  Gary was another hg that I LOVED in BBCAN1. I was so upset when he didn’t win, but that’s mostly because I despised Jillian.

Going in to the first week of feeds I was super on board with the vets and Demetres alliance. I still rooted for Cass/Gary. I was rooting against Dallas and Dillon/Emily and Jacket. I was glad Mark got evicted.

Things changed quickly for me. I ended up after that first eviction just really not liking Cass’s game at all. It was messy, frantic, and frankly it was really bad. She had lost her temper in Tim from BBCAN4. He helped her get to where she got in that season because he calmed her down. Gary on the other hand was not at all helpful in that response because he is not a calming person.  Cass’s game blew up in her face and she earned herself an enemy pretty quickly in Neda. Which in my opinion, Cass did to herself. Nevertheless, Neda’s popularity began to decrease as Cass became a whiny self entitled brat on her way out the door.

Regardless, Neda wasn’t perfect in the house. She wasn’t very nice (she admitted she wouldn’t be going in). This did not sit well with fans who expected her to be a robot with strategy and have no feelings or response to being shit on verbally to her face and behind her back. Neda also had Ika and Sindy consistently telling her things people were saying behind her back, only adding to Neda’s bitterness/anger.

It came to a head when Ika and Neda got into a fight because Ika was blatantly by this point working against her to build an army of newbies to take down Neda. Kevin/Bruno were passive and Sindy was a gullible easily manipulated vote by that point. When it came to the double eviction, Neda had no chance. She had no one in her corner because Ika had poisoned the entire house against her. Neda went home. She got booed, which was beyond ridiculous and immature and frankly I was super disappointed by the audience for that. Of all the people to boo, you choose to boo the person who was playing the game and compared to houseguests in previous BBCAN houses wasn’t even that mean? And in comparison to Ika who was  consistently worse with her behavior and words towards other in the house? Yeah. I wasn’t a fan of Canadians after that behavior.

At that point, I was done with Ika. I was done with her pettiness, juvenile antics, bullying, and hypocrisy. She said wayyyy worse things about Sindy behind her back than anything Neda did in the “insult corner”. Ika was horrendous to Jackie to her face and behind her back. She was terrible to Bruno as he left the house. She was again atrocious to Dre and William as they left. The only people she didn’t excoriate was Demetres and Karen.

I threw my full support behind BBCAN3 at this point.  I wanted nothing more than for Ika to reap what she sowed with her hypocrisy. I still liked Demetres because as much as he played Ika’s lapdog when she got into arguments, he still was friendly and nice for the most part and he was a comp beast. I would’ve have been fine had he won. But when Karen started making horrible comments about Kevin and becoming as bad as Ika, I rooted against them both hardcore.

When Kevin made it F3, I knew he’d be in the end. He was the only of F3 that actually studied. I knew he’d win too. Karen did NOTHING and Demetres, while he had a shot if in F2, wouldn’t be there, because Kevin would win the final HoH.

I was right and I was ecstatic that he won.  He deserved to win it. He WON OUT. HE FUCKING WON OUT. That means he literally won EVERY competition he had to to get to the F2. HE DESERVED THE FUCKING WIN.

That being said, when the cast was interviewed the next day and we found out that there was no way Ika was winning against anyone (which she fucking deserved too) and that they’d probably vote against Demetres because of her, I wasn’t exactly happy. I get why they would vote against Ika. She was terrible to Neda, Jackie, Sindy, Bruno, Dre, and William on their way out.  She literally treated 6 jurors like shit as they were leaving. I mean, if she really thought she was making F2, this was just an incredibly fucking stupid move on her part. She was never going to win. EVER. When people talk about how there’s no such thing as jury management, I’ll point you to this. She was a fucking bitch to 6 people as they left. She did that. So yes, jury management exists and hers was the worst I’ve ever seen. (Paul had better jury management. Let that sink in.)

Demetres though. Demetres would’ve been a deserving winner, even over Kevin, imo. He won the most comps of anyone in one season. He had a great social game, he was incredibly smart, and he teamed up with the right alliance to get him to F3. He was one comp win away from being in F2. I don’t agree with the jury’s sentiment that they’d vote against him just because they hated Ika.

And this is why I think there was a way for Ika to lose to anyone and the jury not be bitter and Demetres to lose and the jury be bitter AF. Ika would’ve deserved the loss. She willingly would’ve had cost herself the game because she didn’t have the self control to not be a fucking bitch to people as they left the house. Demetres on the other hand wouldn’t have deserved to lose because when it comes down it, he can’t control what Ika did in the house. He was in alliance with her but he wasn’t her handler.

In the end, Kevin was a very deserving winner, despite what Demika fans still bitch about on Twitter and Reddit.  I was happy with the ending and ultimately, BBCAN5 is one of my favorite seasons of Big Brother ever, Canada and USA combined.

That being said, I do like Ika. I think she is funny and entertaining on social media. I would never, ever want to be stuck in a big brother house with her though, because I wouldn’t be able to hold my tongue if she tried to go after me and I’d definitely end up getting myself evicted.

I have high hopes for BBCAN6 as we enter the new season in a few days. I hope we get the drama of #bbcan1, the fights of #bbcan2, the amazing hgs like Sarah, Britt, and Godfrey of #bbcan3, the amazing strategy of players like Tim from #bbcan4, the overall alliances, strategy, and drama of #bbcan5.

Here’s to #BBCAN6. May it be just what we need, more than we hoped for, and so amazing they can’t help but give us a #bbcan7

Expect the Unexpected- A #bb19 story told through the lens of #TheSims4 (Introduction)

Hello and welcome to hell, I mean Big Brother 19.  Let’s meet our 15 contestants. (Neither Megan or Cameron are included).

First up we have the males:

Cody is up first:

He is a hothead, mean, and active.



Matt is family oriented, outgoing, and active



Mark is overdramatic, romantic, and a bro.



Ramses is a genius, a geek, and socially awkward.


Jason aka Whistlenut

Jason is a childish, outgoing, goofball



Josh is a childish hothead and is family oriented



Paul is an ambitious goofball who loves to bro down.



Kevin is a confident outgoing old fashioned lovable goofball.


For the females:


Alex is confident, active, and a bit of a snob.



Elena cheerful, confident, and a tiny bit on the jealous side.



Dominique is very intelligent, a bit of a bookworm, and charismatic.



Raven is active, outgoing, and a great dancer



Jessica is hotheaded, mean, and narcissistic



Jillian is a drama queen, socially awkward, and neat



Christmas is outgoing, confident, and good.



Truthfully, we knew so little about Jillian I just guessed on her traits and I needed someone in the house with the neat trait so dishes would get done, so she got stuck with that.

The House:

I am using the Big Brother 19 House found on the Sims 4 Community gallery by user Ezzen27.  It’s amazing and literally almost perfect down to the details.

Expect the unexpected as these HGs maneuver through their own parallel universe of Big Brother.



Grammys 2017

I, for one, enjoyed the Grammys for the first time in a while. I really enjoyed the performances for the most part, outside of Katy Perry’s, who I am 100% done with after she made fun of Britney Spears’ mental breakdown back in 2007. Making fun of something already stigmatized isn’t cool and Katy Perry is a terrible person for doing it, not once, but twice.


My highlights of the evening were:

  1. Bruno Mars in everything he did. That man is the best thing to happen to music since Michael Jackson/Prince. I adore him.
  2. Adele in everything she did. I don’t care that she started over, I don’t hate her for winning over Beyonce. I love for her breaking her AOTY award in half to give her a portion of it. I love her for being real as fuck.
  3. Beyonce being gracious in defeat, when everyone knows she deserved to win it.
  4. The Alicia Keys and Maren Morriss duet.
  5. Tori Kelly outsinging Demi Lovato in like 3 seconds. Sorry, but Demi you’ll never outsing her.
  6. Rihanna dancing in the audience
  7. ATCQ’s rap. HOT DAMN. That rap was fire.
  8. Chance the Rapper winning all the awards. I love him. He took me to church and I aint even a little made.

Honorable Mention:

CeeLo Green flipping off everyone and driving off when he didn’t win a grammy. hilarious.


My lowlights:

The ugly ass outfits worn by a lot of people

The BeeGee tribute as a whole. Demi trying to outsing Tori and failing and Andra Day being overshadowed by Demi’s screeching.

James Corden. I had high hopes, but he was just grating and annoying as fuck for most of it.

Katy Perry being a straight up bitch and hypocrite.